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Utilizing Meta Ad Library to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns


Facebook has evolved from what was a basic social networking site to an effective sales and marketing channel. Facebook provides opportunities for more than just business-customer interactions. This is what makes it the best platform brands can use to reach their target audience and drive online sales.

Unfortunately, the ever-rising online competition coupled with increasing marketing costs and ineffective targeting due to changes in privacy policies is leading to diminishing ROI. Fortunately, digital marketers can stir up their marketing ecosystem with the Meta Ad library. Below are some of the ways marketers can use the Meta Ad library to improve marketing efforts.

What is the Meta Ad library?

The Meta Ad library is a database that shows all active Facebook Ads across the platform. This has stirred up digital marketing, as Facebook marketers can access insightful information about any Facebook Ad. The library provides information about the Ad creator when it was published, and the creative accompanying the ad. Additionally, any Facebook ads published on the social media platform will remain in the library for seven years.

The Meta Ad library is beneficial to both marketers and consumers. For marketers, it is a gold mine with a lot of insightful information. Now, Facebook marketers can monitor their competitors’ actions, get ideas for campaigns, and track campaign progress from the library. On the other hand, consumers can monitor what Facebook has been up to. Especially since the ad library was introduced for transparency following Facebook’s politics-related ad controversy in 2016.

How to Improve Marketing Campaigns with Meta Ad Library

Beginner and professional digital marketers can easily use the Meta Ad library to improve marketing campaigns. Below are key ways Facebook marketers can improve their campaigns by utilizing the Meta Ad library;

1. Research your competitors’ ads

Marketers can use the Meta Ad library to view ads that a Facebook or Instagram page is running at any time. Thus, you can view business ads of your direct competitors and companies you anticipate competing with in the future. Utilizing this allows you to learn;

  • How competitors have positioned their ad offers. By understanding how your competitors position their ad offers, you can tweak your efforts and offers. For instance, if your competitors offer discounts, you can do the same when planning your seasonal specials.
  • What platforms your competitors are using. Your competitors might be using other platforms apart from Facebook and Instagram. Or, they could be using the Audience Network or Messenger for specific campaigns.
  • Which compelling calls to action are they using? The library displays full ad mockups, including CTAs. Hence, you can use this information as inspiration for your campaigns.
  • Which creatives are they using? From graphics, images, and text to video, the library reveals all formats in use.

2. Search ads in your region

The ability to filter Facebook ads by region is another incredible feature of the Meta Ad library. The search filter allows digital marketers to see how direct competitors promote their brand, products, and services to their target audience. The current version allows digital marketers to filter by country, which is beneficial for international businesses. However, developers promise that the tool will allow regional filters soon.

3. Reduce competitive time frames

Learning the specific time frame that competitors run their ads enables marketers to reduce competition by avoiding such periods. For instance, if you learn from the library that your competitor plans to run a sale during the same period as you, you can push back, or move up your sale.

Additionally, marketers can filter their ads by date, allowing them to view what their competitors run every season. Thus, if your recent sale didn’t attract the traffic you expected, you can check if a competitor had a sale or campaign during the same period.

The Bottom Line

The Meta Ad library allows digital marketers to analyze ads their competitors are testing and get granular reports for specific ad categories. This tool is a paradise for data lovers and a must-use for marketers in the modern era. After all, digital marketers can find all they need to create and implement successful Facebook ad campaigns.

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