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What Does A Media Buyer Do?

Media buying
Media buying

What Does A Media Buyer Do?

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in marketing, you may have some possible job
roles in mind, such as marketing manager, advertising director, or content creator. A lesser-
known but extremely important role is that of the media buyer, which is the person
responsible for purchasing advertising space on TV, on the radio, in newspapers and
magazines, and, more and more frequently, on social media platforms and other websites.
Read on for some more insights on what a media buyer does and how you can become one.

How do you become a media buyer?

To be a successful media buyer, you need a mixture of negotiation and communication
skills, to convince outlets to sell you advertising space at a good price, analytical skills, to
help you identify the best media outlets for advertising different types of products, and
numerical skills, to help you identify quickly whether your advertising strategy is working or
not. Media buyers also need to stay on top of trends in advertising practice and social media
content creation. Good preparation for becoming a media buyer would be the
Point Park online social media degree or a program in a related field, such as advertising or
communication studies. While media buyers deal with more than just social media platforms,
these are becoming more and more important in the world of advertising, and the fact that
social media trends and algorithms change so quickly means that it’s well worth spending a
bit of time learning how to spot new trends and increasing your digital literacy.

A day in the life of a media buyer

Advertising and sales technology company Lineup Systems have written a fascinating blog
entry about the daily routine of a digital media buyer. A huge portion of media buyers’ time is
spent, perhaps unsurprisingly, making deals with existing vendors and scoping out potential
new avenues for advertising. Media buyers will also participate in meetings and creative
sessions with the rest of the company’s marketing and sales teams, as well as attending
networking events such as dinners or sports matches that vendors organize in the hope of
securing future media expenditure. Finally, media buyers will spend a lot of time at their
desks planning and scheduling future advertising campaigns and reviewing the performance
of their current campaigns to make sure that goals are being met in the most financially
efficient way.

What is the pay like for media buyers?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics diligently gathers data about the median pay in different
occupations every year. As of May 2020, the median wage for buyers and purchasing
agents in the United States was $66,690 per year, while the median wage for purchasing
managers—the natural career progression for buyers and purchasing agents—was
$125,940 per year.

This compares well to a median wage for all occupations of only $41,950 per year, which
makes media buying a rather attractive career choice.

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