B&B Machinery Adds Accu-Systems and Joos USA



B&B Machinery of Elkhart, Indiana is proud to be a part of the distributing team of
and JooUSA.

accu_systems_logo.pngAccu-Systems manufactures state of the art Miter Door equipment, Stile and Rail machines, along with Custom built machines.All of Accu-Systems equipment is manufactured in Salt Lake City Utah with pride by the American worker. For more information on Accu-System please visit their website at www.accu-systems.com.


joos.pngJoos USA was established in 1998 with the idea of servicing the woodworking, veneer, thermoplastic, plastic laminate and panel processing industries with the highest quality of machinery available. They import equipment from Germany, Austria and Italy. For more information on Joos USA please visit their website at www.joosusa.com


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