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Industry Showcase Website for HiSpec Wheel and Tire Launched

Industry showcase website for HiSpec wheel and tire show on laptop and mobile devices.

HiSpec Wheel and Tire Inc. has been specializing in manufacturing aluminum wheels and accessories for over 25 years. Their expertise makes them a leader within the RV and specialty trailer manufacturing industries. However, HiSpec needed a modern way to showcase their products and share their knowledge to clients and customers alike. To realize this goal, Digital Hill has created a modern, easy-to-navigate WordPress website that is also easy to update as product offers change and new safety studies are complete. Below are just some of the key features on the new HiSpec website built with the power of a WordPress CMS for the management area.

Industry Showcase Website with Products and Images

Any successful manufacturing website must have an area to showcase the products they offer. Not only does this enable visitors to easily view the product offerings but it also enables HiSpec to reach their target industry. The products page features a clean and simple layout with images of each wheel design currently available alongside the product name. Contact information is easily accessible at both the top and bottom of the page along with social media links.

Detailed Product Information

When a user clicks a specific wheel type, the specific product page contains additional details. On this page, all of the specifications of the wheel are listed and there are images of the different finish options. By providing various high-quality images, any website visitor can clearly view the products they are interested in and request more information.

HiSpec provides all of the critical information users need right on the product page, saving the viewer time and minimizing back and forth communication.

Technical Expertise

For visitors looking for specification details and technical papers related to The Safety Wheel, the HiSpec website has Wheel University. On this webpage, visitors can find recommended best practices, and white papers containing the Trailer Safety Industry Coalition findings on safety and performance. This allows those within the RV and Trailer industry to stay up-to-date on the latest findings.

WordPress Base

HiSpec Wheel and Tire needed a website that was fast, reliable, and easy to update. This is especially important as they release new products and up-to-date safety information. To build the HiSpec website, Digital Hill used WordPress to create a clean, custom website. The result is an easy-to-navigate website, with cohesive branding. The simple layout allows visitors to easily find what they need when they need it.

Additionally, with WordPress, the backend is easy to navigate and update. Thus, allowing the HiSpec team to add or remove products as they need without “breaking “ the website. Updates to the WordPress website and custom theme area set up on automatic. Therefore, allowing the HiSpec team to focus on their products and news updates without worrying about security.

Mobile Responsiveness

Finally, ensuring that the website is accessible on any device was crucial as over 80% of the world’s population now owns and uses a smartphone. And, while they don’t all use their mobile devices to browse online, many do. With this in mind, the website adjusts in size and structure to fit the device users are viewing it on. By doing this, visitors will stay on the site longer as it is still easy to navigate and read. This feature also helps to increase search engine rankings and website traffic.

Is your business looking for a modern, industry showcase website? Contact the team at Digital Hill to discuss your website vision.

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