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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends in the Healthcare Industry You Should Know About

Digital Marketing Trends in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare sector has been in the limelight for the last two years due to its primary role in combatting the pandemic. Owing to the novel nature of the COVID-19 virus, the healthcare sector was focused entirely on pandemic management with funds from marketing and branding to resource acquisition.

Due to the lockdown, the healthcare sector, which primarily relied on direct marketing and below-the-line (BTL) marketing approaches, couldn’t market at all. Considering how tricky it already is regarding regulations for healthcare organizations to market, this completely tied the sector’s hands. However, in the last two years, healthcare organizations have adapted to the landscape by exploring avenues for digital marketing to reach people. Since the lockdown curbed physical marketing activities, digital marketing boomed across the board. Healthcare organizations started investing resources into it for the first time and realizing it as the optimal medium for reaching people.

Here are the top six digital marketing trends that have emerged in the healthcare industry in the last two years.

1. Outsourcing

Since healthcare organizations are new to digital marketing, they must acquaint themselves with it and set it up from scratch. It is pertinent to start strong to achieve the targets and goals they have set for themselves. Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency for the healthcare sector is an excellent option for healthcare organizations. This has emerged as a popular trend as digital marketing agencies have experience and resources for marketing healthcare services. This saves the healthcare organization from trial-and-error exercises and relies on the agency to develop a digital marketing plan and implement it. Since digital marketing has emerged as an essential marketing avenue, healthcare organizations also have started investing in internal resources to reduce outsourcing costs in the long run. This also gives them more authority over how the content is created and shared.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has finally started trending in the healthcare sector. Healthcare organizations recognize that it is the best way to reach people in the current era, especially young people, women, and girls. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are avenues other sectors utilize to reach people. Having a presence on these mediums is very important nowadays with young people, specifically, associating social media presence with organizational credibility. Healthcare organizations have started engaging more and more on these mediums to raise awareness and inform people about healthcare services. With above-the-line (ATL) mediums, TV, radio, and newspaper no longer as popular, social media is the primary source of news and information for the millennials and gen-Zs. Healthcare organizations have finally caught up with the rest by banking on social media to raise awareness about COVID-19 prevention alongside management of other healthcare problems.

3. Website and Apps

Having a corporate website is extremely important because it allows you to showcase your organization’s work and facilities. The website acts as a credible resource that people can use to acquaint themselves with the organization. Since healthcare organizations offer a similar range of services, it is difficult for consumers to adjudge and choose between multiple healthcare organizations. Consumers can go through the websites and review details of clinical staff, facilities, and service prices to make informed decisions. The website should be mobile-friendly so users can go through the website on their phones, making it convenient to learn about the organization. Healthcare organizations with a wide array of services and resources also invest in developing apps.

In most cases, it is a progressive web application that replicates the website’s features into an app. Private healthcare facilities also provide the option of booking appointments with the doctor through the app. Having this feature allows organizations to generate clients directly through digital marketing.

4. Focused SEO Content

Another digital marketing trend adopted by the healthcare sector across the globe is utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing through SEO is a common trend now, and the healthcare sector has caught up with this trend. Healthcare organizations can use SEO to identify the search patterns and queries related to healthcare problems and services. These can enrich their websites and social media platforms with suitable keywords. This way, they can reach a wider audience and address their concerns swiftly.

5. Increased Video Content

Healthcare organizations have started investing in the development and dissemination of videos to raise awareness around healthcare issues and their services. Research studies have shown that videos effectively capture attention and communicate health-related technical information in a more profound manner. Nowadays, people are overloaded with content and find it easier to absorb information through videos over verbal content. Videos, specifically animated, are being used to educate people about various healthcare phenomena. Animated videos are aesthetically pleasing and set a good impression on the viewers, especially young ones.

6. Wellness-Based Branding

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently shared a new vision and conceptualization for healthcare, which posits that an individual’s wellbeing is derived from physiological, social, and mental wellbeing. This departs from the traditional conceptualization of health as a strictly biomedical phenomenon to a more human and holistic lens of wellbeing. This framing has been well-received by young people and the health sector at large. Healthcare organizations independently have started adopting this at a smaller scale in their messaging. Still, to reflect the change, it has to be an overhaul of their overall branding from healthcare to wellness-based.

Final Thoughts

This article summates six digital marketing trends that have gained traction in the healthcare industry. From outsourcing digital marketing to specialized agencies to developing internal capacity for conducting digital marketing, healthcare organizations have wholeheartedly adopted digital marketing. They are also on the pathway to revamping their brand image as a wellness-being organization. Healthcare sector organizations are finally prioritizing having a digital presence. There has been considerable investment in developing corporate websites, apps and establishing companies on social media mediums. They are finally utilizing social media marketing and focused SEO content for reaching out to people. Especially young people and women. Moreover, they have also adopted developing and disseminating video content to increase awareness about health issues and services. These are excellent signs of the healthcare sector keeping tabs on the latest marketing practices and promoting wellbeing.

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