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New Instagram Features That Help Businesses

Instagram on a mobile phone.

Thanks to its wide range of marketing tools, Instagram is now one of the best marketing platforms for businesses. IG stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, and AR Filters are simple yet effective tools that allow brands to succeed on the platform. As a result, many business marketers are constantly looking forward to new IG marketing tools. Below are the three latest Instagram features your business should be using.

1. Instagram Creator Marketplace

In early July 2022, Instagram launched the Creator Marketplace, a new destination within the Instagram app where brands can find and connect with creators. The new feature also allows creators to directly message brands they wish to work with. This new feature makes finding collaboration partners easier than ever before.

How Does it Work?

Brands wishing to use Creator Marketplace to discover partnership opportunities can access the feature within Meta Business Suite.
Here, you’ll find thousands of creators and partnership opportunities. However, you don’t have to sift through all of them. Instead, IG Marketplace allows you to filter creators by age, gender, interests, and the number of followers they have. You can also filter creators using the demographics of their engaged audience. So you can pick creators based on their followers’ average age, gender, and interests.

A “Partnerships Messages Inbox” makes sharing project details and updates with the identified creators easy. Unfortunately, Creator Marketplace is only available on an invite basis for US-based brands for now. However, there are plans to launch it worldwide.

2.  Business Search within IG Maps

About two weeks after launching Creator Marketplace, Instagram rolled out a new feature known as Business Search within IG Maps. Meta first launched the feature in Japan a year ago. Now it’s globally available to all brands on Instagram.

How Does it Work?

The searchable map feature allows users to discover popular locations and businesses around them through IG stories, tagged posts, guides, and hashtags.

For instance, a user browsing through your brand’s story can tap on your location hashtags to discover the location of your business or event. This can help consumers decide whether to visit your store or attend your event. Additionally, the user can save locations in which they’re interested and revisit them in the future.

Besides hashtags, brands can optimize their content to appear in location searches in IG Maps. So a user who plans to visit San Francisco may use the search feature on IG Maps to discover interesting places. By tagging your location, your business has a higher chance of gaining interest from Instagram users.

3. Instagram Live Producer

Finally, Instagram is testing a “Live Producer” tool that allows brands to leverage advanced tools and technologies from established broadcasting partners. This means brands can access more powerful production features outside the traditional phone camera. This allows businesses to create higher quality, more interactive IG Live videos.

How Does it Work?

“Live Producer” allows broadcasters to go live using streaming software from a small group of Instagram partners.

The first step is to select the streaming tool you wish to use. Currently, you can choose from OBS, Streamyard, Streamlabs, and a few other partners. After picking a streaming channel, open it and locate where to place your URL and stream key.

Inputting the URL and stream key allows you to broadcast on your Instagram Live channel via the selected streaming platform.

To allow your fans to view the live broadcast, go to the desktop version of Instagram, click “Add Post,” and select “Live” from the menu.


Marketing on Instagram keeps getting easier and more profitable thanks to new innovative features. Businesses should utilize Instagram tools to benefit from the above new features.

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