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Key TikTok Marketing Changes for 2023 and The Potential Impact

Tik Tok marketing updates for 2023. Tik Tok logo and fireworks.

The power and effectiveness of TikTok cannot be ignored. TikTok plays a significant role in modern marketing, and brands should leverage its effects. While most successful stories from TikTok are accidental, businesses shouldn’t rely on luck. They can succeed by implementing an effective TikTok marketing campaign.

Below are TikTok marketing changes to be aware of for 2023 and the impact they will likely have.

1. More TikTok updates

All social media platforms are continually evolving to remain competitive in the digital marketing realm. Static social platforms risk being overshadowed by new entrants with recent innovations. Social platforms, including TikTok, rely on revenues from marketing ads. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the primary goal is simplifying how businesses and brands can use the platform.

For instance, TikTok recently unveiled the “Creative Center” feature, which allows brands and content creators on the platform to leverage popular hashtags, content trends, and songs seamlessly. Other expected innovations from TikTok include eCommerce integrations, which should help brands sell products on the platform with ease.

2. Introduction of Focused View

As the name suggests, Focused View is designed to increase brand awareness and conversions by channeling ads to interested viewers. TikTok marketing has become popular and effective because of unmatched brand and user engagement. Apart from a full-screen and immersive sound experience, TikTok has an unrivaled algorithm that attracts users’ undivided attention.

Choice and viewership differentiate engagement on TikTok from other digital marketing platforms. For starters, every video that users on TikTok come across is a result of their decision to listen to or swipe up on previous videos. As such, users voluntarily watch ads and actively engage longer. Viewership also increases engagement in TikTok. Unlike other social platforms, engagement in TikTok isn’t limited to specific secondary options users take.

Focused View is a new aspect of the existing video view feature that delivers marketing ads to users who will most likely engage with the ad, either by interacting or viewing it for more than six seconds. Through this, brands and digital marketers are sure that their ads reach users who pay attention.

Samsung is among the few businesses that leveraged this feature during its piloting phase. The company used it in marketing the Summer of Galaxy campaign. The campaign delivered an 11% increase in ad recall, 2.8 times completion rate, 53% more watch time per view, and an 18% increase in 2-second click per view.

3. TikTok will improve its search abilities

More users have turned TikTok into their favorite search engine. A survey by NBC News found that over 40% of millennials and Gen Z use TikTok, Instagram, and other popular platforms like Google for their online searching. This significant shift is a win for brands with effective social media marketing strategies.

TikTok is keen to meet the increasing demand by working on updates that make product search on the platform easier. For instance, TikTok recently tested a feature using keywords in comments as searchable items. For instance, if one user leaves the comment, “Do you have second-hand furniture,” “secondhand furniture” becomes a clickable keyword that directs users to search results relating to such furniture.

Towards 2023, TikTok is poised to continue building on its search capabilities to make it easy for users to find whatever they are looking for. With improved search capabilities and the evident shift in customer behavior, businesses should increase their presence on TikTok. Brands should also leverage traditional SEO practices, such as keyword research, to improve their search rankings.

The Bottom Line

Brands should explore TikTok’s unmatched potential to increase awareness, reach, and conversions. However, note that the platform isn’t suitable for all brands. Ensure your target audience is on TikTok and your user persona is suitable for the platform.

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