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How Online Reviews Can Boost Website Traffic


Unfortunately, many marketers and brands still struggle to make the connection between customer reviews and website traffic. Below, we answer the big question – can online reviews boost website traffic? Plus, we explain how reviews impact website traffic.

Yes, Reviews Directly Impact Site Traffic

According to the Google My Business support page, customer-generated content, including reviews and service ratings, impacts site ranking on the search engine.

A recent statement on the page says that “high-quality, positive reviews from your customers improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that interested customers will visit your location (online or offline).” Therefore it is imperative that you encourage your customers to leave a review to boost your ranking.

How Customer Reviews Impact Web Traffic

Reviews can help persuade prospects and leads to choose your business over the competition while also boosting your SEO performance. Here’s what usually happens;

1. Customer reviews improve SEO ranking

Search engine rankings are primarily informed by keywords. Google regularly checks its database for content pieces with the most instances of the main search term. Then, keeping other ranking factors in mind returns results that best address the search term.

Customer reviews contribute to this as Google treats reviews as content, similar to blogs, videos, etc. Therefore, just as more quality blogs guarantee a better ranking, more positive and high-quality reviews automatically mean a better SERP ranking. Higher ranking also equals more traffic as more potential customers find you first.

2. Positive reviews can elevate you to the “local pack”

The Google local pack is the goods and services that appear on Google search result pages when you perform a local search. Usually, you’ll see a map of business locations offering the product/service locally, along with listings for three businesses relevant to the search.

Now, imagine your store or products appear on the list! It’s a goldmine for local businesses as the consumer can easily note down your address and head straight to your shop. Or, they can click to make an order if they’d like the item delivered. Bright Local studies reveal that local reviews are the second most important factor in local pack ranking after Google Business Profile.

3. Positive reviews guarantee referral traffic

Picture this; you’ve just found out that you have a leak in your roof. So, now you need to quickly find an experienced roofing professional in your area. Fortunately, you have a few recommendations from friends. What will you do next? Look up the roofer on Google and social media to see whether they have a good reputation, right?

This is what happens in the digital world now. A quick check on Google and social media allow you to read reviews to confirm whether you’re dealing with a legit business. It also gives you a chance to assess the company’s wide reputation. And, if the reviews aren’t convincing, you’ll likely find alternative recommendations from your social circle, complete with links that you can click to visit the new service provider’s website. Top brands get thousands of views via referral traffic every year from circumstances like this.

4. Positive reviews persuade visitors to take action

Finally, positive reviews can also make a difference on search engine result pages and review websites and platforms. For instance, suppose that your blog is fourth on the Google search result page. However, it has a few reviews highlighted in the meta description. Or, maybe you’re up against several other brands on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Positive reviews can make a difference in both cases. A good ranking (say 5-star) and tons of positive user reviews are enough to convince new users to click your website link. Meanwhile, several negative reviews could be a red flag that instantly puts off potential visitors. However, you can mitigate this by responding directly to any negative reviews.


Reviews, directly and indirectly, impact website traffic. They can influence SEO ranking, referral traffic, and persuade users to take action. Thus, what users say about your brand and products can determine how many more prospects visit your business online.

Do you want a proactive plan to automate getting your customers and clients to leave reviews on your website, Google My Business listing, and any review sites? We can help with a program to do just that! The more positive reviews you have, the better your business reputation.
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