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3/16/2020 Update:

In an effort to help organizations like yours communicate your COVID-19 Coronavirus business related news, we wanted to share a few ideas.

The key is that you share in multiple ways (see below) and we recommend that you have a dedicated web page on your site where you direct people for ongoing, updated information related to your business.


If your business hours or availability are changing, get the word out via email.  The best way is your email service for bulk email messages (Mailchimp, etc).

Personal email messages to key clients/vendors can be helpful as well.

2. A WEBSITE NOTICE on the home page and a dedicated web page.

In these fast-changing times you can add a notice to your website home page (see our Notice Bar at top of Digital Hill site) to alert users, and we recommend you also have a dedicated web page such as yourdomain.com/coronavirus where you share your business updates with dated updates so that you can add to it over time as things change.


Use Social Media to give short updates and point your followers to your website resource web page where you have all the details.  You can use an image or short video.  Remember, it is not once and done.  You may need to do updates as things change or as reminders.

We may be doing less in-person meetings these next few weeks but as many of you have experienced with us already, we can host a meeting online where we can see each other and our screens.  This means you can count on us for business as usual!

If your team is doing more remote work in the coming weeks, you may want to check out our recent resource blog post on that very topic, “Remote Working Tips, Tools, and Best Practices”.  Read it here!