Google Maps API Moving to Paid Service

On June 11, 2018, Google Maps API is moving to a pay as you go platform. This guide will help you determine whether the changes will impact your business and what steps to take to continue using the new benefits of the Google Map API platform.

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Vision Financial Marketing CRM and Marketing System

A CRM gives teams from sales, customer service, marketing, and business development a better way to manage customer relationships and interactions. Here's a customer relationship marketing platform specifically designed to assist the financial planning industry and financial advisors.

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GulfStreamCoach com: A Website with Advanced Search Capability

We provide solutions to help businesses succeed online. Our newest website project is for, a family-run business in Indiana. This design features a professional digital presence communicating company core values, mission and products. Need a website for your business? We can help.

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WordPress Website for Indiana: Borkholder Furniture

We design and create WordPress websites for many businesses. Our newest project is for Borkholder Furniture in Indiana; our local area. Our design gave the brand a professional digital presence and fulfilled many goals for this small business. We can help your business too.

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How to Track a Conversion in Google Analytics

When someone visits your website, what do they do? Do you know? Your site should have goals for the action the visitor will take. You should be able to track a conversion. The easiest way to do this is with Google Analytics. Here's how to do it.

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The New Facebook Feed and What It Means for Businesses

The new Facebook feed is focused on encouraging meaningful interactions between people. This means the priority in the feed is on friends and family posts. Here are some ways to retain visibility of your business posts in your followers feed.

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New eCommerce Website for The Dutch Kettle

The Dutch Kettle wanted to get more orders, but they had an outdated website that wasn't mobile responsive so Google wasn't going to show them any love. We built a new eCommerce website that thinks mobile first, just like Google. Now they have a better experience for their customers and more sales.

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