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Best Social Media Customer Service Practices-315

Best Social Media Customer Service Practices

Best Social Media Customer Service Practices-315Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to build relationships with your client base—or is it? While new technology has certainly given us more ways to connect with potential customers, it also comes with its own rules and learning curves. Don’t assume that having the hottest gadgets or using the latest apps will automatically put you a step ahead of the competition. You’ll also have to make sure you’re employing the right strategies to use those tools effectively. Otherwise, you might as well still be cold calling from a phone book.

Social media is one of the best examples to illustrate this concept. Practically every established
business out there has Facebook and Twitter pages by now, but look at the numbers and you’ll
see that some brands have much greater success across these platforms than others when it
comes to key factors like customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other social media platforms out there, each with their own uses. Figuring out how to make the best possible use of each one can be overwhelming—so let’s start slowly. Here are a few simple things you can do to improve your social media customer service practices across the board:

Choose the platforms that work for your business

As we mentioned previously, there are plenty of different social media platforms out there—in
addition to Facebook and Twitter, there’s also LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and a whole host
of others. Before you drive yourself crazy for the next week setting up accounts for each, do a
bit of research into what platforms are most likely to help you interact with your audience. The answers will vary widely depending on factors like the size of your company, the demographics
you’re trying to reach, and of course, the products or services that you provide.

Best Social Media Customer Service Practices-4

Monitor your engagements

Good customer service is great for growing your brand, and if that’s one of your goals then you need to know how often your brand is being talked about—and by whom. Without this crucial marketing data, you leave yourself no room to develop—there’s no telling how to move forward when you don’t know where you currently stand.

All major brands already do this, and every startup with serious ambitions should. Look for resources that can help you track mentions, likes, and other forms of engagement.

Pay attention to feedback

Communication with your audience isn’t a one-way street, and most social media platforms give your customers ample opportunities to speak back to you about the quality of your products or services. In addition to monitoring the number of times you’re being mentioned, you should also pay close attention to the context—are people talking about you because they’re thrilled with your brand, or are they upset about a major flaw in your business model?

In either case, your customers’ opinions can be extremely useful. Good feedback is an excellent way to find quotes for testimonials, whereas negative feedback might alert you to a correctable error before it sinks your company entirely.

Best Social Media Customer Service Practices-1

Always respond appropriately

Stay clear, composed, and professional no matter what platform you use. As well as, no matter how many people are talking about your brand and what they’re saying about you. The anonymity of the internet makes it very easy to fire off a retort when somebody gets under your skin. However, remember that you’re not anonymous when you’re representing a brand.

The news is full of examples of businesses who have lost customers and damaged their credibility with a short-tempered social media posting, including a Las Vegas pizzeria that threatened one customer for posting a negative Yelp review. Train whoever represents your business on social media to have some basic negotiating skills—it could save you from a scandal down the road.

Social media can be an extraordinarily powerful tool, but it’s a double-edged sword and you need to handle it with care. Wasting your energy on platforms that don’t work for your brand, failing to monitor customer engagements, ignoring feedback, or responding to it inappropriately can all do more harm than good.

Keep our suggestions in mind, though, and you should be able to connect with your customers while avoiding these common mistakes. We look forward to seeing you and your brand on the web!

New LinkedIn Layout

The New LinkedIn Layout

New LinkedIn LayoutWhen it comes to social media platforms, there have been big winners, big losers, and those that just sort of lurk in the background.

With 1 billion+ active users, Facebook is clearly at the head of the pack, while MySpace has virtually vanished, and is definitely in the rear. LinkedIn has, in recent years at least, been somewhere in the middle, with occasional rumors of trouble in digital paradise.

This year, however, LinkedIn seems determined to revamp its image. A big part of that is the new layout and design. Here’s what you need to know.

A Familiar Look and Feel

One of the biggest changes in the LinkedIn platform is actually a move towards copying other platforms. The world’s professional networking platform now looks more like its peers. Conversations, status updates, and similar user-generated content are firmly at the forefront. It feels more familiar, even to newbies, and it seems like a step in the right direction.

Better Metrics

A positive change in the LinkedIn platform is in the metrics, which are improved, and give users more information they can use. Again, this is more in line with what users expect from other platforms.

Simple Messaging

Another move towards twinning with other social media platforms is to make messaging other users simpler. This is a nice change, and again, makes the suited and booted version of the social network a little more user-friendly for everyone.

Streamlined and Familiar

All in all, from the focus on news streams to the layout and the trending topics, the new look LinkedIn looks a lot like Facebook. That’s actually a great thing. While we all know you shouldn’t be sharing snaps of your lunch or the color of your aura on a professional network, it’s nice just to be able to log in and get things done, without having to figure them out.

By following the pack, LinkedIn may well have solved some of their biggest user friendliness problems.

The Next Step?

LinkedIn was built on the concept that people would be willing to pay for premium membership. Their business model has always been centered on this. However, premium membership is not a priority for most average users, so the platform may well be missing their last trick there.

A shift to focus on paid advertising and increased job-related services, while making the rest of the platform free may well be the solution to the company’s rumored financial woes. It will be interesting to see if they copy Facebook’s model here too.

Until then, however, there’s no doubt that this service looks much better, and is much easier to use. Well done LinkedIn!


Engage your Fans on Social Media to Grow Leads - 315

Engage your Fans on Social Media to Grow Leads

Engage your Fans on Social Media to Grow Leads - 315
You have a challenging task in front of you, taking your sales team from good to great. Lead generation resources are plentiful and make it easier to accomplish this goal, but you still have a long road to get from point A to point B.

Want to short circuit this process and get the results you want? Does a lead generation pipeline that’s free and works 24/7 sound like it’s a good fit for your organization?

Social media is the secret selling weapon that you’ve been waiting for. Too many companies set up social profiles and post about a few discounts or share company news. They don’t consider this channel the center of a robust lead generation strategy. At most, they treat it as a marketing channel. Social media selling opens up high quality leads that your sales team will love to work with.

What is Social Media Selling

Social media selling looks a lot different from the typical sales pitch. You aren’t going through an entire spiel to try and convince a person to buy your products or services. In fact, most of the time your sales team won’t be talking about your offerings at all.

Instead, you engage with your customers and potential leads on social media pages. Listen to what they have to say and have conversations with everyone stopping by. Follow the same brands and influencers that your target audience does, so you learn more about what’s important to them.

Follow the Three Rules of Social Selling

  1. Stop yourself from talking about your products and services unless it’s incredibly relevant to the conversation.
  1. Don’t talk about yourself. This conversation is about the consumer, not your company.
  1. Be authentic and don’t come off like you’re reading from a sales script.

What’s In It For the Customer?

Many companies think that social selling only revolves around posting constantly about their products, services or how they stack up against the competition. They show off their awards, post testimonials and talk about employees. The “me me me” approach doesn’t endear you to social media followers.

They’re asking themselves “What’s in it for me?” There are millions of social media accounts to follow. If you don’t offer a compelling reason for this audience to stick around, they’re headed elsewhere.

The Three Keys to Social Engagement


Buyers go through many stages in their journey from an interested person to a customer. They often start out without knowing a lot about ways to fix a problem or to improve their quality of life. Educate potential customers with the information they need to make informed choices on the best solutions for them.


Don’t do the same things as everyone else. Look for ways to stand out and offer customers a different experience. Position yourself as the go-to company in your industry, rather than a follower.


Have a conversation with interested audience members. The most important thing you can do right now is to listen. Understand what they’re asking, the pain points that influence these questions and the best way to convey information to them.

5 Ways for Non-Profits to Grow Their Email List - 315

5 Ways for a Non Profit to Grow Their Email List

5 Ways for Non-Profits to Grow Their Email List - 315

No matter where you look for digital marketing information, there’s one universal truth: the secret to high conversions lies in the list. Your website draws people in, but it’s your email list that keeps you in touch with them, and it’s that long term relationship that turns visitors into community members.

As a nonprofit, you rely heavily on the community. We’ve got 5 great tips that will help you extend your community online, so you can reap the benefits of digital marketing, fundraising, staying in touch, and sharing your successes.

1. Put Opt-In Forms On Every Page

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many websites don’t use this simple trick. Make it easy to sign up. Put a small form on each page, preferably above the fold, where they are seen by every single visitor.

2. Offer Something In Return

When last did you sign up for a newsletter just because you want email? If you’re like most people, the answer is never. You need to give people a reason to subscribe! Whether it’s a free report, an ebook or your newsletter, make it free, and make it too good to turn down!

3. Make It Shareable

Automatically redirect new subscribers to a page where they can invite some friends, or you could simply redirect your subscribers to a thank you page that asks them to spread the word. Most people are very willing to share a good cause anyway. They just need a little reminder or a nudge in the right direction.


Putting your opt-in forms on every page is a good start, but if you want to see your list grow, you need to do more than that.

  • Add a link to your sign up form on your email signature, so you market it whenever you send mail.
  • Post it on your social media channels, and ask fans and followers to do the same.
  • Mention it on your business cards.
  • Run a contest, where entry requires sign up.

The more you market your list, the more people will sign up, guaranteed.

5. Send Great Newsletters

If you’re telling people that you’re going to send them a newsletter that will inform, amuse, inspire and excite, then you had better deliver! Most people don’t struggle to build their lists once they really set their minds to it, but they do struggle to keep subscribers.

Make sure that every newsletter you send is one that you’d be excited to see in your own mailbox. Write for your audience, rather than simply pushing your agenda. Ask questions. Share knowledge. Include inspirational stories that they’ll want to share with their friends.

When done correctly, an email list can be a nonprofit’s greatest digital marketing assets, and these tips should help you to get started on the right track.

The Value and Limits of a Social Media Policy - 315

The Value and Limits of a Social Media Policy

The Value and Limits of a Social Media Policy - 315One of the inherent features of social media usage is that it allows people to express themselves freely. Provided their posts are within moral and social guidelines established by the particular website.

In December of 2016, this principle was put to the test in Elkhart, Indiana, when a lawsuit was settled in favor of a citizen who had been denied access to the city’s Facebook page for posting commentary critical of city officials, and their handling of public accommodations and facilities for the disabled.

First Amendment rights violated

In the period leading up to his blockage from the city’s Facebook page, Mr. Richard Wolf had several of his critical remarks deleted by the city’s Facebook page administrators. Ultimately he was banned altogether. That’s when Mr. Wolf decided to retain counsel and fight the process, feeling that his right to freedom of speech had been violated.

The American Civil Liberties Union agreed. In October, they provided a team of lawyers to take up Wolf’s case against the City of Elkhart. In a landmark decision, District Court Judge Theresa Springmann ruled that since the city maintained a Facebook page which allows public comments, no one should be banned from posting comments solely on their viewpoint.

City officials resolved to update their policy regarding the usage of social media. They paid $2,300 in attorney fees to Mr. Wolf.  As well, he was of course reinstated by page administrators working on behalf of the city.

Limits of social media policy

From this instructive case and an almost carbon-copy situation which is underway in Martinsville, Indiana, about three hours south of Elkhart, the limits of social media policy are being made clear, not only to the public but also government officials.  You have to allow speech.

In effect, when any government agency chooses to maintain a social media page (including Facebook and all other social media), which expressly permits public commentary, it must not remove postings because of the perspective that was taken.

It is perfectly acceptable for the government agency to have its own stated policy about commentary on the public page. However, that policy must not conflict with the First Amendment rights of users who decide to post comments expressing their opinions.

Value of a social media policy

These incidents occurring around the country should not be taken to mean that there is no value to  having a social media policy in place. A useful set of guidelines established by government organizations on their Facebook pages and other social media will help keep public commentary language-appropriate. Therefore avoiding the format of personal attacks on individuals or groups of individuals.

We recommend having a policy that has a clear outline on:

  • What is acceptable speech
  • What is not tolerated (swearing, racism, sexism, threats, etc)
  • How these will be handled

As an example, the first offense is a warning comment. 2nd offense is a warning comment and message back to the individual privately to outline the policy violation. 3rd offense is that the comment in violation is hidden (not the user blocked).  The key is having clarity on what type of speech is not allowed. Thus, not just banning due to a perspective that differs.

Furthermore, no restrictions should be placed on posts simply because of their perspective. This would not be a conflict with First Amendment rights regarding freedom of expression. In essence, the cases springing up in America which are centered around this issue, are extensions of First Amendment interpretation as applied to modern technology.

It has always fallen under the auspices of the Supreme Court and other judicial bodies to interpret the extent of protection provided to individuals under this constitutional right. This is the precise area of the law being tested in many municipalities now. It would seem that the courts are applying the same interpretation of First Amendment rights to the privilege of posting comments on social media, even when critical of government organizations.

Fort Wayne Social Media for Business Workshop

Practical, tactical, and empowering workshop to help businesses take advantage of the power of social media as a way to market their business.

• Want to use Social Media strategically in your business?
• Trying to determine what social networks to be on?
• Having trouble keeping up with the latest social media marketing updates and best practices?

All this will be covered and a strategic plan overview for how social media
can be used by your business to grow leads and sales will be outlined to attendees!

Social Media is different than traditional marketing.  Learn about the methods for Attraction, Engagement, Lead Capture, Conversion, and more.

The workshop, presented by, Mike Gingerich, and hosted at the Greater Fort Wayne Inc. offices will help entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketing teams from larger businesses understand how they can use the latest tools and updates in social media as part of their overall integrated marketing plan to increase their website traffic, reach new customers, and nurture new leads to become clients.

Businesses will have the following questions answered:

  • What social networks should our business focus on?
  • How can we not just spend time, but gain real leads via social media?
  • What trends for 2017 in social media do we need to be aware of?
  • How do we use Facebook Live Video, Instagram Stories, & Facebook Ads?
  • How does social media fit into our overall marketing plan?
  • How do I capture leads from social media?

A question and answer time will be included for the final 15-20 minutes to answer your specific questions.  Each participant will leave with actionable steps to help guide them in next steps they can take to improve their use of social media for their business.


Date: Thursday, Feb. 2, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m SOLD OUT

Date: Thursday, March 16, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Chamber, 200 E. Main St, Suite 800 Fort Wayne 46802
In the Doermer Central Room. The receptionist can direct you.  NOTE: Use the public parking garages nearby. Parking onsite not validated.

Cost: $25; discount for 2 or 3 attendees from the same business.


Get practical knowledge and tips you can implement anytime!

001-mike-gingerich-maincut-out-354-squareAbout Mike:

Mike offers no-nonsense,  straight talk on growing leads and leverage with social media and digital marketing to help small and medium-sized businesses elevate their game and win online.

Mike is President of Digital Hill Multimedia, having started in business development and website sales, and then as social media exploded, gravitated towards Facebook and the marketing side of how to use social and tools to grow your audience, increase your leads, and convert more sales.  He is a co-founder of  TabSite, a industry-leading promotion and contest app platform, author of the book Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation, and thoroughly enjoys leading social and online marketing trainings.

The Facts about Social Media - 315

The Facts about Social Media [Infographic]

The Facts about Social Media - 315

Social media has become interwoven in our everyday lives. While no one would argue it has become a force for change, the reach it has is quite staggering. When deciding on a social media strategy for your business, it’s important to keep these facts in mind.

One Site to Rule Them All

While Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all cater to very different demographics, Facebook by far has the deepest penetration into our daily lives. Consider:

  • 58% of all adults are active on Facebook. That more than doubles the percentage on LinkedIn which is second in popularity with 23%.
  • Around the world, over 1.23 billion people log in to Facebook for more than 17 minutes per day.
  • 85% of people using social media rely on Facebook or Twitter for their morning news update.

These 3 facts illustrate the huge impact Facebook has on our collective social experience. By total numbers, there are 1.59 billion people worldwide that use Facebook. This makes it a powerful tool in our everyday lives. Intensifying that is the fact that Facebook also boasts a staggering 95.8% return on investment.

More Than Wasting Time

While some people are in pursuit of more and funnier cat videos, there are some people using it to affect change. Job seekers and recruiters have found success on these social media platforms.

  • 73% of companies report having successfully hired a candidate via social media.
  • LinkedIn continues to be the most popular place to find a job on social media, with 93% of those using social media for hiring purposes relying on it.
  • 83% of job-seekers turn to Facebook to help them in their search.

As with most aspects of the social media experience, there is an age disparity in how it’s being used. To find possible employees over the age of 45, Facebook and LinkedIn top Twitter, while Twitter is the king among the 18-29-year-old Millennials. A whopping 45% of Twitter’s users find themselves in that demographic check box.

While there is no denying the power social media has on our world today, for business, it’s important to know where your targets are to most effectively target them.

A big thank you to our friends at for creating this interesting infographic.

the facts about social media1



Conferences Marketing Professionals Need to Attend in 2017

Conferences Marketing Professionals Need to Attend in 2017

Conferences Marketing Professionals Need to Attend in 2017

Marketers are continually learning and honing their skills to stay on top of the ever-changing world of social media.  One way to accomplish this is to define your goals and look for marketing conferences and workshops that best fit your individual needs.

Here’s a list of what we consider to be the top conference for social media marketing professionals in 2017.  Mark your calendars so you don’t miss these upcoming events.

March 2017

SXSW Interactive 2017 – March 10-19, 2017 in Austin, TX
• This year’s event will be making it easier for attendees to take advantage of all programs, as one badge is all that will be needed for all learning, networking, and discovery events.
• This year the conference will consist of 24 different events and new opportunities for ongoing education and networking events offering peer-to-peer sharing.
• Networking Events: Taco Meet Up, BBQ Crash Course, Music and more
• New Keynotes, Featured Speakers & 750+ Sessions at the 2017 SXSW Conference
Registration Information at

Social Media Marketing World 2017 – March 22 – 24, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA
• The Social Media Marketing World event brings together over 4,000 marketers to share their social media marketing ideas, guaranteed to inspire, empower and reinvigorate your social media programs.
• The Networking Plaza will provide ongoing networking opportunities and the opening night event, will give attendees the unique opportunity to engage with their peers on an aircraft carrier.
Registration information available at

September 2017

Content Marketing World (CMWorld 2017) – September 5 -8 2017 in Cleveland, OH
• Content marketing world brings together top industry leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise in the content marketing industry.
• With a record breaking 3,600 attendees from 55 different countries in 2016, the 2017 conference promises more industry experts and more attendees brought together to share ideas and new innovations.
• The 80+ sessions were developed by thought leaders to share their strategies, integration and measurement techniques.
Registration is currently closed, check here

November 2017

INBOUND Conference – November 2017, Boston, MA
• The INBOUND Conference consists of sessions developed to educate, entertain and networking events.
• The event is a “must attend” for all inbound sales and service professions.
• Attendees are brought together to share their insights on content and strategies while taking part in the numerous networking opportunities.
• Together there will be over 250 industry leaders sharing their expertise at organized seminars and breakout sessions.
Registration currently closed, check back at

Dates TBD

Social Fresh – Date and location TBD
Highlights from 2016:
• Social Fresh features presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions and numerous networking events to share insights with colleagues and peers.
• The conference secures industry leaders to speak offering a complete look at the industry, trends, and solutions for social media marketers.
Registration not open at this time, check back at

5 Ways for Manufacturers to Use Social Media -315

5 Ways for Manufacturers to Use Social Media

5 Ways for Manufacturers to Use Social Media -315

The internet and smartphone revolution has completely changed how business is done.

Billboards and newspapers were the primary means of advertising in the past, but they won’t get you too far in the current market. Today, the internet is king and rightly so. With more that 85% of American adults having access to the internet and more than 81% of these people using the internet to research products and brands before making a purchase, the internet is clearly a marketing priority for any business.

Social media is one of the most effective online channels you can use for marketing online…but it’s not just that. Social media is also a fairly low-cost marketing strategy. You can start using social media for marketing today with no budget!  As long as you can access the internet and setup company social media accounts, then getting started with social media is a possibility!

So, how can manufacturers use social media to market their manufacturing company?  There’s a straightforward process!

1. Offer Product Overviews, Demos,  and How-To Training via Video on YouTube and Facebook

According to a recent Brightcove study, B2B companies rank YouTube as the second most effective social media network after LinkedIn for their business. Considering that manufacturing companies are mostly B2B, you should be thinking about taking your business to YouTube. The channel gets over 1 billion unique visits per month, and it’s the second most-trafficked search site on the web, second only to parent company Google. Imagine what such exposure would do for your business!

Manufacturing companies can use YouTube to tell their brand stories and provide educational industry content in video format. The type of videos you create is up to you, but how-to videos and product feature videos are in the most demand.  What’s more, videos do not have to be supreme, professional creations.  Social Media has made smartphone recorded videos a standard that is acceptable, even at the B2B level.

As well, Facebook is now a video consumption network as well. The amount of video watched on YouTube exceeded that of Facebook for the first time in early 2016.  With the same video uploaded to both locations, your business can reach more potential customers.  Keep the videos short and simple.  Two-four minutes can work very well.

2. Promote Your Business on Facebook

Facebook currently has more than 1 billion active users. While most of these users are consumers, there are still thousands of B2Bs on the platform.  And when you break down a B2B, it’s made up of individuals, the majority of whom use Facebook!
The goal should be to get as many targeted Facebook users as possible to be aware of your company and your products. Add fans by using targeted Facebook Ads to job titles, locations and even at fans of competitors, and make sure your posts carry brand-solidifying messages.

The majority of your posts should be product photos, stats, and videos. You can also provide links to your website so users who want to know more about a product can go straight to that product’s page.

3. Use Twitter to Break Company and Industry News

Twitter is another excellent platform for manufacturers. With over 400 million active users, it provides an excellent opportunity to initiate and drive conversations with your customers and prospects.

One of the best ways to use the platform is as a news channel. If you’re launching a new product or have some special industry news to break, do it on this platform.  You can publish from your company account, linking to the news on your website.  As well, share new blog posts on Twitter and follow potential dealers and distributors you want to connect with further.

4. Use LinkedIn to Collaborate with Other Industry Professionals

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has more than 300 million active accounts. Most people on LinkedIn are trying to connect with like-minded professionals. There are thousands of manufacturing companies and engineers on the platform, consistently sharing ideas and engaging in constructive discussions.

The easiest way to get started on the network is to create a professional LinkedIn account and join a group in your industry. With that, you can start sharing your knowledge, contributing to discussions, and answering other people’s questions. It only takes a while before you’re networking with experts in the industry and making quality sales contacts.

The good news is that all these are strategies you can start applying today.

5. Use Instagram to share Visual Stories

This might not seem obvious but Instagram is growing in use by adults and businesses.  Manufacturers can share images of their products in use by consumers or do up to 60-second videos where they walk through production or new models to showcase their best features. Images and videos communicate greatly, quickly, so there’s a way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website where leads can be captured.

Many manufacturers are ramping up their online and social media marketing and for good reason.  It’s where the people are!  It’s a chance to grow your targeted audience and then communicate to them on a regular basis.  With a thorough strategy, social media can be a key part of the online marketing funnel to grow leads and sales.

What We Learned From Social Media Marketing World 2016

What We Learned From Social Media Marketing World 2016

What We Learned From Social Media Marketing World 2016

Social Media Marketing World is the world’s largest social media conference and hosts the top speakers on each platform.  It’s a great venue for learning and networking!  While there were many great speakers this year – Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, and Brian Solis, just to name a few – the true impact of Social Media Marketing World 2016 was more about how you used your time outside of the conference.

With networking events, meet and greets, and even morning power walks; there was plenty of opportunities to make great connections. We hope to continue learning as we make our way through the digital replay sessions and pick up on anything we missed while networking!

Here are just a few of our key takeaways from SMMW 2016.

No, Facebook Isn’t Going Anywhere…But Up!

Facebook is alive and well and expanding. This theme made it’s way into many sessions, with many speakers emphasizing this point. It’s still the most influential social media platform, and increasingly the most influential mobile app. One of the key takeaways was that 8 out of every 10 minutes spent on any app is spent on Facebook. With 80% mobile penetration, it’s clear why brands should continue to invest their time and money into the social media giant.

Quality is Still More Important Than Quantity

Marketers continue to saturate the web with content, and many struggle to get noticed. Many speakers focused their time on tips to find your audience and get the most out of each piece of content. It’s never been more important to identify where your audience is and invest in that platform. While newer platforms like Snapchat and Periscope may seem appealing, if you’re targeting women in their mid-to-late-thirties you’ll want to look elsewhere. Be authentic to your brand and your customers.

People Connect With People

Bringing personal connections to social media marketing was a hot topic at Social Media Marketing World. People will connect with you easier than they connect with your brand. It’s important brands loosen up on social media and show their personalities, flaws included. People want to know that there’s a person behind the keyboard, so show them!

Tips For Next Year

Yes, it’s a recommended place to go!

  • Decide early on what you want out of the week. With so many sessions and so many events, it’s easy to get lost in the commotion. Pick your must-see speakers and events, and then leave some time open for any last minute invites.
  • Put together a wish list of who you’d like to meet and make it happen! But don’t be so strict to your plans that you aren’t flexible. You never know if you’re talking to the next social media guru.
  • Host your own networking events! We found that the people we connected with early on in the week continued to seek us out. Stand out in the crowd by hosting your own event, and invite all those people on your list.

This year was all about meeting new people and making connections. We’re so glad to have met everyone we did, and look forward to next year!