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Simple and Effective WordPress Website

Effective WordPress website shown on laptop and mobile.

In the modern era, having an online presence is crucial to business success. Whether your business offers local services or sells products, having a well-designed website is crucial. After all, over 5 billion people around the world use the internet daily, and this number continues to grow.

Ideal Coatings LLC, in Middlebury, Indiana has offered expert flooring services to local clients for over 20 years. However, with the changes in technology, they needed a professional web presence that was easy for clients to navigate. Below are the features of the simple and effective WordPress website for Ideal Coatings LLC.

Modern Branding and Design

By using the Ideal Coatings LLC branding colors, the website is cohesive and easily recognizable to clients. Furthermore, the bright red helps to draw the client’s eye to specific details. By utilizing brand colors throughout, call-to-action buttons fit seamlessly without becoming overwhelming to the eye. By having subtle red and grey markers and buttons on a primarily white background, the text is easy to read and menus are easy to navigate.

Clear Images of Flooring Options

As a professional website, it was important to showcase what Ideal Coatings LLC offers their clients. As flooring experts, they offer a range of different flooring materials, styles, and finishes. In the easily accessible ‘Colors’ tab on the main menu, there are clear, high-definition images of every option sorted by type. Here potential clients can view their options from the comfort of their own homes. This allows clients to get a better idea of what they may want before requesting a quote or calling Ideal Coatings LLC directly. Each image is also clearly labeled with the product code so clients can make note of which samples they want to see in person.

Gallery of Finished Projects

Adding floor coating is a big job, therefore, it makes sense that potential clients would want to see examples of previous work. In the ‘Gallery’ tab of the main menu, website visitors can easily do so. Completed projects are separated by flooring finish type, making it even easier for potential clients to review. After all, there isn’t much point in clients looking at metallic finishes, if they want a flake finish. Each gallery album is clearly marked and filled with high-resolution images.

Simple to Use Quote Procedure

Often potential clients want a quote before booking service of any kind. On the Ideal Coatings LLC website, getting a quote is simple. Website visitors simply click on the “Get a Quote” button and follow the instructions. The quote process is clearly laid out, explaining that a site visit is necessary for the quote, and how long this will potentially take. By explaining how the quote process works up front, potential clients know exactly what to expect. For potential clients looking for a faster response, the Ideal Coatings LLC phone number is clearly listed, otherwise, users can fill in a contact form. The contact form, created using Gravity Forms, clearly marks the required details including:

  • Full name
  • How have you heard of Ideal Coatings LLC
  • Address of the home or business
  • Phone
  • Email

Along with the required information, potential clients can add details like when is best for a site visit, the dimensions of the space, ideal install date, and any comments.

To continue offering superb customer service in the modern era, having an easy-to-use professional website is important for every business. By having a custom website, businesses can control how their business is portrayed both on and offline. This helps to maintain consistent, professional services, even as technology evolves. Furthermore, having a website where potential customers can research your offerings from home can increase sales.

To ensure your business has a web presence you can be proud of, contact Digital Hill today to discuss your needs.

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