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Transforming Data Science Information into Strategic Gold

Transforming Data Science Information into Strategic Gold

In today’s data-driven world, businesses are sitting on a treasure trove of information that can be leveraged to gain a competitive edge and make informed strategic decisions. This goldmine of data is often harnessed through the field of data science, where complex data is transformed into actionable insights. This blog post will explore how data […]
5 Reasons Why Quality Video Marketing is Essential for Any Business

5 Reasons Why Quality Video Marketing is Essential for Any Business

Sit down and ask yourself whether you’d rather read a 10,000-word article on “How to Protect Your Home from Pests” or watch a 3-minute video covering the same content. If you’re more drawn toward the video, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, TechSmith collected data in 2021 on video habits and found that 83% of […]
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8 Easy Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website

  Thanks to our friends over at Red Web Design for this helpful graphic! Avoid Excessive Advertising Ads can be a helpful monetizing tool, but too many are annoying! Make Your Website Lightning-Fast Many users are impatient and will leave if delayed. Reduce image sizes, use a caching plugin, and keep code clear of unnecessary […]
rules for creating content that generates lots of links

Creating Content That Gets Shared

  Content that gets a lot of backlinks is content that draws in many people. But what makes content interesting in the first place? Consider these seven factors: Original — If it’s never been seen before, then people are bound to find it interesting. Informative — No one likes fluff. Content that shares important information […]
What You Need To Do Before You Share On Social Media

What You Need To Do Before You Share On Social Media

Social media is a very popular marketing tool. It’s an easy and fun way to connect with consumers, but use caution and think before you post and share on social media. Small errors make you look unprofessional. Here are some quick tips to help you stay out of trouble: Read the articles before posting and make […]
How to Write Best Article Headlines

How to Write the Best Article Headlines

  Believe it or not, the title or headline of your article is the most important part. Did you know that out of all the people who read your headline, only 20% will click through and read the article? That number increases and decreases depending on how compelling your headline is. Check out this great […]
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Social Media Updates: The Perfect Length

I don’t know about you, but I like to get the most benefit from the time I spend on social media. So when I found this infographic I was very pleased. It spells out the length of ideal social media update on just about every type of social media, with a couple of extra’s thrown […]
visual content

Visuals Make Your Content Marketing Memorable and Compelling

  Now a days everyone is short on time, visual content allows people to quickly look over an article and decide if it’s worth a read. Because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text content that use visuals get 94% more views. According to HubSpot’s social-media scientist Dan Zarrella, “Tweets with images are 94% more likely […]
viral share

The Science Behind The Viral Share Effect

There are some high quality articles out there that just don’t get the (viral) attention they deserve. How information is presented can make or break it’s sharability, so much so that people might not even get past the title. Short attention span aside, there are some key things that can be done to make an […]

Growing your Online Marketing Effectiveness with Tools

The goal always is to grow your online presence and for it to become a driving force in generating more sales for your business.  With that being noted, key foundations include the following: Keys for Growing your Online Marketing Start With: Having a website that is smooth, informative, and easy to navigate for web, mobile, […]