B&B Machinery Acquires Taylor Clamp Carrier & Cameron Opti-Match System

B&B Machinery of Elkhart, Indiana has acquired a used Taylor Hydraulic Automated Clamp Carrier and Cameron Opti-Match System. B&B Machinery offers periodic maintenance to ensure your that your used equipment is running properly.

Tag# OD122

1) Used Taylor 10 1/2′ wide, 40 section Hydraulic Automated Clamp Carrier.

  • Complete with 360 (9 per section) #302 3 1/2″ high x 40″ opening Clamps.
  • #30 26″ wide Glue applicator with 8′ infeed and 10′ outfeed.
  • L-R direction.
  • Wired for 440 Voltage. New in 2003

1) Used Cameron Opti-Match System.

  • New in 2003.

Note: Above machines can be sold as bulk or as separate items.
For pricing: Call 574-536-9888 or e-mail Bill Bruckman.

B&B Machinery started in June of 1992 in Elkhart, Indiana to serve the needs of the woodworking and panel processing industry of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois; and has a working showroom in Elkhart where they are able to demonstrate new and used machines.

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