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Do you need a “Product Builder” software for your website?

If you sell products online you’re probably already familiar with how selective customers can be about getting what they’re looking for. If your products have a lot of different options to pick from customers can be especially choosy.

So, if you’ve got a highly customized product, a product builder software can be a very practical addition to your website. It doesn’t just help you it also helps your customers. It’s a personal sales assistant right there on the website by empowering the user to make decisions and explore options!

Example of what is presented to the customer. Allows for choosing many different features to customize their purchase.

Here are FIVE REASONS why a product builder software for your website is useful.

Why Use a Product Builder Software?

Allows Customer Personalization

Product builder software as the name suggests lets customer customize their purchases. It is an online product configurator tool for users.  If your products have several different options, builder software lets your customers customize their purchase before buying so that fits exactly what they’re looking for. Plus by seeing what they are buying and customizing it in advance, product returns and changes are reduced.

Product Builder software makes it easy to add options for customization for a product type.

Creates More Time On Your Website

You don’t want customers clicking around on your site and then quickly leaving. By having product builder software they’ll have something to engage with. The longer a customer is on your site the more likely they are to complete a purchase or buy additional items.  By adding your products in a way they can customize, the power is in their hands to stay and explore further.

Build Customer Investment

A drawback of online shopping is customers aren’t as engaged in the process. There aren’t any salespeople to talk to, no items to pick up and touch, and no tactile feedback. While convenient, standard online shopping can seem cold. Product builder software, on the other hand, lets customers interact with products and the options. They can see different colors, swap features, and see it all before their eyes!  This engages them in the sales process and builds an investment in the product and the shopping experience. Plus when customers start customizing an item to fit their specific wants it feels more personal and they own it more.

A Faster Sale Cycle

Online sales are great for many reasons they speed up the sale cycle. Customers can browse items, pick and choose options, and place an order all without going to your store or picking up a phone. It’s also convenient as online orders can be made at any time and anywhere.

Showcasing Of Products And Product Options

You’ll want to use your product builder software to showcase what you offer. Customers like having choices and knowing all their choices from can draw them to your site. You can also use product builder software to highlight your most popular items, latest deals, or fastest sellers

Final Summary on the Website Product Customizer

Is our product builder software right for you? It largely depends on what you sell and the customers you serve. If your products can be significantly customized, product builder software can help promote your product. It lets customers customize their potential purchases, increases the time they spend on your site, lets you showcase purchases, helps drive customer engagement, and creates a faster overall sales process.

Creating Product Builder Sets with our software is intuitive and straightforward.

We have developed product customizer software for boats, kitchens, houses, and more.  The tool can apply to many different options and products. If you have your data and images of your products in layers, we can give you a complete system to manage products with features and to have intricate rules for packages and if/then logic. Our website software is adaptable and can scale with your system, even as a lead generation tool and the potential for users to save their customizations in an account.

Setting up Product Rules is simple and adaptable.

Another advantage is that a streamlined buying process also reduces customer frustration. As they spend less time on the phone going over opinions and can see the results of their choices as they shop. A key part of sales is customer satisfaction and product builder software (when used properly) keeps customers happy and makes your job easier.

Would you like to discuss this further regarding your products?  Contact us today!

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