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How Gravity Forms Can Increase Lead Conversions


At least 63% of marketers and brands cite “generating traffic and leads” as their number one marketing challenge. Putting lead generation ahead of proving ROI (60%) and budget constraints (28%). So, it’s understandable that marketers are constantly sending out web forms. Unfortunately, few have been successful. While 74% of marketers depend primarily on forms for lead generation, only 21.5% of the leads convert. However, using Gravity Forms can help increase those conversions, if used correctly.

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin designed to enable marketers and brands to easily and quickly generate customized, high-value forms to collect user information.

The plugin comes with multiple pre-built forms that you can use right away. However, you can also easily customize your forms to cater to your needs and the needs of your customers. Gravity Forms prices start at $59/year.

How to Increase Lead Generation with Gravity Forms

The following are seven ways Gravity Forms can help you convert more leads on your WordPress website.

1. Quickly build forms through drag-and-drop functionality

To start creating forms, on your Gravity Forms homepage, navigate to the menu, select Forms, select New Form. Simply provide the appropriate form name and description when prompted. Then click “Done” and drag and drop fields onto the new form. Easy, right? You can also easily edit your forms by hovering over them.

2. Create advanced forms using conditional logic

Besides standard forms, you can use the Conditional Logic feature to set custom parameters. This enables it so certain fields and information only display when certain conditions are met. For instance, you can decide to display a location field only after the user enters their contact number.

3. Add style to your forms for a professional touch

Unfortunately, creating forms isn’t just about collecting data; it also involves grabbing the user’s attention and appealing to their emotions. Gravity Forms feature several CSS classes to help you build more organized and aesthetically pleasing forms. For instance, you can easily change the form background, change font sizes, and modify the field layout.

4. Build a winning mailing list with subscription forms

Subscription forms are incredibly effective. However, not knowing your subscribers’ needs can sometimes let you down. Gravity Forms let you add fields to find out your subscribers’ interests so you can begin by sending email newsletters at the right frequency.

5. Add coupons to order forms

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers. This often leaves you with more questions than answers. Gravity Forms have a coupon add-on feature (in the Elite plan) to insert coupons in order forms to drive down abandonment. Furthermore, you can customize the coupons as you wish.

6. Use polls and quizzes to engage users and gather feedback

Gravity Forms’ poll add-on lets you generate custom polls and display the results for users to see and share. Similarly, you can take advantage of the quiz add-on to generate custom multichoice quizzes. These two features can help drive engagement or gather useful feedback. Or, simply use the survey add-on for business feedback.

7. Keep spammers and hackers out with security add-ons

Cybercriminals may occasionally target your website to try to break into your business or execute a ransomware attack. If you see occasional web form spamming, it could be hackers. Besides protecting you and your customers, the Gravity Forms’ security add-on keeps your conversion rate up by keeping the spammers out.


There’s no denying that Gravity Forms are a potent tool for marketers and brands seeking to fast-track lead generation efforts. It lets you make custom forms in little to no time while offering advanced form options for better audience targeting. Moreover, it’s affordable and very easy to use. Thus, you should consider using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website to increase lead generation for your business.

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