3 Month Guide to Increase Traffic to Your New Site

3 month guide to increase traffic to your new site.

The excitement that comes with launching a new site is obviously palpable. However, after overcoming the challenges of setting up the website, another uphill task presents itself. Getting traffic. Unfortunately, for eCommerce businesses, the return on investment highly depends on organic traffic and conversions. If nobody visits your website, it becomes impossible to generate links, leads, and sales. That said, below are some effective strategies to increase traffic to your new site within months.

1. Create Viral Content

With the explosion of internet use, viral content has become a vital tool digital marketers use to gain traffic. However, in as much as most people would want to create such content, the majority fail. Pay attention to the many secrets of creating successful viral content. For instance, begin by writing great and engaging headlines. Approximately 80% of online searchers will likely click and read content with a catchy headline.

Note that viral content significantly differs from “clickbait.” As such, the right headline that attracts readers to click through should be followed by quality and insightful content. Most readers will back off from poorly organized content, especially in this era of fake news. This may increase your bounce-back rates, and as you know, more bounce back rates definitely hurt your search engine rankings.

Another tip on creating viral content is on the content length. Shareable posts should be more than 1000 words. Long content, between 1500 and 2500 words, are better for shares than short content. Besides, a higher word count provides more search engine optimization opportunities. Despite most online readers having a short reading attention span, your content should be above 2500 words for many reasons.

Long content provides enough space to inform your readers of what you do. As a new site, 500 words may not be enough for people to catch up. Long posts are excellent for organic leads and backlinks. That aside, you will easily become an industry leader, where people will make your site as the go-to for specific topics. Just ensure your opening paragraph is engaging and interesting.

Lastly, creating viral content is taking a killer idea that will surely go viral and using it. For this, you should understand your audience, generate various content topics using a topic generator, get content ideas from various tools, and leverage content curation ideas.

2. Use Paid Digital Ads

Advertising is an important strategy that new websites can also leverage to increase traffic. If you have enough budget, you can try social media advertising, paid search, and displayed advertising. These can all attract new visitors, build brand awareness, and get your site in front of people. One advantage of paid advertising is that you can adjust your strategy to match your goals. For instance, you can customize for more traffic or to get more conversions.

Since your main goal is to increase traffic, your paid ad should target content intent keywords. While the competition for such keywords can be challenging and expensive, it is worth the cost. Customizing your ad for traffic also pays, as more traffic to your site will lead to more sales. However, note that different paid ad channels have individual pros and cons. As such, make a choice based on your objectives before spending.

3. Get Social

Generating viral content and using paid advertising might not be enough to increase your website traffic. You should also be proactive. Social media platforms are the best place to promote your content. Engage your followers on various platforms by replying to their comments and sharing their mentions, not just sharing your products. You should also respond to people’s comments on Google reviews and other social platforms. Be present in the online world and in your community. Consumers want to see brands interact with their customers regularly.

Bottom Line

Getting more traffic in the few months after launching your website is not easy. However, following the three tips mentioned above can get you started. Though results may not show immediately, patience and consistency pay off.