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Using Google Search Ads 360 to Boost Your Marketing Efforts


Google’s Search Ads 360 is a lifesaver for marketers with a large reach. Digital marketers and agencies can find it challenging to manage multiple search ad campaigns concurrently. However, it is even more challenging to oversee search marketing campaigns on multiple media channels. This is why Google Search Ads 360 is a great option to boost your marketing efforts.

Developed by Google, Google Search Ads 360 provides an integrated interface that digital marketers can use to access multiple ad accounts across different search engines. Digital marketers can plan, bid, monitor, and measure search ads on Yahoo, Google, Bing, and Baidu.

Google Search Ads 360 is natively part of Google Marketing Platforms. Therefore, marketers can integrate marketing data from other Google Marketing Platforms, including Optimize 360, Analytics 360, and more.

How Can Google Search Ads 360 Boost Marketing Efforts?

Using Google Search Ads 360 is beneficial in the following ways;

1. Efficient management of multi-platform campaigns

As a digital marketer and agency, you should always be looking for better ways to maximize your marketing campaigns. Developing and implementing media plans for various platforms, opening search engine accounts, and building keywords lists, can be tedious. However, you still need additional time to set up engine accounts for all search engines. This includes Microsoft Ads, Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, and more.

Google Search Ads 360 allows you to eliminate manual campaign executions. Thus, ensuring that you spend more time strategizing. You can create all campaigns with one login thanks to cross-engine syncing capabilities. Marketers can also make bulk edits, such as change rules, keywords, budgets, ad copy, landing pages, and more.

2. Use machine learning for efficient automation

Using Google Search Ads 360’s automation features can boost your marketing efforts significantly. Machine learning reduces manual and redundant tasks while providing the benefits of its learning capabilities. Automation boosts marketing efforts in the following ways;

  • Automated bid strategies – automating keyword bids ensures that it drives keyword performance towards preset KPIs. This platform offers auction-level bidding and historical data to target prospects with your ads. This feature puts Google Search Ads 360 ahead of other SEM management tools.
  • Budget management – set your goals and dollar amounts and leave the rest to Google Search Ads 360. With this feature, the tool can automate budget reporting and forecasting. It also adjusts your keyword-level bids according to your goals. This is done across multiple search engines and ad campaigns, eliminating spending errors.
  • Measurement – you can customize formula columns and conversions for effective analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Business data compilation – this tool automates reporting using unique business information for analysis. However, the more information you provide, the better the data reports are.

3. Detailed attribution and reporting

Google Search Ads 360 also takes attribution and reporting to another new level. Regarding attribution, this tool makes it easy to compare different attribution models simultaneously. As such, you won’t have to rely on last-click reports that had initially been selected for tags. You can use last-click, linear, position-based, or data driven-attribution concurrently for strategic analysis.

Google Search Ads 360 also allows digital marketers to analyze various metrics, including the total ad cost, impressions, revenue, click-through rates, and more. You no longer need to open double screens, multiple tabs, or switch between various user interfaces to compare data. You can also create reports that update based on your settings. Having direct access to this data helps with decision-making regarding campaigns.

This tool provides a detailed view of your ad campaigns, specifically how various strategies perform over time. Access to performance metrics and near real-time ad conversions across multiple search engines means that you spend less time creating reports and more time analyzing and making decisions.

The Bottom Line

Google Search Ads 360 has all the relevant features marketers need to run multiple ad campaigns on various search engines and accounts. The advanced bid strategies, real-time reporting, and centralized operations can help boost your marketing efforts with ease. Use the platform for a stress-free and organized marketing campaign.

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