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New eCommerce Website for The Dutch Kettle

New-eCommerce-Website-for-The-Dutch-Kettle-315Naturally made and delicious, The Dutch Kettle’s jams, barbecue sauces, mustards, pickled foods, and salsas have been produced from the farms of North Central Indiana for decades. Natural ingredients and simple ingredient labels make up the product line of The Dutch Kettle. It’s the homestyle product customers have come to know and expect. Now, The Dutch Kettle is taking things to the next level with a redesigned e-commerce website.

Welcome to!

The new e-commerce website is designed with the customer in mind.  With e-commerce, mobile support, and a community element, the site provides customers with a new way to interact with The Dutch Kettle.


Just like its delicious products, The Dutch Kettle website is simple, in a good way. Site visitors can find what they need easily and quickly. In particular, the navigation bar is simple and clear to help people find their way through the site. The site design is understated but still attractive and engaging.

Thematically, the site is consistent with the brand’s natural focus. In essence, mimicking the very colors of nature with green, brown, and white as the primary site colors. The products are put front and center and are the main attraction of the site.

Three of their most popular offerings (fruit salsa, garden salsa, jams) are accessible through the widget area that leads directly to the product page.

eCommerce Website

The Dutch Kettle’s site is supported by a robust e-commerce system. It doesn’t take tons of time to add products, update product descriptions, or manage inventory. Therefore, it is easy for the business and the customer. Want to try their Peach Salsa? Maybe their Jalapeno Honey Mustard would be good on a sandwich?


Just select the product, and you’re on the product’s page. From there read more about the product, see the nutrition label, and check out the price. Want to go forward with the purchase? Select the quantity and hit Add to Cart.

Similarly, the Shopping Cart is just as easy to navigate. Add and remove products and update the quantity and your convenience. All set? Click the check out button.


Many of us often start our search for products on our smartphone. Over 60% of us, in fact. The Dutch Kettle’s old website was not mobile responsive. Have you ever attempted to navigate a non-mobile website on your mobile phone? What a pain! The new website is free from those constraints. As a result, shopping for the next barbecue sauce to grace your chicken is now a breeze on this mobile-friendly website!


When customers buy The Dutch Kettle’s tasty offerings, the Recipe Center can help them find new ways to eat their jams, salsas and other products as well as incorporate The Dutch Kettle’s products into their meals.

In addition, if a customer has their own recipe that they can’t wait to share, the Recipe Center is also open to customers adding their own recipes!

Powered by Digital Hill, The Dutch Kettle’s redesigned website allows the company to provide a community to its customers and showcase its quality products worldwide.

Is it time to take your business online? Do you need to update an existing website? Come talk to us!


Introducing the Naples Coastal Vet Website

Introducing Coastal Animal Hospital is a new veterinary facility dedicated to the health of dogs, cats, and small animals in Naples, Florida. With cutting-edge treatment, personalized service, and well-trained, caring staff, Naples Coastal provides quality care for pets and their owners. Their new website,, developed by us, showcases their excellent services.

The meat and potatoes of

Clean, intuitive, and well organized, the website allows visitors and clients to locate services, receive updates, and peruse the site quickly and easily.

Whether visitors want to schedule appointments, discover Naples Coastal’s services, learn about the hospital’s history, or look for contact information, the site isn’t cumbersome or confusing. The navigation sections of the website provide visitors with access to the essential links and information about the hospital.


The header for the site gives visitors important information in one place. Instead of being located in the footer or posted on another page (or not at all), the hours, contact number, and address is right in the header and accessible everywhere.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is simply designed and contains links to the site’s main pages. Additionally, it has a convenient link to Naples Coastal’s Facebook page. The navigation bar communicates what the site is about even before visitors read on.


The footer is a particularly express part of this website. At a glance, visitors can see the hospitals certifications as well as the site navigation.

Here are the standout features of Naples Coastal Animal Hospital’s new website:


With a blog, Naples Coastal is able to keep their clients updated. And use this platform to share their knowledge and expertise with readers. Blogs are an excellent way to add relevant (and search engine friendly) content to the website as well as injecting life into the site. Currently, the blog is geared toward sharing tips for pet owners dealing with vet visits.

Contact Form

When a prospective client is considering taking their pet to the vet, they may not want to call right away. Likewise, they may not want to search for an email address. The contact form (located in the navigation and above the footer) lets prospects reach out without the hassles of using email or the time constraints of phone calls.

Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are perfect for helping familiarize the site to visitors. Naples Coastal’s new website galleries showcase of furry patients offers a heartwarming glimpse at the esteem the hospital holds its service and clients.

Online Appointment Setting

One of the most important features of the site is the online appointment setting. Old and new clients can access a portal to set appointments for their pets. Powered by ezyVet, the portal is convenient and easy to navigate. Rather than having to call to schedule an interview, clients can go to the portal and get help when needed at a later time. Clients can exercise their power to find the times that work best for them and their furry companions.

Designed by Digital Hill, Naples Coastal’s new website brings another layer of service. Clients and prospects can come to the site and learn about the care the hospital provides. More importantly, the site is designed to allow pet owners to easily connect with the hospital. Thus enabling pet owners to get care their pets.

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp-315

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp

Multiple Websites in One for Days Corp-315
For over a century, Days Corp has provided services to manufacturing companies across Indiana. From the days of horse-drawn buggies, Days has worked alongside the regional economic powerhouses.

While the time of horse-drawn buggies has long passed, Days Corp has continued to grow as an influencer in several industries. Currently, there are 5 divisions and affiliates in the corporation. To represent the modern structure of the corporation, the Days Corp site has been designed utilizing a mobile responsive, multi-site system.

The Benefits of a Multi-Site System

With 6 sites, the Days Corp website is designed to allow site visitors to go directly to the division they need. Not only does this coincide with the current company operations, this allows for tighter organization. The ability to host multiple websites on a single domain, using shared design and branding, allows easier access to key parts of the organization. With a WordPress Multi-site backend, site management is easily handled with one master administration login area.

Let’s look at a few of the main sites on the Days Corp domain:

The Main Site

The main site provides access to the other sites while serving as the main hub for information on Days Corp. From the navigation and footer bars, one can access news, get access to affiliate sites, corporation history, and contact information.

Days Machinery Movers

Days Machinery Movers has been moving machinery and offering assembly and disassembly services for over 50 years. This site has a similar look to the main site while retaining its own particular design. While it keeps the news section, this site focuses on offering information on the moving services division of the company. Like the main site, one can access the other sites from the footer. In the navigation bar, the “Other Days Services” tab

Days Distribution and Logistics

As a supply chain partner, Days Distribution and Logistics offers warehousing and transportation services. This site features a photos gallery and access to the customer portal.

Days Export Packing

For 3 decades, Days Export Packing has been providing manufacturers with the latest in packing technology. Therefore, this site is designed to highlight the innovative techniques of the packing division of Days.

Equalizer Systems

Days Corp affiliate, Equalizer Systems provides hydraulic services across the industry as well as installations. Powered by an eCommerce system, customers can buy leveling systems and trailer jacks for their vehicles in the online store.

The WordPress multi-site structure of the Days Corp site lends itself perfectly to the representation of the operations under the Days umbrella. The interconnections between each site make it simple to navigate between sites.

For site admins, managing a WordPress multi-site system makes it easier to manage content and maintain support across all sites. There’s no need to use multiple logins to access individual sites. Instead, one can login to a single content management system. As a result, the Days Corp’s multi-site system allows them to highlight their individual divisions and reach new customers in the modern age while being easy to maintain and update.

Have multiple brands or companies and want to manage them easily all in one place? Contact Digital Hill to see if t a WordPress Multi-site system is right for your company.

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-315

2 Websites in One – Multi-Site Website

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-315Providing quality and reliable service is the name of the game for OEM product provider, ObeCo Inc. ObeCo Inc has the products and solutions you need. Based out of Goshen, Indiana, ObeCo Inc. ships their products worldwide. With a new website from Digital Hill, they can serve their customers even better.

Mobile Responsiveness

Digital Hill sites are designed with both mobile devices and desktops in mind. As a large number of internet users browse with smartphones and tablets, having a mobile responsive site enhances the user experience.

Blogging for SEO

A resource center gives businesses the ability to keep their customers updated and their site fresh and relevant by blogging. ObeCo contains a News section they can post to at any time. Digital Hill’s CMS system makes it simple to update, and SEO optimize the blog.

Two Websites in One

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-1Arriving on gives you access to 2 websites – Obie Organized and ObeCo. Having 2 domains gives ObeCo Inc. the chance to separate their customer base and direct them to the website that best serves their needs.

Organized Obie has a wide range of products for owners of trailers, boats, or homes that need storage and organizational solutions. Organized Obie’s sister site, ObeCo, is designed for business owners in search of high-quality OEM parts.

Multisite Website System

2 Websites in One - Multi-Site Website-2Managing several websites at once can be difficult. This is especially true when you have to deal with different content management systems (CMS). With Digital Hill’s multi-site system, it is easy for a single manager to handle multiple sites at a time.

The multi-site system offers a business the ability to segment their sites based on purpose or topic rather than just lumping them all on a single site. This makes it simpler for both the manager and the customer to access the parts of the site they need.

With a single sign in, site managers can create, edit, and share content across every site in the system. Another benefit is that sites are created with a cohesive brand look and are simply managed from one central login location.

ObeCo Inc’s new website was made possible by Digital Hill, a web solutions provider that has served companies across the United States for decades. If you are interested in software solutions for your business, contact Digital Hill.  Interested in a multisite website system for your brands or companies?  Contact us today.


Advanced Map Feature Website_

Advanced Map Feature Website:

Advanced Map Feature Website_, currently based in Indiana, has been manufacturing water treatment units since 1988. Now with a new website, the company can showcase their service to a wider audience. is designed to highlight the company. In addition, the site offers functionality for customers, potential dealers, and Hydro-Action. With a natural flow, is quick to scan. Navigating the site is easy with its organized layout.

Each section of the site is focused on quickly giving visitors the information they search for. If additional information about Hydro-Action is needed, their contact information is conveniently displayed in the footer and above the navigation bar.

Among the site’s most distinct features are:

Approval Map

Most noteworthy is the Approval Map which is a “must see” feature!  This map of the U.S. and Canada serves as an overview of the locations in which Hydro-Action has been approved. Hovering over each state provides information on approval status. Status ratings include Not Approved, Approved or the circumstances under which Hydro-Action can operate in a particular state. Hydro-Action can update the map as approval is granted in a state.

Hoverable Drop Down Menu

Another custom feature we designed for Hydro-Action’s site is a hoverable drop down menu bar. This navigation bar functions by letting visitors hover their cursor over the menu to choose an option. For example, the Hydro-Action link on the navigation bar expands to link to information for engineers, homeowners, regulators, and installers.

Login for Distributors

Distributors and dealers of Hydro-Action products have a separate private login. The distributor login link is found just above the navigation bar.

Additionally, the Distributor Locator link functions for the purpose of finding the Hydro-Action dealer nearest you. This page has Google Maps embedded onto it for a quick zip code search.


A resource center is a great tool for keeping the site fresh. In addition, this keeps customers and distributors updated. The News page of Hydro-Action’s site serves as the blog and is easily accessible from the navigation bar. Therefore the company can update and edit content on the blog as needed to keep visitors informed.

Mobile Responsive Design

Smartphone users do the majority of the internet searches. It’s more likely the average site will be visited by mobile users. The new site is mobile responsive and will display well on desktop and smartphone screens.

Hydro-Action’s new website was designed by Digital Hill. Need a website? Contact Digital Hill for your web design needs.

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-315

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store: The Nut Shoppe Chocolates

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-315
The Nut Shoppe has satisfied sweet tooths in Goshen, Indiana for over 25 years. Their new website,, connects the Nut Shoppe with even more customers.

The site is as much as a delight as their confectioneries. A gallery with mouth-watering treats sits on the front page. With the search, navigation bars and item bag, customers can navigate the site quickly. Nuts, chocolates, and other products are organized so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Along with an attractive design, the site has 2 features that are perfect for both the Nut Shoppe and the customer.


E-commerce stores help extend a business beyond its physical location. Therefore, customers can purchase gifts, mints, chocolates, and ingredients online in the E-Commerce store. Carefully arranged by category, products are presented with a picture, description, price, and size options.

As they shop, their orders can be accessed through the item bag (represented by a stylized shopping bag). If they want more raspberry creams, they can change the quantity right in the shopping cart. When they are ready to buy, they can simply hit the “Checkout” button, fill out the form, and have their treats shipped.

The business has full control over their store. They can add new products. Product descriptions and prices can be updated as needed.


A content management system is a back-end tool that makes managing a site much easier. Pictures, SEO, navigation links, pages, and the footer can be changed to whatever the Nut Shoppe desires.

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-1

Digital Hill’s CMS is perfect for the nontechnical user who wants to skip coding and get straight to business. With a CMS, multiple users can login in from anywhere and update the site. Site maintenance becomes streamlined as content management becomes collaborative and simple.

Want to quickly edit a product page? The CMS allows someone to modify a particular portion of the page without changing the others. This allows admins to keep the site’s appearance and themes consistent. The Nut Shoppe isn’t reliant on an outside vendor for site management.

E-Commerce Website for an Online Chocolate Store_ The Nut Shoppe Chocolates-2

Designed by Digital Hill,, is an attractive E-commerce website that is simple to navigate, quick to edit. It’s ideal for The Nut Shoppe to showcase their products worldwide.

The Nut Shoppe is just one of the companies that Digital Hill has built a site for. Check us out at Digital Hill’s site for more information on our web design, CMS, and other solutions.


Professional Landscape Website for AquaScapes of Michiana-315

Professional Landscape Website for AquaScapes of Michiana

Professional Landscape Website for AquaScapes of Michiana-315Based out of Indiana, Aquascapes of Michiana is an outdoor waterscape and landscape installation company that prides itself on creating beautiful ecosystem ponds and fountain scapes. Aquascapes’s new website reflects the company’s value that customer satisfaction is first and foremost.

Let’s cover some of the site’s prominent features.

Customer-friendly Landscape Website Design

First and foremost, the site has a clean interface. The navigation bar and footer provide contact information, convenient links to other pages, and links to the company’s social media.

Therefore, visitors can navigate to Projects, Videos, and Services, from any page on the site. The main pages are always just a click away.

Check out the Website Gallery

Next, on the homepage, customers are greeted with a gallery of dynamic water features and the company’s latest projects. The gallery shows how attractive a pond or a waterfall built in your own yard can be.

As a result, placing the gallery right on the front page of the website gives potential landscape customers a glimpse of the work done by the company. Hence, an insight into the company’s capabilities and new possibilities for their own water feature projects.

Simple Content Management with the DH CMS

A great site isn’t just nice to look at; it’s nice to work with. The CMS system behind the site allows admins to control the site. With this CMS, you can add, delete, or edit pages, the navigation bar, content, and images through a portal from anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

If Aquascapes wished to update their gallery to include more projects, they could easily log in to the portal and edit the gallery photos. Having a CMS system allows Aquascapes to improve user experience and respond to changes quickly to keep the most current information on the site at all times, all within their power and no website updating costs.

Boost Conversions With the Blog Resource Center

Getting traffic and new customers often begin with a regularly updated, informative blog. A resource center is a great tool to add new information to your website.

Think about a site that lacks a blog. It would be difficult to update existing customers and even harder to pull in new prospects. Nevermind the reduced ability to capitalize on SEO. The resource center keeps visitors up to date and engaged and keeps the site from feeling outdated (which helps retain prospects).

Overall, this professional landscape website has a great flow to it. It’s easy for a prospective customer to use and even easier for the company to update.

Aquascapes of Michiana’s site was designed by Digital Hill.  Our web design company serves companies in Indiana and all over the US. Learn more at


New Website Checklist_ Make Sure Your SEO is Done Before You Launch - 315

New Website Checklist: Make Sure Your SEO is Done Before You Launch

New Website Checklist_ Make Sure Your SEO is Done Before You Launch - 315
You want to make sure your new website looks good and works well. That means no dead links, no blank pages, and no overlooked bugs. But beyond the form and function, there’s another element you need to look at, and that’s SEO.

And in light of Google’s move to prioritize mobile websites, it’s all the more reason for you to assess your website’s SEO-readiness against this checklist:

  • Domain and host

    Does your host web host have a record of major downtimes? A web hosting server with a negative history will hurt your website’s future reputation.

    An unreliable host will affect your website’s availability. It’s advisable to use a unique and never-used by someone else domain name, along with a dependable web host known for excellent uptime.

  • Keyword list

    Good copy will make your site rank well on search engines, but it’ll perform much better if you incorporate the right keywords relevant to your industry or niche.

    For a new website, it’s wise to go after long-tail keywords because they’re less competitive. In addition, these keywords will help you target specific audiences who are looking for exactly what you’re offering.  A great source to look at keywords is

  • Design Theme

    Themes are not just about aesthetics. Some design themes are SEO-friendly, some aren’t. To ensure your design is SEO-friendly, it should have clean code on the developer’s side and a modern flow on the user’s side. It should also be responsive for mobile and tablet devices, and quick to load; otherwise, your bounce rate will go up.

    Most importantly overall, it should work well on mobile devices. Many people prefer to use their tablets and smartphones as their primary computing tool. Make the browsing experience on smaller screens pleasant and easy.  Google cares, so you need to as well!

  • SEO Tools and Plugins

    SEO plugins are simple to add and use, so take advantage of their power in your site. Different SEO tools have different functions, such as LinkPatrol to track and clean up links, and Keyword Tool to find out what keywords your target audience is using to find you. If your site is WordPress add Yoast SEO because it handles both technical and content optimization.

  • Content

    Content is still king, but only if it’s presented right. Gone are the days when you can post short, fluffy content and expect your website to rank. Now, long-form content is a better option because it leads to higher conversions and better page rank. Of course, you don’t have to fill every page with detailed content. Just focus on pages you want to rank and don’t exhaust all your efforts. Some pages aren’t designed to rank anyway, like landing pages.

  • Photos

    You can help your photos appear in the image search results by filling in the metadata fields with relevant alt text. If you already have a focus keyword, add that as well as long as it ties in with the photos. Then set a suitable featured image for every page so that if someone shares it on social media, the thumbnail on the preview will look engaging enough to warrant a click.

These are just some of the things on your SEO checklist, but they’re enough to get you started on the right path. And remember, SEO is an ongoing process. You have to continue working on it long after your website has launched.

Have a WordPress website?  Here’s a great list of specific things to speed-up your WordPress website. >




Affordable Small Business Website -

Affordable Small Business Website – ApplianceTech-Inc

Affordable Small Business Website -
In the modern world, virtually all businesses need an online web presence. When searching for information regarding a company or product, the first place many people will look is via a Google Search. Websites, however, can seem like a big hurdle, especially for a small business.

Designed by Digital Hill, Appliance Tech Inc.’s new one-page website is simple, affordable, professional and manageable.  It takes helps you overcome the website hurdle with a website that meets all your small business needs.

Small Business Website Features

  • SEO tools – SEO is a determining factor on where a site ranks in Google. SEO also affects the amount of site traffic. The SEO tools (accessible through the CMS system) allows content creators and admins on the site to customize site metadata, domain names, keywords, H tags, and page titles according to the best SEO practices.
  • Responsive design – As a mobile responsive site, offers a great user experience on any device, mobile or desktop.
  • Simple CMS System – There is no need to know how to code with this back-end system. Digital Hill’s CMS system puts control of practically the entire site into the hands of the page’s admins. Editing of the image gallery and contact form are easily performed. If the business wishes to add an about page, for example, it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes with site-appropriate templates.
  • Contact Form –  Visitors can get more information, purchase services, or leave a comment, can use the contact form.

A Good Example of Starter Site

The website design is simple and straightforward, providing visitors with an attractive and easy-to-navigate layout. The image gallery takes up much of the page and is effective in showing potential clients technicians in action. Thus serving as a preview of the services provided while immediately providing a link to a contact number. The footer and navigation bar give the site more branding power with the logo, social media profiles, phone number and to-the-point copy present. is a good example of a starter site. Featuring ease-of-use for both the customer and the business managing it. Digital Hill’s CMS system provides the tools to expand a site as needed. The one-page site serves as Appliance Tech Inc.’s portal to a much wider audience and customer base. Small businesses looking to get on the internet quickly and cost-effectively can look to Appliance Tech Inc’s example. This website offers all a small business needs in an online presence without the high costs.

Our Newest Website -315

Our Newest Website BalancedGrowth

Our Newest Website -315Crisp, clean, and to-the-point, the website created for Chicago consulting firm Balanced Growth is succinct, professional and client-focused. Over the course of 5 decades, Balanced Growth’s mission has been to provide long-lasting value and innovative operations solutions to clients in the insurance, healthcare, nonprofit, financial, and associations sectors. Our newest website serves as an excellent introduction to the firm and its services.

Overall Design

The site’s design is based on simplicity, tight organization and a user-friendliness. This is especially evident on the homepage. Right below the header and navigation is a dynamic rotating gallery. Hence, the images and copy draw users to the business’s services page.

The site is sectioned into 4 distinct parts: footer, news, BG360, Transformation Method, and Consulting Services. Leading visitors to learn more about their services. These sections break up the page while presenting the firm’s most crucial services in a digestible format.

The predominate colors of this site are blue, black, white, and hints of orange. In essence, reflecting the site’s themes of intelligence, innovation, creativity, and professionalism. The color scheme is subdued, used conservatively and is never distracting. Blue and orange (a classic color combination) gently highlight standout text and ideas on pages.


Mobile responsiveness is an important feature is today’s web. has a responsive design with an easy-to-follow flow when viewing on mobile.

Javascript and Jquery allow every main feature of the site to be flexible and responsive. This enables the content to be viewed and interacted with on multiple screen sizes. For example, the navigation bar. On the desktop, it stretches across the screen. On a mobile device, it is condensed into a more manageable drop-down menu on mobile.

This approach allows users on smartphones and tablets to have access to the same content as desktop users. Since much of the modern business world uses mobile, Balanced Growth Consulting will reach more potential customers with a responsive site design.

The Tools Behind the Website

The attractive user interface can keep visitors on a site. However, it’s the background website tools that attracts the site’s visitors and keep it running. On Digital Hill’s CMS interface, admins can edit and preview the site’s pages and their content.

Our Newest Website


In the CMS, you can edit the image galleries on the site by:

  • Adding or removing images
  • Changing URLs the images link to
  • Editing gallery transitions

>Our Newest Website


Updating or changing the content of a page, re-ordering pages or creating new pages is accomplished with a few clicks in the CMS.


SEO serves as the traffic driver on a website. With the CMS, you can add keywords to the page meta description as needed.

Does this sound like a website your business could use? Contact Digital Hill for more information.