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Specialized Repair and Maintenance Services Website

Specialized Repair and Maintenance Services Website shown on laptop and mobile phone.

Airframe Components repairs aircraft wings and control surfaces for pilots and companies across the US. As leaders within the industry, Airframe Components is the go-to aircraft repair shop. To showcase their repair services and offer better customer service, they need a custom website. We built an effective, custom website that gives website visitors the information they need at the click of a button. Below are a few of the features and modifications we added to the Airframe Components website to maximize usability.

Parts Search Tool

Having an easy and quick way for clients and website visitors to look for parts was a crucial requirement for the Airframe Components website. So the Digital Hill team created an easy search tool for the WordPress website. Users can simply type in the part number they need, or a description of the part, and available parts will populate. All parts will show the quantity in stock and their condition. These extra details allow website users to find what they need and see if a part is available without having to wait for an email or phone call. Once users find the part they want, all the contact information is on the search results page, which makes requesting pricing simple.

Informational Video Gallery

The staff at Airframe Components are highly skilled and offer niche services. Having a video gallery allows website visitors to see the services offered while also building client-business trust. With detailed videos showcasing the services offered, potential customers are able to see whether their repairs are feasible. The videos also give insight into estimated timelines for different repairs, and the parts necessary to complete the repair.

Finally, a video gallery helps to boost the SEO and performance of the Airframe Component website. The time visitors spend on a webpage has a huge effect on how that webpage ranks on search engines. Also, when visitors spend more time on a website and on certain pages, the company’s position on Google or Yahoo moves higher up in search order. Each of the videos is embedded onto the website to ensure the web page loads quickly.

Website Design and Functionality

When you first land on the Airframe Components website, you notice the modern, professional design. Each webpage offers the same professional feel, with an easy-to-navigate layout and a basic black and red color scheme. The company logo is permanently located in the top left of every webpage and links back to the homepage when users click on it. Alongside the logo are the parts search tool and the company phone number. By having these elements clearly visible on every webpage, users can quickly find the information they need. Finally, the navigation toolbar is simple and easy to read with only the necessary links. This ensures users can navigate the website quickly, while also ensuring the webpage loads quickly. After all, page load times are crucial when it comes to keeping visitors on your website.

To offer superb customer service in the modern era, how your business website looks and operates is crucial. By creating a custom website for Airframe Components, current and potential customers have access to the information they need in a matter of seconds. This not only improves customer service but also helps to speed up production in-house as staff can focus on completing repairs rather than answering the phone or constant emails. With the new website, Airframe Components now has a strong web presence to compliment its outstanding service offerings.

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