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Utilize Evergreen Content to Boost Website Traffic in 2022

Creating evergreen content to boost website traffic.

Though inevitable, content marketing can be very expensive. For example, according to WebFX, the average cost for search engine optimization (SEO) alone now ranges from $500/month for small businesses to over $20,000/month for medium enterprises. So, often, you must part with $2,000+ for a complete content marketing package. This unfortunately is a budget many small businesses cannot afford. This makes competing even more difficult in an already saturated market dominated by big brands happy to spend hundreds of dollars on content marketing every year. However, evergreen content can help boost website traffic and move your business ahead.

What’s Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is timeless content. It’s content that isn’t affected by the passing of time. Therefore, it remains fresh and relevant for many years.
Evergreen content can benefit your business in many ways. For one, it lowers content marketing and overall business costs. Additionally, the right evergreen content can form the pillar of your content marketing and overall business strategy for years. It can also consistently define your brand values and company culture.

Above all, evergreen content is invaluable for your SEO and branding. It can help you generate traffic and leads for years. While also, stamping your authority and building loyalty in your industry.

4 Tips to Utilize Evergreen Content to Boost Website Traffic

The following are four simple ways to leverage evergreen content to drive website traffic in 2022 and beyond.

1. Cross-share consistently

Unfortunately, you can never reach everyone in your target audience through a single publishing platform. For instance, don’t expect to reach all your targets through your blog. It’s impossible.

An easy way to overcome this challenge is to cross-share your best content pieces on other channels. For instance, always share a link to your top articles on your social media handles as often as possible. You can also share the links on industry forums, private chat groups, new blog posts, and guest blogs.

2. Refresh and republish

Yes, you can update an existing article and reshare it with your audience. For instance, you can update your “how to make money working from home” blog to capture new trends such as crypto trading and NFTs. You can also update your “Top 25 Small Business Ideas” from 2015 to capture on-demand deliveries.

Essentially, if you find new information that would benefit your audience. Consider refreshing previous high-performing content to capture the new topics. Then, simply republish the article and share it across social media.

3. Change the format and republish

Alternatively, you can use evergreen content to create a new content piece in a new format. This can help you to reach even more people in new markets. For instance, you can repurpose a blog post into an infographic and share it on your social channels. Or, you can repurpose a YouTube vlog into a Facebook Live series to draw in new viewers.

The bottom line is to present the original work in a completely different format. Even people who’d previously seen the content will have a reason to go through it one more time.

4. Create more evergreen content

Creating evergreen content is a lot harder than standard content. However, if you’re banking on this type of content, you need to create even more of them.

CoSchedule has a quick guide you can use to create evergreen content pieces. Generally, begin by identifying your customer’s pain points. Then, find the best way to solve those problems. You can enumerate evergreen topics and start writing. A key tip here is to avoid trending news topics, instead focus on constant needs.


Creating evergreen content is one of the best ways to spend your content marketing budget. This type of content can guarantee many years of consistent traffic, leads, and other benefits such as sustained brand exposure and improved industry authority. It also reduces your content marketing spending, thus boosting your overall profit margin.

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