5 Most Reliable Ways to Get Your Website Designed
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5 Most Reliable Ways to Get Your Website Designed

5 Most Reliable Ways to Get Your Website Designed


Let’s say you have a stellar product. But, when potential customers visit your website, they are put off by how your site looks. Do you think your product will then fare well? It won’t! While a quality offering is at a crux of a profitable business, you must also market it well.

And for this, web design matters immensely. According to data collected by WebFX, a whopping 94 percent of brand impressions are made based on its web design. And 89 percent of visitors abandon a website for a competitor after being put off by a poorly made web design.

Therefore, for the sake of your business, you must invest in getting your website designed properly. Here are some reliable ways you should consider when designing your site.

1. Increase load speed

Remember that you will need the help of a professional web design company for this task. But, rather than leaving it all to them, you can communicate how you want to improve your web design.

Start with asking them to increase the load speed of your website. Research by Kissmetrics reveals how a website with a mere 4 seconds of loading time loses a quarter of its potential visitors! This is the type of benchmark modern websites are up against.

Hence, you must ensure that your site loads instantly and surely well below the four-second mark.

This can prove to be quite tricky in the case of eCommerce sites since they tend to have a lot of photos. However, one way a web designer can work around this hurdle is by compressing the photo size and making sure that the page loads before the images on the bottom of the page do.

As visitors usually peruse a website from upwards to downwards, this gives enough time for the site to continue and load the pictures located on the lower side of the site.

2. Be minimal

One thing you might notice about the type of work done by Artisticore – Web Design Agency is that many of their proposed web designs are minimal yet impactful. This is the way a website should look.

Often, clients ask agencies to bombard their websites with images and text. This leaves no room for whitespace. Now, this affects web design in two ways.

Firstly, a lot of data on the website makes the site slow. Secondly, the clutter may lead to visitors missing the call-to-action or getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. Both of these factors lead to an increased bounce rate.

As a business, give your agency autonomy regarding the design elements.

Relay that you are looking for a minimal design. If you invest in a quality professional, you will see how they will intentionally use certain colours and mix them with white space to create a site that is both effective in terms of the information it presents and being a visual treat for the site visitors.

3. Use a descriptive headline on the landing page

This is something a web designer cannot do for you without your team’s help. While they take care of the aesthetics, you might want to think about the type of content present on the site.

Let’s say a site is quick to load and is visually appealing. Then, the visitor begins to check the site’s relevance, wondering whether or not he/she is in the right place. Congratulations, you have retained your site visitor for a few more seconds.

To answer this question and ensure that your visitor turns into a customer, a descriptive headline highlighted on the landing page of your website is a must.

Here, add a relevant target keyword to tell your visitors what your site is about. Make sure this headline is present above the fold.

4. Add a section of social proof.

According to stats collected by FindStack, 90 percent of customers first read reviews of a given product and then decide whether it is worth purchasing or not. In a world where marketing is quite exploitative, many seek help from peer reviews.

Make sure your website has a section that has such social proof. You can do so by adding testimonials of your customers. You can either record video-based testimonials or have a review section like Amazon.

The best way to design your social proof section is to have videos and text. This way, you can keep updating your reviews without having to record, edit and upload heavy files onto the system. Usually, a short snippet is much more engaging than text.

5. Trust your web designer.

Once you have picked a professional web designing agency, after carefully researching and selecting it, you need to put your trust in the web designer.

Agencies are quite well-versed in the current trends of the designing world. They also understand colour psychology and text placement much better than a layman.

While it is good to be involved and share your expectations with your agency, you also need to trust the process and let them make certain creative decisions independently. Only an expert knows what minor elements add up to! Pay heed to their recommendations about your current design as well.

Ending Remarks

Once you have the right team on board, designing a website becomes quite easy. But, one should always know how they can improve their site so they can communicate the right objectives and factors to their agency.

A well-informed client and a professional web design firm are perfect for creating a website that converts visitors into customers. Crack this code, and you are good to go!

Do you think there are other reliable factors to consider when designing a website? Enlighten us all by commenting below.

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