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New Effective WordPress Website with MonsterInsights

Effective WordPress website with Monsterinsights show on laptop and mobile.

With the rise of technology, advertising your business can be much more difficult than it used to be. Many businesses are realizing they need a professional, easy-to-use, and effective website to catch the eye of potential clients or customers.

Loftness Specialized Equipment of Hector, Minnesota is one such business. As a leader in the agricultural and vegetation industry, they provide machinery to farmers and contractors across the country. Bringing their 66-year-old business online allows them to ensure they stay relevant, and most importantly, allows potential customers to find them easily, no matter what state they are in.

Some key features of the new WordPress website include robust SEO, an effective layout, and possibly most importantly MonsterInsights. Keep reading to learn why these features are so important.

Robust SEO

Increasing the search engine ranking of the Loftness website is important to ensure that potential clients can easily find them. As such, ensuring that every page has robust search engine optimization (SEO) was crucial. The Yoast SEO plugin makes optimizing WordPress websites simple, as long as you know what keywords to use. For Loftness, the Digital Hill team made sure that every webpage contains optimized copywriting alongside, meta tags and images with alt tags. These details will help improve the search engine ranking of Loftness, so their customers can find them and their products for years to come.

Effective Layout

The custom navigation menu and layout of the Loftness website ensure customers can easily find what they need.

One of the biggest features is the quick toggle option in the top left for Vegetation Management vs Agriculture. As these two products vary, this allows customers to view only the products and information they need. Both sections have a top menu with options to view products, manuals, brochures, articles, and price sheets. This saves customers a lot of time as they do not need to scroll through every product Loftness offers.

Another added feature is the top-of-page button, this arrow in the bottom left, instantly takes the website visitor to the top of the page no matter which device you are using.

As the website is mobile optimized, it changes the layout to best fit the screen of the device you view it on. On mobile for example, instead of seeing a list of products, customers can simply click through a slider feature to see each product. Just like on a computer, the toggle to switch between Vegetation Management and Agriculture products is at the top of the page.


Knowing who your customers are and where they come from is crucial in modern-day marketing. MonstersInsights makes finding this information much easier for businesses.

The plugin offers page-level analytics, ad tracking, and performance optimization. All the data is provided in real-time, allowing you to see which products are performing best, and what website visitors are doing during their time onsite.

Using this information, businesses can review their content, and change things that aren’t working. Loftness can also learn more about its target demographic, and make changes to any advertising materials if they notice a shift in website visitor demographics. MonsterInsights is a valuable tool for any business and offers even more benefits through add-ons.

Having a website that brings your business into the digital era effectively and professionally is now a must for any successful business. To modernize your business website, and ensure your business values and products shine, contact Digital Hill today.

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