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New Library Support Service Member Website

Showing a library website on laptop and mobile device

The new WordPress website for the Northern Indiana Computer Consortium for Libraries (NICCL) is easy to navigate, professional, and member-focused. The goal of NICCL is to connect libraries to explore and share new technologies or services. Their new WordPress Website offers a library support service to members around the state.

To ensure the NICCL website is a modern showcase of the values and services they have been offering for almost 25 years. To create an easy-to-navigate and effective website Digital Hill focused on the following details;

Design and Layout

The NICCL website design uses simplicity and organization to create a user-friendly environment. The website is clear and concise from the homepage, right through to the members-only area. Directly below the navigation menu, visitors will see a slideshow of images depicting member services to draw new members in.

The main focus areas of NICCL are also displayed prominently on the homepage. Thus, allowing website visitors to quickly see if they will be a good fit. Furthermore, the website has four distinct parts: Member, Services, Community, and Workshops. These navigation items are clear, and lead visitors to learn more about the services available.

The predominant colors of this site are black, white, and hints of orange. These colors offer a professional aesthetic and help portray intelligence, innovation, and creativity. The colors you use should encourage visitors to take action. This is why we use orange for the CTA buttons and as a highlight throughout the website.


Ensuring that the NICCL website was mobile-friendly and responsive was crucial. Over 50% of the world’s population now uses mobile devices to search, research and shop. Using the WordPress CMS allows every feature of the website to be flexible and responsive. This allows visitors to view the website on numerous devices while still accessing the same professional and informative website. One such example is the navigation bar; on a computer, this stretches across the website, whereas on mobile it is a drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

By ensuring that the website is viewable on all devices, all visitors have access to the same information. Additionally, mobile responsiveness improves search engine ratings and increases traffic.

Members Only Content

Once members join the NICCL community, they also get access to additional resources. These resources are hidden in a password-only section of the website. Through the ‘Member Login’ option, visitors can sign in with their email and password to access files and information or discuss details with other members. By having this private feature NICCL can nurture and support its community effectively.

As the NICCL is built on community and networking, they needed a new website to reflect that. The mobile-friendly, and easy-to-navigate website benefits visitors and members alike by offering resources and information.

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