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Online Dealer Portal

Do you have a dealer network?

Are you looking for a centralized hub for all your dealer ordering, parts, and warranty needs?

Looking to streamline operations between dealers and product ordering?

We have the solution for you!

A custom dealer portal accessible online, with private logins to keep details secure. 

A centralized dealer portal allows you to save time and money, plus it’ll keep your dealers happy.

Dealers have direct access to any information they need, whenever they need it.

The team at Digital Hill can customize the features of your dealer portal to suit your business and industry needs. From specific pricing per region or dealer and manufacturer documents, to online ordering and dealer spiffs, we have all your dealer needs covered.

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Here are just some of the details and customizations we can add to your centralized dealer portal.

For the Dealers

  • Private logins for each dealer and separate limited logins for their staff that dealers control
  • Access to files and documents from the manufacturer
  • View their specific dealer pricing
  • Place online orders
  • See upcoming promotions and special deals
  • Ask questions
  • Access reps information at anytime, allowing for easy contact
  • See calendar of events, shows, meetings, etc.
  • View production status, see inventory on other dealers lots
  • Warranty Registrations and Claims Handling

For the Manufacturer

  • Easy to use manager area that allows you to upload information to all dealers, groups of dealers, or individual dealers
  • Set specific pricing for dealers or a group of dealers
  • See reports on products and orders for specific dealers or regions
  • See last date of purchase
  • Present upcoming promotions and special deals
  • Manager a calendar of events; publish shows, meetings, and events
  • Manage registrations and claims with all notes and approvals in one online place
  • Export data or sync data with CRM and ERP systems

Contact us today to get started on your customized dealer portal!

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We can show you specific modules and discuss your implementation needs.

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