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How to Use Link Building to Drive Local Traffic

Link Building for websites.

Driving local traffic to your website can help to boost your business within the community and increase sales. A White Spark study shows that link building is among the most critical factors for local SEO. In fact, links (31%) are the second-most important factor for localized organic ranking after on-page optimization (32%). Additionally, links are the fourth-most important local park ranking factor after Google My Business, reviews, and on-page optimization.

It’s time to start a link-building campaign to drive more local traffic to your website. Fortunately, it’s not too hard. The following are five tips to help you get started.

1. Get listed in local business directories

Although Yellow Pages and similar traditional directories are no longer very effective, new digital directories see plenty of traffic. These directories include Yelp, Google Business Profile, and Foursquare. Indeed, according to Bright-Local research, 94% of consumers checked a local business directory at least once in the last twelve months.

Be sure to list your business on your favorite directories. To do this simply set up your business profile, and include backlinks to your website. This way, directory visitors can visit your website with a single click.

2. Drive traffic with links from local review platforms

Up to 98% of digital consumers read online reviews before spending their money. In addition, 85% check star ratings before placing an order. These stats show you can generate more traffic if you have positive reviews and star ratings.

But there’s one more issue. Where do you post the reviews and star ratings? That’s where local review platforms come in handy. Get your reviews (with embedded links) on popular review platforms and watch new leads flow through the door.

3. Drive traffic with PR links from local events and promotions

Local events and promotions are the best sources of local leads and traffic. For instance, you can attract new customers by sponsoring a local sports team, holding a contest, or running a workshop.

So, how does this help get backlinks to your site? Through press releases. Send your event press releases to local news outlets, like magazines, local dailies, and community Facebook groups, with embedded backlinks to your site. You will notice leads begin to trickle in.

4. Get mentioned by local publications and bloggers

Besides PR links, you should find ways to get your brand name mentioned in local publications and blogs. One of the best strategies is by building rapport with local bloggers and news outlets. For instance, reach out to local radio and news outlets and ask them to add links to mentions of your brand name.

Similarly, reach out to bloggers and find ways they can mention and link your brand name and products. Consider adopting a shared revenue model where the blogger gets a commission for purchases originating from links in their blogs.

5. Buy out local domains and websites

At least 70% of local business domains aren’t renewed after the first year. It’s strange, given the importance of websites and blogs in the modern economy. But that’s perhaps an opportunity for savvy businesses looking to capitalize.

So, what do you do with the new domains and websites? You have a few options. For example, you can change them into your domains and website and grab all the traffic the original businesses enjoyed. Alternatively, redirect the domain or site to your website. Whois.com is one of many places to find and purchase lapsed or dormant domains.


Link building is one of the best tools to drive traffic and leads to your business site. For example, you can generate traffic from local directory backlinks and PR links. Additionally, you can attract new traffic with backlinks in local blogs and publications. Your options are endless.

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