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Updated Website Showcasing Quality and Values

Updated website design for Hensley Fabrication co.

The Hensley name is well-known in northern Indiana as they stay at the forefront of the fabrication market, specializing in custom transport trailers. With over 60 years in business, this family-owned business has grown to reach international farming and contracting markets as far away as Australia. As they remain on the cutting edge of their industry, they needed a website that can adapt and help ensure success for years to come. Below are some of the features Digital Hill included on the new Hensley website.

Proud American Branding

The branding of the Hensley website clearly showcases their all-American pride. The primary colors on the website are red, white, and blue, which also complement the Hensley logo. Through these color choices, website visitors easily remember that all parts and products are made within the US. There are also additional benefits to using these colors. In fact, blue is often associated with trust and professionality, whereas red creates a sense of urgency. This is why the CTA buttons throughout the website utilize red, while the banners use primarily blue backgrounds. For any large text areas, a white background is used to minimize distractions and allow for easier reading.

Photo Sliders

On the homepage, visitors will notice a series of images depicting the Hensley products. However, when they hover over the image, a full description of the product type slides up over the image. These sliders make it easier for visitors to find what product they are looking for without having to scroll through various pages. Additionally, the use of sliders gives the homepage a clean look, without text clutter. This makes the webpage easier to navigate and creates a better user experience.

Request a Quote Options

On every product page, there is the option to request a quote, which directs users to a detailed form. Here visitors find clear instructions detailing the three required steps and a progress bar. Website visitors simply fill in their details through typing, dropdown options, and checkboxes. While this quote form option may seem tedious for some businesses, it is perfect for Hensley. By using a detailed quote form they are able to quickly and efficiently respond to customer queries. It also has the benefit of improving customer service response times as they already have all the information they need. In the modern era, time is of the essence, so the more information Hensley has upfront, the faster they can help.

Used Equipment Sales

While Hensley primarily sells new and custom-fabricated trailers, they also sell a range of second-hand equipment. Having a space on their updated website to showcase these trailers was a crucial requirement. The ‘Used Equipment’ section of the website displays each trailer that is available, with a photo, three features, and a learn more button. This allows website visitors to quickly scan through for second-hand equipment before requesting a quote for a new item. If a user clicks the ‘Learn More’ button, they see the whole list of features, more photos, and contact information.

As a proud American company at the forefront of its industry, Hensley now has a website that reflects its quality, values, and service. Now their customers can shop for used equipment and order custom trailers all from the comfort of their homes. For busy farmers and contractors, this is a huge advantage and one that will ensure Hensley continues to thrive well into the future.

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