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New eCommerce WordPress Website for Niche Market

New-eCommerce-WordPress-Website-for-Niche-Market shown on a desktop computer.

Norman’s Country Creek offers stunning laser engraved, dollhouse and miniature furniture kits for your model needs. To continue operating in the modern era, a functional, and aesthetic website is a must-have. Norman’s Country Creek offers a range of pre-designed and custom dollhouses and furniture for ¼” scale builders. Thus, their new eCommerce WordPress website needed to have a few key features, as detailed below.

Easy to Browse Shop using WooCommerce

Having an eCommerce website only benefits your business if customers find it easy to use. By using WooCommerce, the Digital Hill team set up product categories to make browsing easier. Potential or current customers can simply select the product range they want and see all items available. Or they can browse the entire range of products by price or release date.

Better yet, WooCommerce makes it easy for Norman’s Country Creek to add new items at any stage. All they need to do is select “Add Product” in the backend and fill out the form. Within this section, they can add a description, specify shipping details and add photos.

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

The WooCommerce shopping cart is easy for website visitors to use while shopping on Norman’s Country Creek website. Customers simply add a product they want to the cart, then can either view the cart to check out or continue shopping. Once ready to checkout or review their cart, customers simply click the cart button in the top right of the website. Taxes are automatically added at checkout, so there are no hidden fees. This allows the customer to see the total price before inputting their payment information, so they can be happy with their order.

PayPal Payments

By using PayPal as its payment gateway, Norman’s Country Creek offers reliability and security for its customers. PayPal payments offer customers extra protection for their purchases and is a popular option for online shoppers. In fact, in 2020 PayPal accounted for 22% of online transactions in the US. Better yet, customers are not required to create a PayPal account to purchase or enjoy the security benefits of PayPal. Customers also have the option to pay by credit or debit card, rather than logging into a PayPal account.

Creative Control

By utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce, Norman’s Country Creek can easily customize their website and eCommerce store. They just simply click on what they wish to add and then follow the prompts. With the ability to add customization, they can easily advertise custom dollhouse creations and furniture sets. Additionally, they can create custom listings for customized items, allowing a seamless payment system for their customers.

Future Proof Your Business with an eCommerce Website

Having an easy-to-navigate website is key for any modern business. However, for those selling products online, your online storefront is equally important. The features above make it easy for customers to find and purchase miniatures from Norman’s Country Creek, all without leaving their homes.

Contact Digital Hill today to discuss your custom storefront and eCommerce needs.

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