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Best Traffic Generation Strategies for B2B Marketing

Illustration of magnet pulling people.

Every B2B marketer considers traffic a critical metric. Of course, many brands further categorize traffic by type and sources, such as organic, paid ad, and referral. However, the number of visitors is still the most important metric.

First, the total traffic generated over a given period indicates the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Moreover, more traffic often means more sales, higher revenue, and increased profits if you maintain your average conversion rate.

Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to generate traffic for B2B marketing. Below, we look at ten of the most effective methods.

Best Traffic Generation Strategies for B2B Marketing

1. SEO and blogging

At least 90% of B2B client buying journeys start with an online search. So you need to take advantage of this potential customer base. First, make sure you have a professional website. Secondly, develop a blog to go with the website. Finally, use search engine optimization (SEO) to rank highly and make your website and blog easier to find.

2. Social media outreach

Besides search engines, 84% of B2B customers use social media networks to discover new business opportunities and find new partners. So, it’s a great place to seek new traffic and leads. Social media also provides the platform to drive brand awareness campaigns and engage future customers.

3. Press releases and distribution

Press releases are an age-old tactic for businesses to reach the masses. And it works like a charm. In a recent survey by Liana Tech, 85% of respondents said they read a press release within the last 24 hours.

4. Trade shows and conferences

It’s surprising that many modern B2Bs overlook trade shows and industry conferences. Don’t make the same mistake. Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet potential customers and suppliers and learn more about your competitors.

5. Brand ambassador and referral programs

Brand ambassadors, influencers, and referral programs are very effective and highly profitable when used properly. They guarantee new customers, increase customer loyalty, and enable you to enter new markets. Of course, they also enhance brand appeal.

6. Paid search and social media ads

Paying to have your ads on search engines, such as Google and Bing, and social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, is very profitable. For instance, Google Shopping ads generate 85.3% of all clicks on Google Ads campaigns. Meanwhile, Shopify ads generate 50% more traffic.

7. Email marketing

More than 85% of B2Bs communicate via email. It is the standard means of communication between B2B clients. More importantly, B2B emails have a very high open rate (22.5%) and above-average click-through rates (5.7%). So, you can see why it’s a critical source of traffic.

8. Webinars

Did you know that 55% of B2B webinar attendees translate to leads? The figure is even higher for premium webinar platforms, such as Webinar Care, which reports 73% traffic conversion. Hopefully, that’s reason enough to start investing more in webinars.

9. Forums and communities

Forums and communities are another valuable source of traffic for B2B businesses. Think about Quora, for instance. You can generate tons of traffic off Quora. Additionally, consider initiating and building communities around your brand. It’s a goldmine for leads.

10. Deals and discounts

Few marketing hacks generate more excitement, traffic, and leads than deals and discounts. If you thought individual consumers love them, B2Bs love them much more. Excellent deals and discount campaigns include loyalty programs, holiday sales, special offers, and early-bird discounts.


It’s the dream of every marketer to generate more traffic and leads. Unfortunately, it’s not often a straightforward path, given increased competition in recent times. Now you know ten practical ways to jumpstart your traffic generation campaign.

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