Website Launch Announcement: Pace American Launches New Websites

Pace American and Brands

Demand the Pace American Difference

Digital Hill Multimedia Inc. is excited to announce the release of four new websites for Pace American. The company Pace American has four cargo trailer brands, and each brand received a new website: Pace American, Look Trailers, Everlite Trailers, and Cargo Express.

Pace American is one of the largest national manufacturers of enclosed cargo trailers. More people turn to Pace because of their commitment to quality and customer service. Each trailer is constructed to be trouble free because of features such as corrosion resistant hardware, undercoated plywood floors, washed and coated frames, standard stone guards, value oriented packages and hundreds of top-quality options. Pace American has been manufacturing trailers for over 25 years. With our dedicated in-house R&D engineering team they have the expertise to build everything from versatile cargo trailers to heavy-duty landscape trailers to premium split level stacker race trailers.

2003 AutoCover ImageThe first step in deciding how to utilize the power of digital marketing is to define the company’s marketing objectives, assuming these objectives are designed to achieve business objectives, and then review past and present actions and determine whether goals are being accomplished. Pace had a well-designed and successful website for and wanted to leverage this digital asset for the three other brands. The website for was outdated and costly to update, and the two other brands didn’t have a web presence at all. Thus, Pace reached out to us to help develop solutions for these issues.

The exciting part about this project was that Pace had a great starting point—they clearly understood of their objectives, had one website with features and functionality they liked, and maintained Google Analytics data that supported successful strategies. Therefore, it was our job to take this information and design and develop custom websites.

Here is a list of solutions Digital Hill provided for the client:

  • Our creative department used the features the client liked on their site to create a fresh, brand-identity-directed, and visitor-friendly design. Moreover, he combined elements throughout all four sites to obtain an underlying connectivity, yet maintained individual brand entities.
  • Our programming department developed a customer multi-site content management system (CMS). Therefore, rather than logging into one site at a time to manage updates, the client logs into the CMS to manages all four sites and can seamlessly move between whichever site needs to be updated.
  • Our programming department added functionality for information sharing and effective digital marketing: blog editor with SEO tools, homepage image slideshow editor, promotional slideshow editor, multi-dimensional page creator, and an in-depth product manager.

Pace American had a strong grasp on their digital marketing objectives, reviewed their current activities, and decided that they needed improve and build additional digital assets. We were able to analyze their data, learn about what they liked doing and what successfully generated sales in their industry, and we took this information to build them cutting-edge websites to allow them to accomplish this business goals.

Web development can range from developing the simplest static singe page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications. Here at Digital Hill Multimedia Inc., we have a highly experience team, guided by the second-to-none leadership, that can custom build any digital asset you desire. If your company is searching for a website, an application, or assistance with your digital marketing presence, Digital Hill Multimedia Inc. has a solution.