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New Manufacturer Website for DynaCushion

Manufacturer website for DynaCushion.

As more than 300 million Americans regularly use the internet, businesses should have an online presence. Having a dedicated business website allows you to connect with potential and current customers while showcasing your products. However, your website needs to accurately represent your brand and what you offer. This is exactly what DynaCushion wanted from their new website. As a manufacturer of playground products that are both environmentally friendly and affordable, their website needed to reflect these details and be functional for interested customers and their dealers. Below are some of the key features that the Digital Hill team used to make the DynaCushion website stand out from the competition.

Reliable WordPress Website

Just having a website isn’t enough, your website also needs to be reliable and effective. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems due to its reliability and open-source software. As open-source software, WordPress offers plugins and extensions to customize the usability of the website. This allows for a completely custom website to suit the needs of DynaCushion. Additionally, the WordPress backend is extremely user-friendly. This allows the site owners to update or create new posts with ease in any section. WordPress also offers automatic updates, thus ensuring your website always operates as it should.

Representative Lookup

A key component of the new DynaCushion website is the Representative lookup system. This webpage allows website visitors to quickly and easily locate a representative within their area. All website visitors need to do is input their city or zip code. The lookup system will then show a map with geotags and a list of nearby representatives. Once the user clicks on a geotag, the company information also pops up. By using this system, visitors can find their nearest representative and get their address, phone number, and email address within a few minutes.

Dealer Portal

The specialized dealer portal is hugely beneficial for both DynaCushion and its representatives. This section of the website is password-protected, thus keeping details confidential. Within this portal, representatives can view product documents, inventory in stock, processing times for manufacturing, and any changes in pricing or production. This allows the representatives to access real-time information for customers while interacting directly with the DynaCushion team. This feature helps to improve customer satisfaction due to better service.

Detailed Product Catalog

The final feature to mention is the detailed product catalog available for all website visitors. This catalog is easily accessible through the main menu at the top of each page. Products are split into 3 clear categories; Wear Mats, Climbers, and Activity Products. Within these sections are more specific categories. By splitting the products up by type, website visitors can quickly find exactly what product they are looking for.

Once they select a product, the product webpage will show detailed product specifications, and sizing options. The website visitor also has the option to download the official brochure, installation instructions, warranty details, and more.

Experience the Digital Hill Difference

DynaCushion is a leader in manufacturing playground products and now their website reflects this. They have a dynamic, reliable, and user-friendly website that they can maintain themselves. The new website will provide value for DynaCushion and their customers all day every day. This allows DynaCushion to offer superb service even outside of business hours.

To boost your web presence with a brand new website, contact Digital Hill today to discuss your website needs.

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