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Conferences Marketing Professionals Need to Attend in 2017

Conferences Marketing Professionals Need to Attend in 2017

Conferences Marketing Professionals Need to Attend in 2017

Marketers are continually learning and honing their skills to stay on top of the ever-changing world of social media.  One way to accomplish this is to define your goals and look for marketing conferences and workshops that best fit your individual needs.

Here’s a list of what we consider to be the top conference for social media marketing professionals in 2017.  Mark your calendars so you don’t miss these upcoming events.

March 2017

SXSW Interactive 2017 – March 10-19, 2017 in Austin, TX
• This year’s event will be making it easier for attendees to take advantage of all programs, as one badge is all that will be needed for all learning, networking, and discovery events.
• This year the conference will consist of 24 different events and new opportunities for ongoing education and networking events offering peer-to-peer sharing.
• Networking Events: Taco Meet Up, BBQ Crash Course, Music and more
• New Keynotes, Featured Speakers & 750+ Sessions at the 2017 SXSW Conference
Registration Information at

Social Media Marketing World 2017 – March 22 – 24, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA
• The Social Media Marketing World event brings together over 4,000 marketers to share their social media marketing ideas, guaranteed to inspire, empower and reinvigorate your social media programs.
• The Networking Plaza will provide ongoing networking opportunities and the opening night event, will give attendees the unique opportunity to engage with their peers on an aircraft carrier.
Registration information available at

September 2017

Content Marketing World (CMWorld 2017) – September 5 -8 2017 in Cleveland, OH
• Content marketing world brings together top industry leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise in the content marketing industry.
• With a record breaking 3,600 attendees from 55 different countries in 2016, the 2017 conference promises more industry experts and more attendees brought together to share ideas and new innovations.
• The 80+ sessions were developed by thought leaders to share their strategies, integration and measurement techniques.
Registration is currently closed, check here

November 2017

INBOUND Conference – November 2017, Boston, MA
• The INBOUND Conference consists of sessions developed to educate, entertain and networking events.
• The event is a “must attend” for all inbound sales and service professions.
• Attendees are brought together to share their insights on content and strategies while taking part in the numerous networking opportunities.
• Together there will be over 250 industry leaders sharing their expertise at organized seminars and breakout sessions.
Registration currently closed, check back at

Dates TBD

Social Fresh – Date and location TBD
Highlights from 2016:
• Social Fresh features presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions and numerous networking events to share insights with colleagues and peers.
• The conference secures industry leaders to speak offering a complete look at the industry, trends, and solutions for social media marketers.
Registration not open at this time, check back at


Breaking through Content Brain Freeze



Writer’s block happens to the best of us. Sometimes, after writing a lot on a specific topic, you’ve run out of fresh ideas and new approaches. You’re simply stuck in a rut, and there isn’t any way out … or is there? When it comes to content marketing, failing to produce relevant and interesting content for your target audience is not an option.

The best course of action is to shake out of your content brain freeze as soon as possible. Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; seek it out using these surefire techniques:

  • See things from a different perspective

    Brainstorming sessions can energize your tired mind, so gather your marketing team and get them talking. They’ll be thrilled to have a direct input on the direction your strategy is going.

    Don’t have a team? No problem. Reach out to influencers within your niche and solicit their opinion. If you’ve networked well enough, maybe you can even convince them to write a guest post for you.

  • Try something new

    If you’ve always written articles and created infographics, it’s time to shake things up a bit by going for a medium you haven’t used before. Why not create videos? They don’t have to be professionally made. Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram let you share short clips that you can make in your backyard.

    It doesn’t have to be videos, though. If you’ve done them before, choose something that you haven’t done at all. The idea here is to break routine – and hopefully break your content brain free.

  • Find your hero

    Let successful people motivate you to do better. Look at what big names in the same or similar industries have done, and try to extract their best practices and apply them in your life.

    The same goes for those who have failed. Experience is the best teacher, but who says it has to be your own? Learn from their mistakes and vow to do all you can to prevent the same fate from happening to you.

  • Revitalized evergreen content

    The great thing about evergreen content is that it’s always interesting and relevant regardless of the current trends. If you can’t come up with something new, dig up past successful posts, update them, and share them again.

    You can also pick up where you left off by creating a series based on a hugely popular post. That’s much easier than starting from scratch, and you’ve also got the previous post’s attention to leverage on.

    Content brain freeze isn’t forever, but it can take a while to loosen its hold unless you’re proactive about it. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you lose, so at the first sign of content brain freeze, make sure you’re ready to fight it off with the techniques we presented.

Good luck!



Branding your Business_ Critical Tips for Being Seen-315

Branding your Business: Critical Tips for Being Seen [Blab]

Branding your Business_ Critical Tips for Being Seen-315

Over the last few years, branding has become one of the top buzzwords. So much so that many in the industry have deemed it a waste of time and money. Branding at its core is simply relationship building and awareness of your company. And when done right, it can endear customers to you and your brand.

branding expert Phil Pallen
This Blab show was a great interview of branding expert Phil Pallen,  Phil is doing branding for businesses and most recently for TV Shows and personalities like Shark Tank, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and more!  Skip to the bottom to see the interview!

Branding your Business Takeaways

There’s an old adage: people don’t do business with brands – they do business with people. Building a consistent brand messaging can increase your profits, and exponentially grow your business. 60% of the sales cycle is over before someone speaks with a sales rep, proving that your online presence speaks for you.  The key is what it is speaking about you!
Don’t wait to build your company’s persona. Building your brand from the start will make it natural and organic, and allow it to grow with your business. Follow these 3 steps for creating a brand your customers can get behind.

  • Start With Something You Love

    When starting your business, pick something that you love. An obvious statement, maybe. But your customers see and feel it when you fill your business with love. Pair that with a consumer need and your brand will emerge naturally.

  • Build It From the Ground Up

    When building your brand nothing is more important than time. Putting the necessary infrastructure in place to serve your customers will do more than a fancy logo ever will. Invest in a website that’s professional and user-friendly. Sending people to a dated and confusing website is pointless, and often a waste of money.

  • Promote! Promote! Promote!

    Once your systems are in place, it’s time to promote your brand. Build your social media presence, use quality visuals, and develop a strong and consistent brand voice across all platforms. It’s important to consider your brand whenever you reach out to customers.

Don’t rush the process. These 3 steps create the foundation for your business, and can determine your success. Whether selling an experience, your time, or product, your values drive your business. Make sure your customers see that.

Here’s the full blab with Jessica, Phil and me. Phil’s a load of energy and fun…..Enjoy!
Remember to join Jessica and me live on Blab every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm for Magnet Marketer Blab live online.

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 2

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 2

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 2

Marketing used to be simple. You’d craft advertisements for print, billboards or television hoping that customers would respond. You could be a bullhorn and just shout out your information. Now, however, with the dawning of social media and the web, many consumers expect a two-way conversation; consumers are asking questions and expect a response from you!

What’s driven this trend?

The way people spend their time has changed. They’re spending more time on social media, which is a two-way communication. In fact, 1 out of every 5 minutes spent on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook.

Mobile is another huge trend.

There are now more mobile phones than humans on earth. As of the end of 2014, the amount of internet traffic on mobile phones surpassed desktop use. Your potential customers are carrying your advertising delivery system in their pockets at all times. The average Facebook user checks their account an astounding 150 times per day. Consumers are craving instant gratification more than ever; if you make them wait to hear from you, you’ll lose them.

Search engines are taking note of this, too. Because everyone is on mobile, search engines expect your website to be viewable on the devices that people are using. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you’ll be dinged by the search engines. Make sure your website is mobile responsive so your site can be viewed on all size screens.

Your website is your primary source of contact with your customers.

It’s how people find you. With this in mind, the experience users have on your website is crucial. No matter what device they are using, they expect an easy, readable experience.

You must have a presence where your audience is.

For many of your customers, social media is the place to meet them.

Here are 3 things to consider for modern, two-way marketing:

  • Speed – Today’s consumers demand immediate gratification.
  • Communication – Your consumers want a two-way conversation.
  • Interact on Their Own Terms – Consumers want to interact on their schedule, not yours.

Don’t limit yourself.

Use multiple channels based on where your customers are. Always be aware of opportunities to build a relationship with your audience. Don’t just be on social media, spend time reading posts and comments, then offer conversation that has real value.

Marketing has changed, and if you hope to be successful in marketing, you must adapt.

Simply broadcasting your message to the world is not enough. If you want to bring the right people to your business and convert them into long-term customers, you have to offer more than just a message.

The challenge is clear; will you rise to the occasion?

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 1

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 1

Everything You Know About Marketing Has Changed Part 1
There was a time when marketing consisted of having a good product, shoveling out consistent advertising to get in front of people via print, news, and billboards, and then letting leads call in. Nowadays if you do that – you run the risk of not selling anything at all; learning the new rules of the marketing paradigm shift is essential for a successful business.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

From reading your blog to asking questions in the comments, your audience wants to feel as though they have your attention. The easiest way to make sure you’re on the right track is to ask yourself: “Am I speaking to a particular person or a vague group of people at every stage of my pitch?”

Make sure you’re talking as if they are real people; because, guess what – they are<! Don’t send out generic form emails; inboxes are littered with spam, and your email won’t get a second look. Make sure your email is personalized, calls them by name, and guides them through the sales process in a helpful way where you are answering their questions.

Your Customer is Your Friend

To be successful in the current and future climate, you’ve got to give up the business to human approach and treat your prospective clients as friends, the human to human approach. After all, you’re building a relationship that you hope will last for years. This approach is successful, take a look at the phenomenon of mommy bloggers. Moms gravitated in droves to these bloggers and has made them wealthy beyond measure! Referral purchases are very successful because moms trust the products that other moms use and recommend.

What the Numbers Say

The numbers support the human to human approach. Forbes reports that 92% of consumers ask their friends or acquaintances about the products and services they use before making a decision to purchase. This clearly beats out every other source of referrals and helps point your business in the right direction for that human to human approach you should be adopting. Find influencers to try your product and pitch it to their social networks; this can result in a whopping increase in conversion rates – anywhere from triple to 10 times whatever you were making!

Additionally, the numbers also strongly hint at the importance of women as influencers. Women are big consumers. Up to 20% of women buy based on what an influencer says, with 77% of consumers more likely to purchase from the same producer the influencers buy from.

Final Thoughts

Change your marketing tactics to reflect the present climate – it doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in. Authenticity is priceless; be unscripted when marketing online and using video via Facebook or social media. It never hurts to peek at what other successful brands are doing – they’re almost always ahead of the curve.

BLAB- How to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

Blab: How to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

BLAB- How to Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

Negative comments and reviews are an unfortunate reality of doing business on the web. The question isn’t if you receive negative comments, it’s when you do, and how you react to them.

Don’t shy away from them, it’s an open dialogue that you can use to be part of a conversation. You have a voice in what people are saying about your company, both good and bad. By responding to comments, you demonstrate quality customer service.

What to Do When You Receive Negative Comments Online

Don’t Sweat It

Don’t try to hide or delete a review; it just looks bad. People notice when you delete their comments, and that only adds a guilty demeanor.

Feedback is good. If a customer had a poor experience, or if something went wrong, then you should want to know about it. If they don’t contact you, then they’ll never get their issues resolved, you’ve probably lost a customer for life.

  • Before you respond, take a look to investigate commenters’ profiles. Are they trolling or is it a legitimate complaint?
  • Don’t take too long to respond. Some social media websites, like Facebook, want you to respond in less than five minutes!

Once you get an idea of who you’re talking to, give a practical response with a time frame to solve the problem. DO NOT use a canned response, be personable and relatable.

It Might Feel a Little Public Relation-y, and that’s OK

Responding to a negative customer review is much like dealing with an in-store confrontation or complaint. And it’s fine to deal with it publicly. You want everyone else watching that you know how to handle business in a calm, professional manner.

Leave an Adequate Response

A good rule of thumb? Keep your response to about two or three comments. If you can’t resolve the issue at that point, you may consider taking the exchange off the web. Instead, offer the customer a chance to connect via phone or email.

It’s a good idea to have a social media policy that includes a plan of action against negative comments. This way, you can plan out on how to resolve issues before they happen, and you’ll have something to build on over time.

Remember that some people just want to watch the internet burn. Help defend against trolls and haters by implementing a three-strike policy. And don’t be surprised if loyal customers don’t come rushing to defend your company. Remember to take the good with the bad!

To easily respond to comments, consider getting a service like Yext that alerts you whenever someone has left a review on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

The more time you spend responding to feedback, the more you’ll realize how important it is to your business. And you’ll become better at addressing the questions the more you practice!

Here’s the full blab with Jessica and me. Enjoy!

Remember to join Jessica and me live on Blab every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm for Magnet Marketer.

Apps to Help You Rock the Social Scene in 2016 315

Apps to Help You Rock the Social Scene in 2016!


Apps to Help You Rock the Social Scene in 2016!

My blab with Jessica Phillips of Now Marketing was all about apps!  Apps are one of my favorite topics and this blab was no exception.  Apps can help you market efficiently, provide quick support to potential and existing customers via social media, and help you save time and money in various ways.

It’s an app world from mobile to desktop, and we break down some of the best and how we use them so you can learn and get a jumpstart on these tools that can help your business.

I’ve broken the list up by purpose or website..

Twitter Apps

Apps to help you with Twitter functions.

Twitter Feed — Sends your blog to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more  with your RSS feed.

Twubs — Register your Hashtags with Twitter.

Tweet JukeBox — Stores tweets that you add to it, then tweets them over time. When it runs out of tweets it starts all over again. — An easy way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement, grow followers/likes, and save time.


WordSwag — Add text to your photos and make custom quote images easily on your mobile phone.

Flipagram — Create Instagram videos from your photos and add music all via your smartphone.

Repost — Reposts your favorite Instagram videos and images and gives credit to the owner of the image or video. Similar to retweeting.

Aviary — Edit and share your photos.

Instavid — Make a video with your Instagram images or use the app to shoot a video. Customize your video’s in the app.

Facebook Apps

Canva — Design high quality, professional, custom images for any platform.

visme — Create professional presentations, and beautiful infographics.

TabSite — Easy contest management for Facebook + Landing pages. This is our flagship Facebook marketing app that we built and manage.

Scoreboard Social — Create reports and analyze your Facebook data.

Pages — The Facebook Pages app for mobile lets you manage up to 50 pages on your phone or tablet.


Pulse — This is the LinkedIn Publishing platform. Create blogs and curate content for Linkedin to get in front of your connections.

SlideShare — Create presentations, and add them to your LinkedIn profile. Owned by LinkedIn.


GoAnimate — Create professional animated videos for your business yourself.

Audiojungle — Find royalty free audios for your videos.

Premiumbeat — Royalty-free music and sound effects.

Musicbed — Music for films and videos!

Video Apps

Triller — Pick a song from the library and create your very own music video.

Splice — Create music, collaborate with others, and share it to the world.

BombBomb — Record and send videos to Gmail, Outlook and Salesforce. Track if they were opened and watched. Great sales tool!


PostPlanner — Curate and plan Facebook and Twitter posts.

SproutSocial — A complete social media management tool that posts, schedules and monitors.

AgoraPulse — Manage social media messages for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get analytic and stat reports.

Here’s the full blab with Jessica and me. Enjoy!

Remember to join Jessica and me live on Blab every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm for Magnet Marketer Blab live online.

The Art of the Lead Capture

The Art of the Lead Capture

The Art of the Lead Capture

NEW FEATURE:  I’ve begun hosting a weekly live online marketing session that is about 30 minutes long on  My co-host is Jessika Phillips of Now Marketing Group in Lima, OH.  Each week we dive into various digital marketing topics and give our take on it.

In this session, Jessica Phillips and I talk about  Lead Capture.

The number 1 issue I see with websites is that they don’t have a lead capture system!

A lead capture system moves an unknown website visitor to a visitor you know, usually because the visitor shares their email address with you.

The visitor has “raised their hand” and asked you to market to them.

The traditional way most businesses keep in touch after receiving the email address is through newsletters and eblasts.

Visitor’s read your blog posts, like and find value in what you write, trust your expertise and then signs up for your newsletter list. But, to increase your email list and entice your unknown visitor to give you their email address you need to give away something that the unknown visitor perceives as valuable … a free ebook, a template download, a free checklist, etc.

The basic lead capture system consists of 3 parts:

  1. Build a buyer persona – You want to know who to write to when you’re creating your ebook and the landing page.
  1. A value offer – a free ebook, a coupon or discount, a free educational webinar, a template download or something relating to your business or expertise, is evergreen and can be delivered digitally.
  1. The hand raise – Get them to fill out the form. Send a thank you page that gives them even more value with links to blog posts you’d think they’d be interested in. Add social media connect buttons to your thank you page.

Make sure your landing page is clear and concise. Add an image or video to make your message even clearer with images.

Here’s the full blab with Jessica and me. Enjoy!

Remember to join Jessica and me live on Blab every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm for Magnet Marketer.

Resources Discussed: