5 Unique Ways to Optimize Traffic Generation


All businesses online are looking to drive significant traffic to their website or blog. The truth is, everyone is using the same strategies and expecting the same results. While there isn’t a problem with that, you want to stand out from your peers by getting creative, innovative, and smart. We’ve highlighted some ways to optimize traffic to your site that we believe are unique and practical.

The steps we’re going to discuss are in addition to the conventional techniques necessary and ways to optimize and drive traffic to any website.

1. Share Your Content via a Content Aggregation Site

A content aggregation website gathers content on specific niches from different online sources and puts them into one easy-to-find page. It then distributes it to viewers who will be redirected back to your site if they want to read more.

This strategy is currently not used by most bloggers and website owners. The best part is that it generates traffic for you, and you don’t have to do anything complicated. Just create content, share, and expect viewers flocking to your site.

Some of the most popular content aggregation sites are for news websites and blogs. These include;

  • Medium
  • The Weblist.net
  • Travel blogger community
  • Alltop
  • Flipboard

2. Leverage Facebook Groups

If you don’t have your own Facebook group, you should consider creating one and focus on building up followers.  A considerable Facebook following can elevate your business. You can then engage directly with your followers so they take a specific action when you ask them to. Once you are ready, share your content and request their support in building that much-needed traffic.

You can also join Facebook groups in your niche, become an active member, and occasionally share a useful piece of content. Over time, you can attract a loyal following and build traffic to your site.

3. Collaborate with other Content Creators

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile, even if it means working with your competitors. The online content market is large enough for every company who puts in the work. If you’re looking to build traffic by leveraging others’ success, this is your best shot.

One easy way to build healthy and supportive relationships with other content creators is to feature them on your blog in a creative and positive way. Think of a “top 10 list” of bloggers doing well on Pinterest or any platform relevant to your niche.

Wherever possible, find a way to interview industry leaders in the niche you’re in. You can then ask them to share a link to your site with their readers or viewers. You can also pitch for a guest posting opportunity and enjoy the same results.

4. Use Structured Data and “Rich Results” on Your Site

This is a unique content optimization strategy; most website owners aren’t aware of it. Using structured data in your site presents your content and pages for Google’s search engine. It’s a way of telling Google more about your website and is necessary for Google to rank your site better.
If you’re running a WordPress website, you can use specific plugins to ensure your web pages default to using structured data.

Rich results or rich snippets, on the other hand, are search results that display more appealing information to site visitors. Learning how to use rich snippets, will show more attractive search results for your website. Therefore helping to drive massive traffic to your site.

5. Advertise on Google or Facebook

One of the techniques that get the job done is paid advertising. With Google or Facebook advertising, you’re paying these sites to put out your content so viewers, customers, and potential leads see it. They can then quickly get in touch with you by visiting your website that is linked in the ad. The amount of traffic you’ll get depends on;

  • The niche you are targeting.
  • Your budget.
  • The number and type of ads you’re using.
  • The kind of action you expect from your viewers, e.g., sign up to your site or buy a product/subscribe to a service.

Real traffic is earned and takes time before you will see significant results. With the above strategies and ways to optimize traffic, you can get a bonus boost to accelerate your journey to building reliable traffic. More traffic can open a world of opportunities in the digital world.