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Website Redesign for Classic Transport Services

Website redesign for Classic Transport Services shown on mobile and tablet.

The redesigned website for Classic Transport Services was recently launched. After over 25 years of business, Classic Transport Services needed a website to reflect their business brand and services in the modern era. Below are some of the features the Digital Hill team included in the website redesign. Thus ensuring that Classic Transport Service has a modern, and responsive website.

Custom Layout and Navigation

The redesign of the Classic Transport Services website features a simple, clean layout. The layout utilizes the red and black colors from the logo throughout, for a consistent aesthetic across all pages. The headers on each page of the website have similar colors, helping to keep the whole website cohesive. From the homepage, website visitors can access everything they need. Whether they are drivers applying for work, or companies looking for transportation options.

The Digital Hill team used a combination of images and CTA buttons to create the eye-catching layout. The main menu is easy to navigate with clear headings alongside the logo at the top of each page. Additional menu items are easily accessible on the black header bar on each page. The phone number is also clearly visible in the top left of each page, for easy reference for website visitors.

AccessiBe for Accessibility

One of the features of the Classic Transport Services website is the accessibility options available for users on the website. The AccessiBe plugin is crucial for businesses in the modern era, to stay on top of ADA and WCAG compliance regulations. These regulations can change, they ensure that everyone can access the same information on any website. On the user side, website visitors can change settings to help them navigate the website. Users simply click the blue accessibility button on the left-hand side to open the menu. Here they can enable text to speech, increase the text size or even change the website colors to make it easier to read. As a result, you can save these settings in your browser for future visits on that device.

In the backend, AccessiBe runs a daily compliance check. Ensuring that any new additions are compliant and that older content remains compliant as regulations change and update. This helps to remove any stress involving ADA compliance. Furthermore, ensuring the website is accessible to anyone who wishes to visit.

Mobile Responsiveness

As more of the world begins to use mobile devices over computers for online searches, business websites must adapt. By using a custom WordPress theme, the Classic Transport Services website adjusts in size and layout depending on the device viewing it. This ensures that visitors get the same aesthetic experience no matter how they access the website. By optimizing the website for mobile devices and tablets, users are more likely to stay on the website longer. Especially, as it loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Additionally, mobile optimization and responsiveness help to increase search engine rankings. Thereby, increasing website traffic and improving SEO as well.

With the website redesign, it is easier than ever for workers and customers to access what they need. The features above help Classic Transport Services stand out in the digital realm. This also helps increase the visibility of the website and boosts traffic.

If your business website is in need of an upgrade, or redesign, contact Digital Hill today to request a free quote.

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