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Benefits of WP Rocket for Your WordPress Website

Benefits of WP Rocket for WordPress websites.

Interestingly, approximately 53% of website visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This shows the importance of website speed. Slow websites that take a few extra seconds to load can affect a platform’s traffic, conversions, and sales. Fortunately, website owners can take advantage of caching plugins to increase website speed.

Caching plugins generally reduce loading times by generating static HTML web pages. These pages are saved on a server for easier retrieval. That said, WP Rocket is among the best caching plugin for WordPress websites. Below are some of the benefits of installing WP Rocket on your website.

1. Excellent Caching Features

WP Rocket offers a plethora of caching features for your WordPress website. Regardless of the type of visitor checking your website, there is a caching option for them. The caching options include;

  • Mobile device visitors – most website owners find it difficult to provide mobile-friendly platforms for their users. However, WP Rocket’s mobile cache setup makes mobile access friendly.
  • Logged in WP users – treat other WordPress site owners to improved loading times with this plugin.
  • Customizable cache lifespan – while you can refresh your cache manually, the WP Rocket plugin gives you an option to customize automatic refreshing intervals.

2. Media Optimization

Including visuals, photos, and videos, can significantly improve website traffic and performance. However, while you should include media in your website, optimizing them is key to enjoying the benefits of a visual website. Including a lot of photos and videos without optimizing can slow your website drastically.

WP Rocket allows website owners to customize their visuals, ensuring that important files load first. Media optimization features include;

  • WebP caching – enabling this improves site performance.
  • LazyLoad – enabling this option reduces data requirements of media files.
  • YouTube videos – most embedded YouTube videos often load and play automatically, which may not favor all visitors. With WP Rocket, you can customize YouTube videos to display preview images only.
  • Add tributes – this informs your web visitors of images’ size (width and height specifications).

WP Rocket has several other features that speed up the speed at which media files load. This is crucial as media files are a major contributor to slow-loading websites.

3. Easy Database Management

Database management is a core exercise for most website owners. However as your website or eCommerce store grows, outdated posts and deadweight also accumulate. Thus, you should continually check on broken links, which are damaging. Luckily, this cache plugin has several database options that ease database management.

  • Automatic cleanup. – To clean up your website, simply set your WP Rocket plugin to perform regular cleanup processes automatically.
  • Post cleanup – Easily remove old posts, outdated information from post pages, and many other unnecessary items by simply clicking a few buttons.
  • Comments cleanup – If you create engaging posts, you should expect many comments from your audience. Inappropriate and spam comments can make your post look crowded.
  • Optimize tables. – If most of your posts have tables, WP Rocket organizes them. Thus making it easy for web visitors to navigate your website.

The Bottom Line

In summary, competition between blogs, eCommerce sites, and other websites is on the rise. The proliferation of online stores, especially following the pandemic, makes it challenging for eCommerce store owners to maintain a stable market share. Bloggers can also appreciate the increasing number of mobile viewers by making their platforms mobile-friendly.

These, among other reasons, are why you should integrate WP Rocket into your WordPress website. Furthermore, this plugin is user-friendly and compatible with eCommerce sites. WP Rocket can decrease bounce rates, improve ranking, and boost customer engagement.

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