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LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Increase Reach and Conversions

LinkedIn marketing tips

With more than 800 million professionals, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest platform that B2B marketers can leverage. If you haven’t joined the platform or haven’t been maximizing its potential, you are definitely missing out. Utilizing the best LinkedIn marketing tips can significantly improve your personal brand and business.

Though often overlooked, LinkedIn marketing is beneficial for your business in many ways. For starters, on average it generates 277% more leads than Facebook. The platform also accounts for more than 80% of B2B leads. This is because it is a preferred choice for professionals, with 91% of business executives using the platform. That said, the following LinkedIn marketing tips can help you increase your reach and conversions.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

While this might seem basic, most people overlook the importance of optimizing their profiles on LinkedIn. Whether you are marketing through your personal account or company page, making improvements to your profile increases your chances of being noticed.

You should begin by using a high-quality profile picture. A quality photo increases profile views by 21 times. As for company pages, a high-resolution brand logo or professional headshot is ideal. Updating your current position in the company and listing relevant skills also helps to increase connection requests.

Target the Right Audience

Targeting the right people is another easy way of increasing your reach and conversion rates. Most businesses send LinkedIn ads to the wrong audience. However, the platform often “punishes” ads with little engagement by limiting their appearance. This limited ad reach leads to low conversion and a high cost-per-lead.

While you should narrow your audience, don’t overly restrict it, as you could miss potential business leads. The best way to identify your target audience is by creating a buyer persona. A detailed buyer persona helps you focus on an audience interested in your products and services.

You should create a buyer persona using information from your previous clients and analytics information. With this, you’ll be targeting the audience based on their careers, professional interests, demographics, and more.

Create Professional Ad Copy

After you’ve identified your target audience, the next hurdle is creating attention-grabbing ad copy. Sponsored content and text ads on LinkedIn appear just like regular posts appear in the newsfeed. Therefore, you should create professional ad copy that will compel your target audience to stop scrolling.

LinkedIn users expect informative content, such as industry news or updates on professional topics. Therefore, the context of LinkedIn ad copy plays a significant role in determining if your audience will engage with them.

For instance, while ads about available hotel rooms for restaurant owners attending a convention may perform on other social media platforms, they won’t convert on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and users won’t engage with ads marketing hotel rooms. Therefore, your ad copy should market the conference and convention center instead. Keep it informative, rather than outright selling.

LinkedIn users generally don’t engage with direct advertisements, they prefer blog posts, news, and informational pages. Aside from creating professional copy, you should get creative with your ads.

Create Dynamic Landing Pages

Creating relevant and dynamic landing pages is another way to increase your conversion rates. However, you shouldn’t mislead your visitors or leave them ill-informed after they’ve clicked your ad. Even with excellent ad copy, a weak landing page won’t boost conversions.

For instance, if your ad copy is about conference rooms, your landing page shouldn’t be about booking hotel rooms. An ideal landing page for such ad copy should focus on the details of conference rooms. Your audience shouldn’t have to search your site for information that was advertised.

The Bottom Line

While LinkedIn is a powerful engagement platform, you can only realize these benefits by implementing the right strategy. The tips mentioned above can revive your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Ensure that you continually monitor your analytics to identify effective marketing strategies.

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