10 Content Strategies to Boost Traffic


Despite challenges with SEO and search, today’s digital marketers are now investing in content marketing more than ever. According to a recent study jointly conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 58% of marketers spent more on content marketing this year. In total, 65% of top-performing organizations have a documented content marketing strategy.

Tips to Turn Around Your Content Marketing Fortunes

Unfortunately, content marketing can pose a few challenges. The above study shows that 61% of marketers are concerned about the ever-changing algorithms. As many as 41% of the respondents also reported difficulty with turning content into steady revenue.

If you’re one of the marketers who’ve recently struggled with extracting tangible value from your content marketing campaign, the following are 10 content strategies to boost traffic.

1. Optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for two main reasons. First, SEO is what will boost content ranking on search result pages. You need that visibility to reach a larger audience. Secondly, SEO has been shown to increase click-through-rates and even conversions.

2. Optimize for mobile devices

Close to 60% of online time is now spent on mobile devices. More than 50% of videos are watched on mobile, 76% of US users open their emails on mobile, and last year 58% of all internet traffic came from mobile, according to Hosting Tribunal.

3. Include lots of videos and images

The Search Engine Journal has found that web content containing visuals will usually receive 94% more views. The reason visual media performs so well is that the human brain is wired to process and retain visual clues better, helping you stay in the forefront of consumers minds.

4. Share, share, share

If you want your blogs, infographics, videos, and so forth to reach more people, share the content. You can share on social media, forums, and via email, among other channels. Feel free to share a snippet and leave a link to the full article to entice the readers to click through.

5. Invest in link building

Closely tied to sharing, link building is another way to generate more traffic for your content. Always leave backlinks to authority websites to help back your stories up. Additionally, consider investing in link-building partnerships with other sites.

6. Tell a story

The internet is exploding with content. Hosting Facts says that over 4 million blog posts are published every day. On YouTube, over 72 hours of video are posted every minute. To set yourself apart and attract more visitors, use storytelling to appeal to people’s hearts.

7. Make your content easy to scan

Owing to the enormous volume of content online, digital consumers have developed a habit of scanning through, rather than reading content from beginning to end. To make your content easy to scan, use short sentences, short paragraphs, and lots of bullet lists.

8. Repurpose content

If you have valuable content collecting dust as a blog, consider repurposing it into a video or infographic. Or, find snippets within the blog and share them as posts on your social media networks. A great thing with repurposing is that you don’t have to start from scratch.

9. Diversify your content efforts

Don’t just focus on blogging. Instead, always seek new content marketing ideas. For instance, you can write an eBook and include a link to your website. You can also conduct studies and write industry reports. Also, by using different forms of content (lists, webinars, newsletters, etc.) you can appeal to a larger audience.

10. Do what your competitors are doing

For those just getting started with content marketing, especially, it would be best to learn from your competition. Go to their websites, social media profiles, and video channels and see what they’re doing – then copy that, making sure to put your own spin on it.

If you’re already doing these 10 content strategies to boost traffic, just continue to maintain consistency and stay patient. The results will come. Need help with these? Reach out to our team today!