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What Is Press Release and Why Is It Important?

What Is Press Release and Why Is It Important?

Press releases are a type of digital marketing wherein it is used to announce a new product or service. It’s also one of the easiest to distribute on all major search engines and social media platforms, as well as journalists and news outlets. Through Press releases, companies are able to reach a larger number of people.

The press release has become more important than ever when promoting a company and its products or services. Press releases have greatly changed through the years, however, when companies realized the importance of digital marketing. They’re still incredibly useful and beneficial.

Nowadays, press releases are used to improve search engine optimization, which allows companies to connect with investors, employees, customers, and other target demographics that would be interested or beneficial in the business.

With the technological advancement that we have right now. Digital Press Releases provide the publisher the ability to add many other features, such as adding hyperlinks to other web pages from the company right in the press release. Additionally, businesses tend to use specific keywords when discussing about their products, and adding those keywords means the press release can be even more optimized for search engine results pages. 

Press releases are used for direct communication where companies can easily deliver messages or announcements to the public and their target audience without going through other channels, and they’re also seen as a permanent piece of a company’s public record. Which means that people can access it whenever they want. 

Lastly, a great benefit of press releases these days is their ability to potentially go viral, especially since they’re accessible via the internet, which means they’re able to generate a lot of buzz.

What Makes A Good Press Release?


Like any other form of marketing and content creation, it should be straight to the point. Try to avoid using jargon and keep it simple. This boosts credibility and communicates information efficiently, so the reader understands the message quickly.


The contents of a press release have to be interesting, informative, and entertaining. One has to consider what outcomes need to be generated from a specific press release and what actions should be encouraged. To garner attention and awareness, it is better to include a link for more information. 

Insert Images or Graphics

High-quality images almost always grab attention. Studies show that a press release with an image is more likely to be read than a press release without one. However, it is important that a company using one in a release has rights to that image. Try not to use generic stock photos but do use relevant and eye-catching images or graphs to tell a story and make it less boring for the readers.


Companies are still trying to figure out the best way to utilize the power of social media platforms. One of the most well-known marketing tools has transformed its original purpose. To get the best results, creating a dynamic PR campaign is essential but with a good press release price. When created dynamically and personalized to the needs of each client.

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