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How Push Notifications Can Benefit Your Business Website


Push notifications are becoming an increasingly popular tool for online businesses and digital marketers. They are perfect to help capture the attention of your audience, increase the amount of returning customers, and achieve higher engagement and click-through rates. Push notifications can benefit your website and are essentially messages that pop up when users visit your website on their devices.

Push notifications vary from traditional marketing strategies, such as SMS and emails, because they are delivered directly to the visitor’s device. This enables businesses to reach their customers directly without relying on them to open apps or check inboxes. Currently, 72% of online customers have activated push notifications, and 40% of website visitors interact with them within one hour of sending. This shows that they are a beneficial marketing tool for businesses when set up correctly. Below are the various ways push notifications can benefit your business website.

1. Reach Audience Directly

Push notifications allow businesses to send their consumers’ real-time updates on newly launched products, news, and trending stories. Digital marketers, businesses, and publishers can integrate push notifications to improve the user experience. Through these notifications, you can ping personalized content to web visitors’ screens when they are active on your channel.

The immediate distribution of content helps businesses eliminate the marketing noise and beat the competition. Unlike social media platforms where prospects and target customers come across millions of distracting marketing messages in their feeds, push notifications are a direct channel that builds one-on-one business-customer relationships.

Interestingly, push notifications are not only effective for millennials and Gen Z audiences. A 2020 survey found that 53% of baby boomers rely on push notifications for regional news and other useful information. Using the right push notifications platform allows businesses to reach their target audience at the right time.

2. High Click-through Rates

Increasing the click-through rate is probably the most obvious benefit of push notifications on business websites. Justifying this is a case study that found that push notifications have 15% to 25% click-through rates. This percentage significantly increases on mobile platforms. This can’t be compared to other platforms, such as email campaigns, though effective, only have a 4% average click-through rate.

3. Works Across Multiple Devices

Another huge benefit of push notifications is their compatibility with all devices. Unlike classic notifications designed for mobile applications, push notifications from your business website work on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers alike. This benefits businesses that don’t have dedicated mobile apps and rely on websites as their primary communication tool.

4. Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

Ultimately, push notifications drive traffic back to your website, eCommerce store, or mobile app as they look for products, services, or more content. A case in point, GoGy games, a gaming platform, rolled out automated push notifications that alerted previous users of trending games on their website. Through this, the company managed to keep between 10 and 12 million users engaged and gained thousands of new users daily.

5. Customer Retargeting and Retention

Sadly, acquiring new customers is more costly than retaining customers. Therefore, businesses shouldn’t undersell the importance of marketing strategies contributing to customer retention, such as push notifications. Push notifications primarily focus on retargeting existing customers.

However, retaining your customers becomes easier when they receive quality updates and engagements from your business instead of irrelevant content. Quality push notifications encourage users to re-visit your website, engage with your brand, and purchase more products or services.

The Bottom Line

Integrating push notifications into your business website is certainly beneficial. However, you should choose the best push notification plugin and work with experts in developing custom notifications to work best for your business. While push notifications have impressive engagement rates, you should adhere to best practices to minimize the drawbacks, such as customers muting alerts.

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