Using Social Media Calendars to Engage Your Target Audience-315

Using Social Media Calendars to Engage Your Target Audience

Most of us use social media, whether it’s to stay in touch with family and friends or build a business. You may have had to deal with an overzealous Facebook friend (for example), who either rants endlessly or shares more posts than you could ever read. What they don’t realize is that despite all good […]

Cloud Computing Security Tips for Individuals - 315(1)

Cloud Computing Security Tips for Individuals

Cloud services are being increasingly used today by both corporate and individual users. While corporate users commonly use CRM and Marketing applications like Salesforce and InfusionSoft from the cloud, individuals use applications like Gmail and Dropbox. Over the past few years, there has been a gradual shift to using applications hosted in the cloud. Consumers are increasingly […]

What You Need to Know About the Changes in Business Live Streaming - 315

What You Need to Know About the Changes in Business Live Streaming [BLAB]

As marketers have rushed to embrace the nuances of social media marketing, along comes another opportunity. Live-streaming is recognized as the newest chance to grab a viewer’s attention and hold it. In the past, live video broadcasting was only available to multimillion dollar television networks. Now you only need a smartphone and an app. Today […]

Multilingual, Multitool Website_ 315

Multilingual, Multitool Website:

This is another post in our “What we do on the Web” Series of blogs about our Digital Hill advanced website tools where we showcase some of the “beyond standard” tools for websites that we create for clients nationally. Founded in 1952, Chore-Time is focused on bringing improved productivity to the egg and poultry industry […]

Measuring Social Media ROI_ A Getting Started Guide - 315

Measuring Social Media ROI: A Getting Started Guide

Social media offers an essential and inexpensive opportunity for small businesses to market products and services. A campaign can be targeted, personalized and can reach customers in ways that traditional channels cannot. Social media allows quick feedback while frequently engaging the most powerful marketing tool of all: word-of-mouth. Social media marketing is free but not […]

SEO Basics

SEO Basics [infographic]

Are you overwhelmed by SEO? To correctly optimize a page for SEO takes time and persistence but it can be learned. Keywords Keywords make SEO work. They’re what people use when searching online and what search engines look for when scanning websites. The keyword should always be included in the title, URL, and headings. The […]


Digging Into Google Analytics Workshop @ The Goshen Chamber

Join Mike Gingerich and Joe Mehl at the Goshen Chamber of Commerce University Workshop… “DIGGING INTO GOOGLE ANALYTICS WORKSHOP” Together we’ll cover the in’s and out’s of Google Analytics and how it can be used by businesses to help understand your website traffic and how understanding that traffic can help grow your business! At the Google […]

How to Create Content when You're too Busy to Write

How to Create Content When You’re Too Busy to Write

Creating useful SEO-rich content for your website is valuable but it also can be time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to write a new blog post or article on a fresh concept. Research and planning are often the most laborious steps in creating useful content that will draw your readers in further. Often times this is […]

Manufacturing_Wholesale Website_ - 600

Manufacturing/Wholesale Website:

Honeyville Metal is a Topeka, Indiana-based business, that specializes in dust collection and grain handling equipment across the U.S and also internationally. They’ve been around for over 65 years building long-lasting customer relationships. While their reputation was enough to keep their customer base steady over those decades, their online presence wasn’t quite as successful and […]

5 Reasons Why Remarketing Ads Will Build Your Business -315

5 Reasons Why Remarketing Ads Will Build Your Business

While drawing users to your website is an important step in lead conversion, potential consumers often site visitors can become distracted for many reasons. They simply tend to get distracted by mundane events such as phone calls, Facebook notifications, restroom breaks, or emails. This can cause them to leave your website without contacting you or […]