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New Mennonite Community Website


Over the past few years, it has become more important than ever for churches to have a presence online. Not only does this allow new congregation members to find them easily, but it also allows current members to connect no matter what else is happening. The Eighth Street Mennonite Church saw the need for a responsive, informative, and interactive website for their congregation. The team at Digital Hill created their new website using the following features to showcase their community offerings and worship services.

1. User-Friendly Navigation

Having a clear, easy-to-use website was a key consideration for the Eighth Street Mennonite Church leaders. As such, the homepage contains eye-catching images and simple CTA buttons for the main informational web pages. All the details a first-time visitor needs are also on the homepage, from the location and contact details to office hours and worship times. There are also quick links to the photo directory, calendar, library catalog, and contact emails.

To continue the user-friendly navigation options, the main menu bar is clear and concise, with detailed secondary menus for each category. Users simply choose which topic they are interested in, and click to go to that webpage.

2. Private Member Login

Members of the Eighth Street Mennonite Church also get access to a range of additional resources. These are accessible through the ‘Member Login’ section of the new website. Once logged in the members can access special notes, sermon details, and more. Adding this feature to the website allows the church to nurture their community, keeping the privacy and trust members know and appreciate.

3. Easy to Use WordPress CMS

By using WordPress CMS, the leaders and administrators of the Eighth Street Mennonite Church have control over the content on the website. Not only does WordPress make it easy to create new posts, but it’s also easy to assign these posts to a public or private area of the site. This allows the church leaders to post new pictures, blog posts, worship changes, and more without needing to contact a web developer each time. And as WordPress has automatic updates, the church never has to worry about website security or the website not functioning correctly.

4. Events Calendar

As a pillar of the community, the Eighth Street Mennonite Church is often hosting various community events. The events calendar makes it easy for website visitors to quickly check potential events. From board meetings to fundraisers, all events are visible, with the time, location, and contact information. Congregation members can also request events to be added, and book a time to use church facilities through the office.

5. Donate CTA

The Eighth Street Mennonite Church is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and fundraisers to continue serving its community. During the pandemic, receiving donations was much harder due to the ban on in-person worship services. This combined with fewer people carrying cash is why a ‘Donate’ call to action is prominent on the website. Website visitors can simply click to go to the MyVanco donation page. Here they can choose from a variety of donations including;

  • A one-off Shalom gift
  • General donation
  • Student financial aid
  • Living memorial
  • Designated giving
  • A recurring donation

By offering a range of donation options, congregation members can support the church in whichever area they feel passionate about.

As the world becomes more digital, the first impression of your congregation is likely to happen online. Therefore, you should ensure that your church website accurately reflects the values, and services of your congregation while being easy to use.

Contact us at Digital Hill to discuss your congregation’s needs, whether it’s a new website or a website refresh.

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