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Advanced Product Library on New eCommerce Website

Advanced-Product-Library-on-New-eCommerce-Website shown on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

​​Having an up-to-date and easy-to-navigate website is crucial for businesses in the current era. With over 300 million Americans using the internet daily, having an online presence is necessary to target new customers. This is why Independent Protection Co. Inc. opted for a new, easy-to-navigate website with a full product library. Below are more details about the features Digital Hill added to ensure its website stands out.

Advanced Product Catalog

As a leader in the lightning protection industry, it was important that website visitors could clearly see all products available. Within the product section of the website, users can search and filter for their needs. Within almost 400 products, this filtering system is necessary to speed up the user search. When a user selects a particular item, the details page shows exact measurements, the weight, and the product cut sheet. By including all these details, users can browse the product selection at any stage, and then contact Independent Protection Co. Inc. with any questions or their order.

Clear Navigation

A business website must be easy for all users to use if it is to be effective. For this reason, the Independent Protection Co. Inc. website has an easily accessible menu on every page. Located in the top right-hand corner, this menu guides users to key web pages from the product library catalog to the contact us page. With minimal navigation items, users can quickly and easily find the information they need or want.

At the bottom of each page, there is also a full street address and phone number for Independent Protection Co. Inc. and a quick link to download the full product catalog.

Mobile Responsiveness

As more and more people opt to use mobile devices to search online, business websites also need to work seamlessly on these devices. As such, the Independent Protection Co. Inc. website adjusts depending on what device is being used to view it. The website quickly adjusts in both size and layout to load quickly. This ensures that it is still easy to read and navigate, allowing website visitors access 24/7 from any device. Not only does this help Independent Protection Co Inc. showcase its products, but also helps to increase search engine rankings. Thus, improving their online visibility on Google and helping to grow their audience.

ADA Compliant

Nowadays, your business must be ADA compliant online and off. To ensure the Independent Protection Co Inc. website stays up to code, Digital Hill uses the AccessiBe WordPress Plugin. The AccessiBe plugin makes it simple for businesses to manage and meet the ADA and WCAG compliance regulations at all times. This plugin runs in the backend of the WordPress website and will check all new and old content for compliance regularly.

Furthermore, visitors to the website have the option to adjust the website’s visual preferences for easier reading. To access the settings, users simply click the blue button at the bottom left of each page. This button is indicated using a stick figure and will open a new menu. Within this pop-up users can change the text size, enable text to speech, and change the website colors. All of these settings will save to the user’s browser so the next time they visit their preferences are already set.

By utilizing WordPress CMS, the Independent Protection Co Inc. website is easy to use, easy to update, and mobile-friendly. Contact Digital Hill today to discuss your website needs.

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