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How to Utilize Video in Your Marketing Strategy


At least 86% of small businesses used video to advance their marketing campaigns in 2021, up from 63% in 2017. Why? Because video marketing is effective. These strategies and ideas will help you to utilize video on your marketing strategy.

A recent study by WordStream shows that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Additionally, 83% of marketers say that video helps to increase the average time visitors spend on their websites. Video can help to guarantee 66% more leads and boost conversions by 80%.

With the above stats in mind, you may already be thinking about new strategies to elevate your video marketing campaign in 2022. The following are a few ideas you should consider.

1. Sequential storytelling

According to YouTube, videos with sequential storytelling, i.e., a beginning, middle, and end, perform better and create more effective ads. However, you must keep your branding consistent throughout the episodes. Remember to also complement your videos with popular or on-brand music.

2. User-Generated Videos (UGV)

User-generated videos will steal the show in 2022. This content is generated by your customers and general audience. Therefore, user-generated videos are videos your audience creates rather than a professional production team.

3. Invest in interactive videos

Interactive videos are digital videos that support user interaction. You can invest in good video maker software and create high-quality interactive videos. For instance, they may allow users to click, on a desktop, or touch, on a smartphone screen, during the video for an action to occur. Branching stories, hotspots, and 360-degree videos are excellent examples of this tactic.

4. Short, fun, and energetic

TikTok is radically changing the video marketing scene. The platform’s short, energetic, and fun videos are so engaging that other platforms followed suit. In fact, the “silly” and fun style has carried over into marketing as well. It’s the way to go in 2022. Just ensure you keep the videos on-brand even when using viral trends.

5. Use video to train and educate

Videos are everywhere. Indeed, several studies show that video content is likely to make up over 80% of online content in 2022. As such, you need to rethink your training and education strategies. Maybe it’s time to transition from plain text and images to video training.

6. In-the-moment (live) videos

According to Livestream, 82% of audiences say they would rather watch a live video than read a blog post. At least 82% also say they prefer live videos to social media posts. So, maybe it’s time to shift your priorities to live videos.

7. Optimize for soundless watching

Sometimes people want to watch a movie in the office or the public without disturbing co-workers or being interrupted by noise. That’s when soundless watching becomes invaluable. It’s another important trend to consider in 2022. Add and optimize captions in all your videos for optimum views.

8. Searchable videos

As videos and video marketing become more popular, there’s an increasing need to ensure Google can find your videos. This means you need to start optimizing your videos. Find the ideal length, optimize titles, create custom thumbnails, and write descriptions. Don’t forget to use hashtags and tags as well.

9. Consider shoppable videos

Shoppable videos are short videos that users can click (or tap) to buy specific goods instantly. They work like shoppable posts on Instagram. If someone comes across a product they like, they can click and buy it without even leaving the video.

10. Optimize for different channels

Finally, marketers should also consider optimizing their videos for different channels in 2022. For instance, not all platforms support shoppable videos. Similarly, not all video channels support soundless videos. Many platforms also require a different aspect ratio. Optimizing your videos for each channel allows you to create the best experience on each platform for maximum views.


Video marketing will hit a new high in 2022, and you cannot afford to lag behind. Fortunately, you can implement most of these tips right away. Start creating video content today and see the difference it makes to your engagement and marketing.

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