3 Basic Skills All Great Marketers Need

3 Basic Skills All Great Marketers Need

Do you have lofty aspirations of reaching the pinnacle of the marketing career ladder? If so, then you need to start cultivating the skills listed below sooner rather than later. Without these specific abilities in your repertoire, you’ll find it tough to run campaigns that resonate with the audience and really pique their interest.

Here are the three basic skills you need if you’re to stand a chance of becoming a great marketer:



If you can’t communicate coherently with others, how can you expect to be able to communicate your advertising campaigns coherently to your audience? Communication is a skill you well and truly have to cultivate as a marketer. Without it, you’ll never be able to get your point across and, subsequently, you’ll only ever confuse your audience and drive them away.

Mental Floss provide perfect advice on the matter of becoming a far more direct and efficient communicator:

  • Learn to listen
  • Pay attention to body language
  • Observe different contexts of communication
  • Don’t be put off by silence
  • Throw action verbs into your vocabulary
  • Speak confidently, both in person and online
  • Always ask questions
  • Seek to find a common ground at all times (even when arguing)
  • Brush up on the subject matter before entering into conversation
  • Learn how to create verbal bridges
  • Frame your stories to make them more interesting
  • Stay relaxed


The Ability to Remain Abreast of Trends

It’s tough being a marketer, there’s no denying that. It is an ever-expanding, ever-changing industry — one day a trend could be all the field is talking about, and the next it could, quite literally, be yesterday’s news. To be a quality advertiser, then, you must have the skill of being able to keep your finger on the pulse of all the latest changes, all the time.

To remain abreast of all the very latest trends, you have to saturate yourself in media every single day. You have to trawl through your social network live feeds, you have to watch the news, and you have to throw yourself into whatever talking point is sweeping the nation. To find more information on what you can do to remain abreast of change, be sure to check out Training Journal.


Pattern reading

At certain times, certain elements will attract the audience; at other times, other elements will attract them. There’s no science behind these patterns of attraction, they just happen. Regardless of what causes trends to come in and out fashion, however, you have to become well versed at reading the pattern of their popularity. Doing this will help you to get ahead of the game and prepare yourself for what might come next in the world of advertising.

To cultivate this all-important skill, you should throw yourself into the game of poker. Unlike roulette, this game will see you watch your competitors moves in a bid to make an informed decision on what move you should make next. If you haven’t got the time to spend hours playing a live poker table, you can always just spend ten minutes here and there playing virtual roulette on Unibet. Whatever route you take in this instance, the end result will no doubt be the same: you’ll have a better eye for pattern reading, and you’ll be a much better marketer as a result.

You’re not going to become a great marketer overnight, and you sure won’t become one if you don’t become well versed at the three skills listed above.