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Informative WordPress Business Website

Showing Automate LLC WordPress business website on 2 devices.

Automate LLC in Elkhart, Indiana builds, designs, and programs control systems for various industries. By utilizing technology and automation, Automate LLC helps businesses maximize production and efficiency. To reach potential clients, they needed a modern website with easy communication tools. As such, Digital Hill created a unique website using the following details to showcase Automate LLC’s services.

Website Built Using WordPress CMS

The new Automate LLC website uses WordPress with a custom theme. WordPress is a safe and reliable content management system (CMS). With its open-source software, WordPress offers a wide variety of custom plugins and extensions. These plugins and extensions allow for easy customization to increase website useability. The WordPress backend is also very user-friendly, which means the Automate LLC admin team can update any pages as they need to. From adjusting service offerings to adding images, all changes are simple and quick. Additionally, WordPress offers automatic updates for all plugins to ensure the Automate LLC website is always running as it should.

Gravity Forms

The Automate LLC website uses the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin on both the Careers and Contact pages. With this plugin, collecting information from website visitors is straightforward.

Those who are interested in working for Automate LLC simply fill out their contact details and attach their resume before clicking submit. Once the visitor submits the form, Automate LLC will get an email copy of the form and can access it through the backend, then contact the applicant using their contact details. This is an efficient process for both the applicant and Automate LLC.

If visitors are curious about services, pricing, or timeframes, they can submit a query through the contact page. Alongside the contact form are the business hours and direct contact information for visitors looking to call or email directly. The contact form clearly shows the required information, and a large box for the visitor to explain their needs. An email is sent to the Automate LLC, and can quickly respond to the query. These forms allow website visitors to contact Automate LLC even if they cannot make phone calls or do not know who they need to speak with.


The gallery page showcases the services that Automate LLC offers to clients. Being able to see previous projects can help build trust with website visitors before a conversation even happens. Furthermore, being able to view the quality of work that Automate LLC offers can increase lead conversions, which increases client acquisition. Potential clients like to do their research and learn about the team behind the services. This is why there is a range of images from close-ups of projects, to staff working on the design, production, and programming of the projects. Through the image gallery, website visitors can get a feel of Automate LLC’s work culture and the high-quality services they offer.

The new Automate LLC website offers great virtual customer service through the use of forms and images, which helps to increase brand reputation and build a substantial customer base. Furthermore, these features help to make the Automate LLC website stand out from its competitors while offering key information to website visitors.

To increase your business’s online presence, contact Digital Hill to discuss your website needs.

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