2 Websites in One - www.obecoinc.com Multi-Site Website-315

2 Websites in One – www.obecoinc.com Multi-Site Website

Providing quality and reliable service is the name of the game for OEM product provider, ObeCo Inc. ObeCo Inc has the products and solutions you need. Based out of Goshen, Indiana, ObeCo Inc. ships their products worldwide. With a new website from Digital Hill, they can serve their customers even better. Mobile Responsiveness Digital Hill […]

Why It’s Important to Caption Your YouTube and Facebook Videos-315

Why It’s Important to Caption Your YouTube and Facebook Videos

Online marketers have been reaping the rewards from using video in their content marketing. Hopefully, you’ve found success using video too. Now, we take a careful look at Video Captioning. Before you veto this on the grounds that it will take too much time, understand the immense value you’d be leaving on the table. Three […]

Where to Put Marketing Videos on your Website-315

Where to Put Marketing Videos on your Website

Video is the new “it” item in marketing, and you need to work it into your digital marketing strategy if you want to keep up. It’s not going to go away.  Video communicates more, faster, and with a fullness that text and images cannot. You’ll want to publish your videos on Facebook and YouTube, but […]

Al-Bar.com - Western Apparel and Equestrian Supplies eCommerce Website-315

Al-Bar.com – Western Apparel and Equestrian Supplies eCommerce Website

For over 40 years, Al-Bar has brought the best of Western and English tack apparel to Northern Indiana. At Al-Bar, you can find a wide range of products for the horse and rider. With their newly designed website, Al-Bar.com, Al-Bar can now bring western apparel to the world on any device. A design feature of […]

Use Video to Increase Website Traffic-315

Use Video to Increase Website Traffic

You’re not alone if you’ve wondered about the power of online video. It’s working!  Now the challenge quickly becomes one of getting the most out of your video efforts. Experts in the digital marketing space have shared many video strategies. Here are some of the best ones we’ve come across. Use website embeds for maximized […]

5 YouTube Metrics You Need to Track-315

5 YouTube Metrics You Need to Track

YouTube is no longer an untamed wild, full of viewers scrambling for media content. Now, viewers know what they want and make harsh decisions about which channels get their precious time. That’s why everyone from aspiring celebrities to businesses looking to snag a few extra customers should use data analytics to assess the success of […]

Positive1to1.com - Device Management for Schools-315

Positive1to1.com – Device Management for Schools

Linked to higher test scores, 1:1 initiatives can be a great addition to school districts. With the hopes of bringing technology into the classroom, 1:1 technology has been thought of as a way to boost student participation and achievement. However, one thing that stands in the way of a successful initiative is inventory and device […]

SEO Before You Launch Your Website

SEO Before You Launch Your Website

Building a website is a lot like building a house. There’s a lot of planning involved, and even more nuts and bolts, behind the scenes, work, followed by a lot of cosmetic work. But just like a new home, you need to make sure people find your little place on the web, which is why […]

Advanced Map Feature Website_ Hydro-Action.com-315

Advanced Map Feature Website: Hydro-Action.com

Hydro-Action, currently based in Indiana, has been manufacturing water treatment units since 1988. Now with a new website, the company can showcase their service to a wider audience. Hydro-Action.com is designed to highlight the company. In addition, the site offers functionality for customers, potential dealers, and Hydro-Action. With a natural flow, Hydro-Action.com is quick to […]

Build Trust with Email - 315

Build Trust with Email

If your website is the digital equivalent of a billboard, then your email campaigns are the equivalent of an attentive sales representative. Websites are designed to make an impact. They need to be strategically designed and easy to navigate. But their ultimate goal is to inspire visitors to pursue further contact with the business. If […]