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New Lawn Service WordPress Website


NatureScape Services in Elkhart, Indiana offer quality lawn care and pest control services. As a local, trusted business, NatureScape Services need an online presence that accurately reflects the company values and services. With customized service offerings, a generic website just wasn’t going to work. As such, the Digital Hill team created a custom WordPress website with the following feature pages.

Request a Quote Page

With lawn care and pest control services, no two jobs are ever the same. Thus, NatureScape Services needed a simple way for clients to request a quote. Located in the main menu bar, the Request a Quote option is easy for any website visitor. They simply click through and fill out the form with their details. Rather than simply having a classic comments box, however, the Digital Hill team used Gravity Forms to add checkboxes for available services. By doing this, visitors don’t have to remember all the service details to request a quote. Simplifying the form using check boxes also increases the chance of the visitor completing the form.

Once submitted, the team at NatureScape Services can call or email the potential client to discuss the services they require and offer a free quote.

Project Gallery

The Project page allows all visitors to view previous work by NatureScape Services. This is a key detail of the new website as viewing previous work helps to build trust with the potential client. Visual images can increase website clicks by 60%, generating more traffic for the website.

High-quality photos also help to encourage communication and improve sales. Better yet, the NatureScape team can continue adding new photos to the website through the simple WordPress backend. With WordPress as the CMS, they have full control over adding and removing photos with just a few clicks. This allows the website to continually stay up-to-date.


To better advertise seasonal services, Digital Hill added a Specials page to the main menu. On this page, website visitors can find seasonal service details and learn about the NatureScape Services referral system. The referral system allows current customers to refer a friend and earn a $30 credit. This is a great cost-saving for regular customers.

Better yet, an optimized specials page like the one on NatureScape Services’ website can help drive more traffic from Google or other search engines. Now if a client searches for lawn care services specials in Elkhart, Indiana, NatureScape features on the first page of the results. Appearing on the first page of search engine results leads to higher click-through rates and more sales.

The new NatureScape Services website is easy to navigate, easy to maintain and update, and most importantly optimized for search engine rankings. The simple layout allows website visitors to quickly find the information they need, thus increasing quote form submissions.

Now NatureScape Services can continue to offer high-quality services and customer service to the local community. Additionally, they have the ability to increase their reach and grow their business in the digital age.

To bring your business offerings into the digital age and increase your business reach, contact the Digital Hill team today!

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