An Online Marketing Gameplan


The basics of a online strategy today starts with your website.  Your website is your home base on the web.  You need fresh, resource-rich content on your site

  1. You need content.

That is stories.  Stories of you photographing people, and the stories of the people, and the stories of the photo sessions.

Content makes the online world go ’round!  You need regular content each week on your blog.  It’s like writing a email to a friend.  Everything builds from having regular, fresh, helpful content on your site.

  1. Think “bite size blogging”

Create blog posts of the stories above, maybe 400-500 words (3-5 paragraphs), add a few images, then share that on social media (Facebook for sure).  Add personal commentary on Facebook when you post and share photos

  • share some blooper photos, people love them!
  • share about the smile and what it took to get it from the child
  • share about the couple loving each other
  • Share insights about the family in the family photo shoot. Their style, their comfort/discomfort posing
  • location, location, location. Share about the location.
  1. It’s about you

As a photographer, your style and personality are HUGE in gaining new business.  People want to be photographed by someone they can feel really comfortable with.  The pics have to rock too, but the person seals the deal!

You showcase who you are in your content and in social.

Who you are is your brand as well.  You need a consistent brand. Your logo should be on all proofs as the watermark!  Extend your brand in your email, etc.

  1. It’s about others (talking about you)

Don’t toot your horn, allow others too!  When you share the great family pics on Facebook and tag the family members, they are going to share them on their Facebook profile and add their commentary.  That’s the best exposure you can ever get, their friends and family!

Your job is to ensure you connect with your clients on social when meeting with them so that you can  @mention them, tag them, and share with them on social media!  This just helps you as they then amplify your work with their endorsement to their connections!

  1. Besides Facebook

You need your Facebook Page. It’s important.  People spend loads of time on Facebook.  They like to see pictures on Facebook.  They like to comment on cute pictures on Facebook.  So that serves you well but also….you need to be in other places

What other places are easy for you?  Do you use Pinterest or Instagram?

If you already use one of those, then also be sure to focus on one of those for your business.  If it’s Twitter, that can be a focus network as well.  A business Instagram account and/or Pinterest account where you share your photos can be important as another place to reach, engage with, and find people interested in you.

  1. Do Not Lead with the Pitch

You are a person capturing key moments for individuals, couples, and families.  Communicate about how you help capture that and share resources within your community.  Be a helper and a resource, a storyteller, and the clients will call you.