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New LinkedIn Layout

The New LinkedIn Layout

New LinkedIn LayoutWhen it comes to social media platforms, there have been big winners, big losers, and those that just sort of lurk in the background.

With 1 billion+ active users, Facebook is clearly at the head of the pack, while MySpace has virtually vanished, and is definitely in the rear. LinkedIn has, in recent years at least, been somewhere in the middle, with occasional rumors of trouble in digital paradise.

This year, however, LinkedIn seems determined to revamp its image. A big part of that is the new layout and design. Here’s what you need to know.

A Familiar Look and Feel

One of the biggest changes in the LinkedIn platform is actually a move towards copying other platforms. The world’s professional networking platform now looks more like its peers. Conversations, status updates, and similar user-generated content are firmly at the forefront. It feels more familiar, even to newbies, and it seems like a step in the right direction.

Better Metrics

A positive change in the LinkedIn platform is in the metrics, which are improved, and give users more information they can use. Again, this is more in line with what users expect from other platforms.

Simple Messaging

Another move towards twinning with other social media platforms is to make messaging other users simpler. This is a nice change, and again, makes the suited and booted version of the social network a little more user-friendly for everyone.

Streamlined and Familiar

All in all, from the focus on news streams to the layout and the trending topics, the new look LinkedIn looks a lot like Facebook. That’s actually a great thing. While we all know you shouldn’t be sharing snaps of your lunch or the color of your aura on a professional network, it’s nice just to be able to log in and get things done, without having to figure them out.

By following the pack, LinkedIn may well have solved some of their biggest user friendliness problems.

The Next Step?

LinkedIn was built on the concept that people would be willing to pay for premium membership. Their business model has always been centered on this. However, premium membership is not a priority for most average users, so the platform may well be missing their last trick there.

A shift to focus on paid advertising and increased job-related services, while making the rest of the platform free may well be the solution to the company’s rumored financial woes. It will be interesting to see if they copy Facebook’s model here too.

Until then, however, there’s no doubt that this service looks much better, and is much easier to use. Well done LinkedIn!


The Value and Limits of a Social Media Policy - 315

The Value and Limits of a Social Media Policy

The Value and Limits of a Social Media Policy - 315One of the inherent features of social media usage is that it allows people to express themselves freely. Provided their posts are within moral and social guidelines established by the particular website.

In December of 2016, this principle was put to the test in Elkhart, Indiana, when a lawsuit was settled in favor of a citizen who had been denied access to the city’s Facebook page for posting commentary critical of city officials, and their handling of public accommodations and facilities for the disabled.

First Amendment rights violated

In the period leading up to his blockage from the city’s Facebook page, Mr. Richard Wolf had several of his critical remarks deleted by the city’s Facebook page administrators. Ultimately he was banned altogether. That’s when Mr. Wolf decided to retain counsel and fight the process, feeling that his right to freedom of speech had been violated.

The American Civil Liberties Union agreed. In October, they provided a team of lawyers to take up Wolf’s case against the City of Elkhart. In a landmark decision, District Court Judge Theresa Springmann ruled that since the city maintained a Facebook page which allows public comments, no one should be banned from posting comments solely on their viewpoint.

City officials resolved to update their policy regarding the usage of social media. They paid $2,300 in attorney fees to Mr. Wolf.  As well, he was of course reinstated by page administrators working on behalf of the city.

Limits of social media policy

From this instructive case and an almost carbon-copy situation which is underway in Martinsville, Indiana, about three hours south of Elkhart, the limits of social media policy are being made clear, not only to the public but also government officials.  You have to allow speech.

In effect, when any government agency chooses to maintain a social media page (including Facebook and all other social media), which expressly permits public commentary, it must not remove postings because of the perspective that was taken.

It is perfectly acceptable for the government agency to have its own stated policy about commentary on the public page. However, that policy must not conflict with the First Amendment rights of users who decide to post comments expressing their opinions.

Value of a social media policy

These incidents occurring around the country should not be taken to mean that there is no value to  having a social media policy in place. A useful set of guidelines established by government organizations on their Facebook pages and other social media will help keep public commentary language-appropriate. Therefore avoiding the format of personal attacks on individuals or groups of individuals.

We recommend having a policy that has a clear outline on:

  • What is acceptable speech
  • What is not tolerated (swearing, racism, sexism, threats, etc)
  • How these will be handled

As an example, the first offense is a warning comment. 2nd offense is a warning comment and message back to the individual privately to outline the policy violation. 3rd offense is that the comment in violation is hidden (not the user blocked).  The key is having clarity on what type of speech is not allowed. Thus, not just banning due to a perspective that differs.

Furthermore, no restrictions should be placed on posts simply because of their perspective. This would not be a conflict with First Amendment rights regarding freedom of expression. In essence, the cases springing up in America which are centered around this issue, are extensions of First Amendment interpretation as applied to modern technology.

It has always fallen under the auspices of the Supreme Court and other judicial bodies to interpret the extent of protection provided to individuals under this constitutional right. This is the precise area of the law being tested in many municipalities now. It would seem that the courts are applying the same interpretation of First Amendment rights to the privilege of posting comments on social media, even when critical of government organizations.

Press Release for Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation - 315

Press Release: Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation

Press Release for Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation - 315

January 3, 2017, Goshen, IN — Well-known speaker, social media marketer, and Facebook marketing pro, Mike Gingerich launches his latest book, Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation. This guide is specially written for businesses looking to succeed on social media networks.

Many entrepreneurs are mistaken about how to make social media work for them. They think it’s simply a matter of posting funny photos with the hope of going viral or pushing their products in ads with the intention of being noticed. But online marketing for attracting quality leads is more nuanced and complicated than that, as Mike explains in his new book.

Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation focuses on creating a strategic social media and online marketing plan that covers key areas Mike calls The Big Three, namely the main website, email marketing, and social media. These three need to work together in a Digital Marketing Funnel for optimum success.

The Digital Marketing Funnel is a major concept explored in the book. For a quick overview, this funnel includes six major components: attract, engage, capture, nurture, convert, and measure. The biggest effort goes to the first stage, attract. In this stage, businesses offer relevant and interesting content to generate interest within a wide audience. The next stage, engage, is about interacting with the audience. Businesses are encouraged to initiate conversations through comments, questions, and call-to-actions. Stages 1 and 2 should make up at least 50% of posts on social media pages.

The next three stages – capture, nurture, and convert – are about turning leads into sales. In the capture stage, businesses work to get contact details from their prospects, like an email address in exchange for a subscription to exclusive content.

In the nurture stage, businesses cultivate strong relationships with their prospects, who may not be interested in buying a product or service now, but may change their mind later. This is where businesses should provide more valuable information in staggered parts, making sure interest is maintained throughout the entire campaign.

Finally, in the convert stage, businesses should present well-timed and hard-to-resist offers to achieve the ultimate goal to make customers out of prospects.

The cycle ends here, but the last stage, measure, ensures that businesses can track their success rate to determine what methods work. The data gathered at this stage will help businesses launch more effective campaigns in the future.

All this information is covered in detail in Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation.  It’s a practical guide that lays out a “game plan”. Any business can take it and apply it for their own business social marketing.

Grab a copy now to learn the Digital Marketing Funnel in step-by-step detail. Do it in time for your 2017 campaigns. Visit for more information.


Recent SEO Updates


With Google constantly changing what it wants and expects from website owners, it’s hard to keep up to help your site rank well in searches. Google is also extremely secretive about its updates (to help prevent Black Hat SEOs from gaming the system), which makes it even more challenging to know what to do to please the Google beast.

Regardless of if you realize it or not, Google is constantly updating its search algorithm. In fact, this happens 500 to 600 times each year. While most changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out “significant” updates, such as the famous Google Penguin and Google Panda that affects SERPs (search engine results page) in serious ways. As a search marketer, website owner, or entrepreneur, understanding these Google updates is essential to keep a current ranking intact.

Google’s New Possum Update

According to some experts, the Possum update is the most significant change for local search results since 2014, when Pigeon was rolled out. Initially introduced in the first part of September, this update honed in on the importance of location with the 3-pack and Local Finder.

Once unleashed, the update caused businesses, particularly ones outside of the city limits, to see a spike in their SERP (search engine result page) rankings. In the past, these companies found it difficult to appear in the local search results. Google ignored addresses noted in a different census-designated area.

Another change that came along with Possum was better filtering capabilities. For example, some legal offices may try to create profiles for each lawyer at their location, thinking they can get individual listings on the local search results. With this update, this is no longer possible. Google recognizes duplicate addresses, phone numbers, and links to the same website.
Additional changes that occurred with Possum include:

  • The searcher’s physical location is more important than in the past.
  • Search results vary based on even slight changes in keyword phrases. For example, lawyer in San Francisco and San Francisco lawyer now may produce different results.
  • The local filter now works more independently from the organic search results.

Google’s Penguin 4.0

The Penguin filter was designed to find sites spamming Google search results in ways the regular spam system may not detect. The original Penguin update was released in 2012, the 4th and most recent release, rolled out on September 23rd.

This update to Penguin resulted in an end to long delays. Now, Penguin is real-time, and as Google recrawls and reindexes pages, they are assessed by the filter. As a result, new pages are caught and freed by the Penguin filter all the time.

Penguin is also more granular than in the past. The filter devalues spam and adjusts ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting the whole site ranking. In the past, Penguin assessed a site-wide penalty.

Another big announcement from Google related to the Penguin 4.0 update. Google will no longer announce additional changes since it’s a real-time, consistent process.

Google’s AMP Update

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project was designed to make the mobile web experience faster. AMP originally launched in February of 2016, which allowed Google Search to deliver news in a reliable and fast way. In August, AMP showed up as a preview on all mobile search results pages. This latest update provides faster experiences for users across the globe.

When using a mobile device, you can now see a label that indicates the page is AMP’d. While this doesn’t change the actual search results or impact a site’s ranking, it does show the pages that can load as fast as lightning.

At the time of the update, an AMP page from a Google Search took less than a second to load. In addition to saving users time, AMP also helps minimize data usage. In fact, pages labeled as AMP’d use 10 times less data than the equivalent non-AMP’d page.

While most Google updates aren’t much to worry about, the ones listed here have a larger impact on search engine rankings. If you have a website that is currently doing pretty well in rankings, keeping up with these updates is a must. It helps ensure you can continue on this path of search engine visibility. In most cases, common sense applies to SEO methods. But for those who want to know the specifics, getting to know algorithm changes is often beneficial.

In case this is all a foreign language for you, Digital Hill can help! Get in touch.

Email Spam Filtering Services - 315

Email Spam Filtering Services

Email Spam Filtering Services - 315

For small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and those needing reliable security, having a dependable email spam filtering and security solution is critical. The top cloud-base spam filtering and security solutions are not dependent on on-site hardware or software. Rather, they easily integrate with your current web hosting service to offer you added protection and value.

What to Look for from an Email Spam Filtering and Security Provider

Many business owners without a dedicated IT manager don’t know where to find solutions, and many aren’t even aware of what they need.

Here are a few tips to make sure your new provider will offer all the protection you need.

  • Virus protection should protect your network against 100% of known and new viruses that can be sent and received via email.
  • Continual updates to guard against new and changing viruses.
  • Spam filters should capture 99% of unwanted spam.
  • Image and content protection to block unauthorized or inappropriate content before it reaches your inbox.
  • Cloud-based security offerings should be set without needing onsite hardware and software.

The Symantec Solution

Symantec, a highly respected provider of cloud-based security services, offers Pax8, one of the top resources for email security.

Some of the top benefits of Symantec Pax8 include:

  • Less staff time needed to protect computer systems, resulting in streamlined workflows and increased productivity.
  • Reduced threat of data loss and increased ability to stay compliant with regulations.
  • Cost efficient solutions and rapid implementation—again decreasing staff time, making employees more effective.

Choosing an Experienced Cloud-based Solutions Provider

Symantec Pax8 offers a wide range of technology solutions that work synergistically, thus keeping your networks safe from threats. They pride themselves on offering the best, state-of-the-art solutions.

Pax8 was founded in 2012 by a team of executives that previously developed MX Logic.

The Pax8 team proudly offers:

  • Dependable cloud-based solutions to (MSP) partners and customers.
  • Delivery through a single platform; easy to manage for CIO’s or IT managers to maintain.
  • An on-demand sales and support team enabling MSP partners and other vendors to quickly and easily begin offering their cloud-based security solutions.
  • Protects from virus and spam – 99% of spam viruses (95% for email) and protects against 100% of email viruses.
  • Content and image control – blocks users from sending and receiving unauthorized or inappropriate content.
  • 24/7 support – included with your subscription at no additional cost.

MX Logic will be concluding service at the end of this year,  therefore the Digital Hill team researched and identified a tested product and quality service in Pax8. Digital Hill is pleased to be a partner and solution provider of Symantec Pax8 spam filtering and email security service.

If you need spam protection and email security services, it’s time to talk to us about the Symantec Pax8 solution. Affordable for the small business and scalable to grow with your company. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind of email security.





New Senior Developer Manager Hired

Digital Hill Multimedia Announces Hiring of Nathan DeSelm

Nathan DeSelmGoshen, IN – Digital Hill, an Elkhart County based web design, social media, and Internet Marketing firm is pleased to announce the hiring of Nathan DeSelm as Senior Developer Manager.

DeSelm assumed the new role on October 12, 2015.  DeSelm has worked in digital and web development for over 14 years in the South Bend area.  He was the lead developer at Villing & Company in South Bend most recently.

As Senior Developer Manager, DeSelm will direct and manage the development work of websites, web software, and e-commerce sites within the company’s four divisions.  These divisions include Web Design and Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, and Online Stores.

“I’m excited to have someone of Nathan’s caliber and experience join our team” says Mike Gingerich, President. “The online world continues to evolve with great advancements in mobile and smartphone apps, as well continual changes in website functions and style.  It’s a privilege to have Nathan join our team in a key leadership role to help expand the strength of our web development offerings to businesses regionally and nationally. “

More about what we do:

Serving companies and organization for over 17 years, Digital Hill is an early pioneer in website development.  With a continued focused on leading edge online technologies, Digital Hill develops advanced websites, mobile apps, web software, and assists businesses with SEO and Social Media marketing as a full-service digital agency.



What we do on the web Masters design build 3

Master’s Design Build – High-End Website Design

What we do on the web Masters design build 3

Post #2 in our What We Do on the Web Series

Digital Hill is excited to announce the launch of the new responsive website redesign for Master’s Design Build of Hatfield, PA.

Their new website showcases the masterful work they do in additions and remodeling. Master’s Design Build needed a new high-end look on the web and that is exactly what we gave them.  Some of the things we did include:

  • Integrating their new branding
  • Adding a powerful CMS (content management system) so they can add and edit pages on their site
  • Implementing a robust photo gallery
  • Created and managed for them a marketing strategy on their blog resource center and with re-targeting web visitors with Ad’s on Facebook.

Please take a moment and check out the new high end responsive website redesign for Master’s Design Build!

Who is Master’s Design Build and What Do they Do?

Master’s Design is “an Award winning re-modeler serving the greater Philadelphia suburban area.”

The Master’s Design Build Group is a full service Design Build Remodeling and General Contractor located in Hatfield PA on the border of Bucks County and Montgomery County.

Led by Owner and President, Brian J. Martin, their team has the vision, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that their clients new Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Addition, or Outdoor Living Space is created with excellence all the way from Design to the final walkthrough. Listening to the unique tastes, personalities, and preferences of their clients, they create beautiful, warm, and welcoming spaces that make them eager to come home at the end of the day.


Brian & Cheryl Martin, Owners

Let’s Dig into this High-End Website Design

The main reasons that Master’s Design Build came to Digital Hill is because they needed a website that showed who they truly were, as a company.  They needed to set themselves apart from your average remodeler and showcase their makeover capabilities. Master’s Design Build, builds to the highest quality and they needed a website that embodied the same high-end and high quality expectations they have for themselves and that is exactly what Digital Hill give them! The areas that Master’s Design Build had the biggest pain points were that there old website didn’t portray the high-end service they provide, as clearly shown in the image below.

High-End Website Deisgn

Photo Gallery

Another area Master’s Design build needed was a robust photo gallery, because customers are much more inclined to view several different photo galley’s than they are pages with content/text, which we will go into more detail about later. The photo gallery is what leads us into their third biggest pain with their old site, they were having trouble being found online, so we developed a digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing strategy’s main goals was to help increase site traffic, by increase the amount of content on their website and though various forms social media marketing. Let’s take the three main pain points that Master’s Design build had with their old website and break each one down and how we healed all pains and developed a high-end website that Master’s Design Build is proud to show off.

  • High-End Website Design
  • Robust Photo Gallery
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

High-End Website Design

Master's Builds High-End

Master’s Builds High-End

When looking for a builder, you don’t want an average company to come in and do work on your home, which is more than likely your largest investment, you want a company with a proven track record for building and creating the best spaces around. Well, Master’s Design Build thought the same thing about their website, they built high-end, so why shouldn’t they have a high-end website that clearly portrayed the high-end building they offer their customers. After several meetings and mock designs Digital Hill and Master’s Design Build landed on the perfect layout to show off who they really are, so if you haven’t yet, go take a look now.

Robust Photo Gallery

High-End Website Design

In today’s technologically advanced world, people are consumed and bombarded with information and advertisements almost every minute of everyday. So, how do you quickly get a potential customers attention quickly? Photos! Lot’s of high quality professional photos that show your companies quality of work. According to the National Association of Realtors, “professional photographs were found, on average, to be viewed 61 percent more online“, so a robust photo galley of professional photos, really helps Master’s Design Build stand out from their competition. It also clearly, displays the high-end work they do for every customer of their’s.

Digital Marketing Strategy


As we mentioned above, it seems now a day’s everyone is short on time, so the old saying “content is king” isn’t as relevant today as it was 5 years ago. Today visual content is king and this allows people to quickly look over a website or article and decide if it’s worth their time. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text content that use visuals get 94% more views. According to HubSpot, “Photos on Facebook Generate 53% more Likes than the average post… photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post, too.” This is why if you check out Master’s Design Build’s Facebook page you will notice over 90% of their posts are photo driven.

This is the kind of information we make sure our clients understand, so for Master’s Design Build we were asked to help develop a Digital Marketing Strategy. To reference back to the old saying, “content is king”, this still holds on in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world a little bit, which is why having a resource center or blog is a great idea. Not only will your customer find the information you post in your resource center helpful, if they choose to read, it proves to Search Engines such as Google that you are updating your website with recent relevant content!

One area of the marketing world that is necessary for all businesses is social media, mainly Facebook, in case you didn’t know, it’s the largest public human database in modern human history! So when developing a Digital Marketing Strategy, using Facebook is a pretty much a good idea. If you would like to learn more about how to develop your own Facebook Ad campaign, check out this article we developed to help you with your targeting your custom Facebook announced, or if you want to sit down with us and learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at (888) 537-0703!

High-End Website Design

Powerful websites and digital marketing, it’s what we do at Digital Hill!

If you or a business you know needs a high-end professional, responsive website, please contact Digital Hill and request a free quote!  We make the web work for Goshen, South Bend, & Michiana and the world (in this case it was in Pennsylvania)!

Responsive Website Redesign for Metalstamp, Inc.


New Responsive Website  Redesign for Metalstamp, Inc.

Digital Hill, design and developed new responsive website for Metalstamp, Inc.

Digital Hill Multimedia Inc. is excited to announce the lunch of the new responsive website redesign for Metalstamp, Inc. Their new website works for desktop, mobile and tablet users. Metalstamp needed to update their web presence and improve search engine optimization (SEO). Their old site was out-of-date which made using and finding information on the site a tedious task. Metalstamp needed their visitors to get information quickly and easily. Please take a moment and check out the new responsive website redesign for Metalstamp, Inc!

Who is Metalstamp is and what they do?

They’re a stamping supplier for precision metal stampings, deep drawn parts and heavy blankings for a wide variety of industries and applications. Founded in 1968, Metalstamp offers a full service, in-house tool and die department, staffed with skilled, experienced professionals. They custom design, engineer and build deep draw, progressive, forming and transfer tooling. Metalstamp also fabricates blanking dies for numerous markets, ranging from recreational vehicles to the agricultural industry. They serve multiple industries, including but not limited to consumer products, tractor, trailer, appliance, mining, transportation, and defense.

Check out the big changes between the old website vs. the new responsive website!


New Responsive Website Redesign for Metalstamp, inc.

Mobile: Old vs. New


Old Mobile view for Metalstamp, Inc.


New Mobile Responsive Website Redesign for Metalstamp, inc.

The responsive website redesign has driven site traffic up 300% since its launch! The new site is easier to navigate and manage. The new responsive redesign brings Metalstamp into the 21st century with the latest technology. Their website is easy to find on Google.

A deeper look into Metalstamp’s new responsive website redesign

With Metalstamp’s wide range of a consumer base, they needed a website that demonstrates their commitment to be on the leading edge of technology and show off their high quality products. Let’s dig into some of the major changes and added features of Metalstamp’s new responsive website redesign.

Key Features in New Responsive Website Redesign

  • Simple to Manage & Update
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Control

Simple to Manage & Update

The biggest pain point for Metalstamp was the fact that their old site was limited. The old website was hard coded and used flash, which doesn’t display on Apple devices. Metalstamp needed more control and the ability to manage and maintain their own website easily, with minimal effort and time. We gave Metalstamp access to a fully functional and easy to use Content Management System (CMS). This gives the website administrator the ability to easily manage and update the website. Now the site admin can edit content, add or delete pages, and manage all images from any computer, tablet or mobile device. See if Digital Hill’s CMS is something you want for your own website.

100% Responsive Design

The last thing you want is for a potential client to not find what they’re looking for on your site. They’ll get frustrated if your site doesn’t work on a mobile phone and leave your site for a competitor’s site. Metalstamp’s old site was not mobile friendly and was hard to navigate.  Website users were leaving the site without getting the knowledge they wanted. On smartphones, they had to pinch to zoom in and out. Apple devices wouldn’t display any of their Flash content, which left mobile users frustrated. No one wants a client or potential new client to be frustrated by their first experience with the company. Especially when 85% of customers interact with your website before they ever contact you. An easy to use responsive website is a must in today’s world. The new 100% responsive website redesign for Metalstamp has helped increase website traffic from an average of 35 visitors a day to 130 visitors a day!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing search engine ranking was a very high priority for Metalstamp; they needed customers from around the globe to find and use their website. The SEO tools we provided will help Metalstamp be more visible when existing clients, potential new clients, and visitors look for important information, when using a search engine, like Google. Google’s search engine algorithm, as of April 21st, 2015 favors responsive websites, and will rank Metalstamp’s website higher in the search results because it is now mobile-friendly. The ultimate goal for SEO is to increase site traffic, which will increase leads and grow sales. Have questions about SEO? Feel free to give us a call, we can help.

If you or a business you know needs a high end professional responsive website, please contact Digital Hill and request a free quote!  We make the web work for Goshen, South Bend, & Michiana and the world!

Digital Hill and City of Goshen

Digital Hill Awarded City of Goshen Website Redesign Contract

Goshen to get New Website Redesign by Digital Hill

Digital Hill Awarded Website Redesign for City of Goshen

Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc. has been awarded the contract to redesign the city of Goshen’s website, as mentioned by both the Goshen News and Elkhart Turth. The website redesign will improve many existing features and add new management features enabling the city to continually update and keep items current. Included in the new features are robust calendar functions, City department areas, and new features including a “Report an Issue” button.

Key New Features

The city’s new website will be easier for site visitors, city residents and city employee’s to use. it will use the latest technology and have an improved user interface design. Check out a few of the future features to come!

  • Responsive Design
    With the rise of mobile and tablet devices, it’s important to offer a mobile site. The new website will show users a customized view of the website optimized specifically for a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop and size of its screen. Responsive design happens in the programming code. The Website browser will auto-detect the screen size being used, and display the proper design.
  • A City Photo Gallery
    The current site does not have a photo gallery to share the Goshen Experience. With the new website redesign, this will be a main navigation tab so both residents and visitors can actually see what it’s like to live, work and have adventures in Goshen!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
    SEO attempts to improve search engine rankings. In search results, Google displays pages it considers relevant and authoritative, relevance being the most important of the two. Google pulls in search results that are the most relevant based on the keywords typed in by the searcher. Google will favor a responsive website, and rank the city higher in the search results.  The SEO tools will help the city be more visible when residents, potential residents, and visitors try to find important information, when using a search engine, like Google.
  • Report An Issue(s) Button
    The “Report An Issue” button will be a huge time saver for city residents and employees. Currently, the only way to report an issue is to call it in. Once the city’s new website is live, residents can go to the website and report a problem, such as a street light outage or city water issue. They’ll fill out a simple online form that will get directed to the proper city employee to make sure the issues gets taken care of promptly.
  • Advanced Calender System
    The new advanced calendar system will be a focus point for the city. The calendar will list all meetings of the City Council, Board of Works, Redevelopment Commission, etc. Website visitors will be able to see when meetings are scheduled or if they are canceled/postponed. Site visitors will be able to download PDF’s of meeting agendas and minutes. The functionality of the calendar will make add events and making edits incredibly easy for the website administrator.
  • Advanced Website Monitor Controls 
    The advanced website monitor controls are most commonly referred to as a Content Management System or CMS in short. This gives the city the ability to manage and control their site without having to rely on an external company for changes. With the CMS, the city will have the ability to add content, update/make changes to content, add/remove pages, and embed/link to content.
  • Online Employment Applications
    Currently, if you want to apply to work for the city of Goshen, your computer must have an Adobe PDF reader. You then fill out the application, save the application to your computer, and email it in. The new online employment application will be a secure form (to protect private information) that once filled out all you have to do is click “submit”. The website takes care of the rest and gets the application to the correct person. This will simplify the city’s website and make Goshen a more desirable place to live, work and play.

These highlighted features are only the tip of the iceberg for new things in store for the city’s website redesign. Many features will be running behind the scenes to help make visiting and using the website a more pleasant experience for residents, visitors, and employees.

Key Issue The New Website Redesign Helps Solve & Long Term Benefits

Goshen to get New Website Redesign by Digital Hill

The city’s existing website is static and requires the knowledge of HTML to make edits or changes. Edits/changes can only be made by a few city employees and from a select number of computers. The new website redesign will expand on those capabilities and give total control to all city employees deemed responsible for maintaining their piece of the site (each department head can control their own department page). This will save the city money because they won’t have to rely on one person or pay a third party company to complete all requested edits/updates. The website redesign will make the web work for the city and bring a central area where information is viewed easily and accessed by the general public and city employees.

Goshen to get New Website Redesign by Digital Hill

Digital Hill’s New Website CMS


Do you know what CMS stands for? If not, it stands for Content Management System (CMS), sometimes referred to as a back-end system. It allows you to control the content on your website.

Having a Content Management System (CMS) is very important in today’s world as most search engines are looking for recent (up to date) relevant content. A CMS gives you control of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, which in turn can help improve your ranking when people search for you online using a search engine, i.e. Google or Bing.

Digital Hill Delivers Control

All newly developed Digital Hill websites have a backend CMS that allows them to control all content, which includes images, text, and the ability to add and delete pages on their site. Giving Digital Hill clients control of their website and they don’t need to rely on their us to manage their updates.

So the question to ask yourself is, do you have the ability to manage and update the content on your website? If not, check out what Digital Hill gives all new clients when they choose to have a new website or website re-developed by us. This give clients a huge advantage and can help save money in the long run.

The benefits of a CMS are huge, check out some of the reasons below:

Log-in Portal
Screenshot 2015-03-20 12.03.26

With a back-end log-in portal the website admin(s) can access their content and make updates/changes from anywhere in the world as long as they have a computer with a web browser and internet connection.

Website Backend Manager – Admin Control

Having admin controls is where the cost saving comes into play, you don’t have to rely on another company that will charge you to make updates/changes. From here you can manage what images are in the rotating image area, the “Home” page text, the order of the navigation menu, and with Digital Hill’s CMS you have the ability to preview any updates/changes made.

Page Settings and SEO Tool

Having an easy to use page settings and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool is where you can manage the basics of your website, such as the name of your page (i.e. and the ability to drive site traffic up on your site, which is huge for growing your business and sales. Check out our recent post about SEO.

WebSite Admin Control Features

The site admin controls is where we give the website admin the ability to edit/add/delete their content with a tool that is very intuitive. Many of Digital Hill’s current clients compare the simplicity of the CMS to Microsoft Word with added tools to make the managing your website a more pleasant and easier experience.

Create New Web Pages

When it comes to adding new pages, it doesn’t get easier than the way the Digital Hill’s CMS allows you to add a page. To add a new page all an admin has to do is click “Add Page” at the bottom of the page admin control. Once the website admin clicks ‘Add Page” they are presented with multiple templates that flow with the existing design of their website, making it easy to have a new unique page that gives a website viewer a pleasant experience.

Manage Menu Items

With an old website, have you ever wanted to move your navigation menu items around to make navigating your site a more user friendly experience? Well, with Digital Hill’s CMS we give you complete control of the navigation menu, meaning if you want to change the name of a page, you can. If you want to move the position the menu item is, you can. If you want to create a sub-menu that shows below the main menu item when a mouse hovers over, you can! Digital Hill make it very easy, all the website admin has to do is click and hold the menu item they wish to move and drag it to the new location within the “Page Admin” box.

Preview Web Changes – Desktop and Mobile

Last but not even close to least, Digital Hill give the website admin the ability to preview the updates/changes they just made. This give the admin the ability to double check for any mistakes, without having to log-out, only to catch a mistake and have to log back in. Digital Hill’s CMS allows the website admin to preview the site in both Desktop and Mobile views. This give the admin the ability to make sure everything looks and is functioning correctly.

Other Add-on Web Modules

The above was simply an overview of the main page creator tool. We offer loads of other features that can meet the needs of any business or organization.  From e-commerce and product gallery tools, to robust Dealer/Distributor Google mapping modules and more (as shown below), the sky is the limit!


If you or a business you know needs a high end professional responsive website, please contact Digital Hill and request a free quote!  We don’t just serve the Goshen, South Bend, and Michiana area with web design, we serve the world and make the web work for you!