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Update Your Content to Generate More Website Traffic

Update your content on your website.

Finding innovative ways of increasing website traffic may prove challenging for many content creators. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and a lot of misinformation on the internet about how websites can attract more traffic. However, there is a strategy that can help you improve search engine rankings and web traffic without much extra effort. Update your content.

Producing new content for your web pages is time-consuming. But you can avoid this and generate new traffic by updating your old content. This takes less time and effort but delivers effective results.

Why Should You Update Old Content?

Below are a few reasons for updating old content and how it works to increase your website traffic:

1. Improve content accuracy

All Google updates on search engine rankings center around improving user experiences. If your website provides a good user experience, you will not have issues with the Google algorithm changes and ranking factors. That said, you can make your old content usable and beneficial to visitors by providing new or updated information.

To achieve this, research extensively for new information about your old content and include it in the article. Mentioning that your article is recently updated is another great way of informing readers that your article contains the latest information. These new updates can make your content a valuable resource, which in turn increases your website rankings.

2. Improves click-through rate

If you search anything on Google, you will note that most top search engine results were published in the past year. This shows that time influences search engine rankings. Information that was accurate some months ago may now be irrelevant. That aside, web visitors are more likely to open and read newer articles. By updating your article, you can see an increase in its click-through rate.

According to the Google algorithm, your articles will likely rank higher if more web visitors click on them from search engine results. Therefore, updating your old content makes it appealing, which informs Google that the article is a better resource and thus ranks higher.

3. To fix spelling and grammar mistakes

Nothing is as disappointing as reading your old posts and coming across cringe-worthy grammar and spelling mistakes. Instead of ignoring these mistakes, you should spend time correcting the errors. While spelling and grammar aren’t among Google’s ranking factors, they are worth looking into.

Spelling and grammar mistakes can negatively influence the user experience, plunging your rankings both directly and indirectly. Be it small or major errors, don’t overlook the benefits of making these changes.

4. Remove broken links

Apart from grammar mistakes, finding broken links from your old content is very frustrating. In many cases, your initial sources are not available anymore, often because the website URLs are different. Regardless, broken links affect your Google rankings, pushing you down the search engine results page.

Fortunately, fixing broken links isn’t challenging, especially with the presence of various free tools. You can update your content by linking it to new, better resources. Adding new links with better resources, such as from experts, infographics, breaking news, events, and other strong sources makes your old content more valuable to Google. You should also consider linking to your content if you recently published a related topic.

The Bottom Line

Apart from increasing website traffic, updating your old content is beneficial in many other ways. However, you shouldn’t go about updating all articles on your website. Prioritize already high-ranking articles, articles that are ranked at a mid to high level, articles that generated a lot of buzz, and research articles that might now be outdated.

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