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Increase Your SEO Efforts with SiteChecker


The value of SEO for business websites keeps rising. According to CREDO, at least 93% of online searches now begin with a keyword search on a search engine like Google. In fact, on average, 40% of business revenue comes from organic searches on search engines.
As a result, the top brands and marketers are always seeking new ways to improve their website SEO. SiteChecker can help your business increase SEO efforts.

What’s SiteChecker?

SiteChecker is a powerful all-in-one SEO solution. It provides brands and marketers with the tools to track, optimize, and improve their performance on search engines.

SiteChecker continuously monitors and analyzes your search engine performance. Then, it automatically updates your to-do list based on changes in the search ecosystem. Users can also pull detailed reports to turn search engine analytics data into actionable insight.

7 Ways to Use SiteChecker to Enhance SEO

The following are seven easy ways to use SiteChecker to drive your business website search engine optimization campaign.

1. Perform a general on-page SEO audit

The first and easiest way to use SiteChecker is for on-page SEO audits. The built-in SEO audit feature lets you scan and analyze single pages to determine what you need to do for maximum SEO performance. A few on-page features you can check with the audit tool include status codes (HTTPS), image sizes, titles and descriptions, and content length.

2. Generate a website crawl report

Do you sometimes wonder whether search engines find it easy (or difficult) to crawl your website? You can find out using SiteChecker’s website crawler. This tool lets you crawl up to 1,000 unique URLs and generates a report with page weight, site architecture, and status codes. These details help you optimize your site for the leading search engines.

3. Discover and address technical SEO mistakes

Technical SEO is a headache for many businesses, especially SMBs with small digital marketing budgets. Getting into the nitty-gritty and fixing all the issues can be a big ask. Fortunately, SiteChecker has a built-in website SEO checker just for this. It lets you scan for wrong or missing anchors, broken links or redirects, meta tags, and so much more.

4. Stay on top of keyword movements and performance

Knowing whether your keywords are performing to the required standards is a big deal for digital marketers. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to improve your ranking. SiteChecker’s rank checker tool not only gives you a preview of your keyword movements and performance but also highlights what you need to change.

5. Learn from/get ahead of your competitors

In addition to keeping an eye on your keywords, rank checker lets you keep track of your main competitors’ keyword movements and SEO performance. For instance, you can find out how a competitor ranks for a certain keyword and the secondary keywords aiding their performance. Then, you can use this information to optimize your campaign.

6. Review websites on which you guest post

There’s no better way to earn referral traffic than through guest posting, as long as you can pick out the right guest blogs. SiteChecker lets you audit thousands of blogs to determine which ones are right for your SEO campaign. You can find out the keywords they rank for, how the site ranks overall, and the DA/DR, among others.

7. Discover new keywords to rank for

If you’ve recently struggled to find new keywords to drive your SEO campaign, SiteChecker will give you a list of phrases to incorporate into your content. Even better, it provides both primary and long-tail keywords.

Ready to Try It?

By utilizing SiteChecker businesses can increase the results of SEO without spending hours a day on it. But, the best part is that SiteChecker prices start at a very affordable $19.99/month. So, there is really no reason not to try it for a few weeks at least.

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